Tuesday, April 28, 2015

THE PURGE -Baltimore...

"911 is a joke!!" & "Fuck da Police!" NWA..

for the record "thus" and "lawless gangs of thugs" is a thinly veiled code ward for the Underclass in ameriKKKa and i did not appreciate the thinly veiled racism of CNN yesterday..the Thugee were religious stranglers who murdered for their dark godess Kali,alleedly exterminated by the Vrits during the 1840s, for an iuntellignet analsysis go to DEMOCRACY NOW ,com today (will try to link up)..

 the meme  Purge is from 2 movies of the same name The Purge and The Purge:Anarchy wherein for 24 hours the giv nationwide turns a blind eye to any and all rimes committed while the tich cower in their gates suburbs with armed patrol...s the poor, the Underlclass are left to to merciless rampages of the rulers..sound familiar?. am turning over my amnesiac PC to G man to tinker with sometimes this week so posting may be erratic.....

mknd the gap

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