Sunday, April 19, 2015

deathcab nakeds

some of you have asked about why the "deathcab' prefix to my taxi tales....

friisco 1975-1980
1. procure a vehicle,recycled police or new.
2. remove and sell tires, replace with recaps or retreads, which tend to catch fire or seperate at any speed
3.break the speedometer and fuel gauge
4. use mostly  untrained Chinese mechanics with lil or no experience,for example once tried to pick up a fare on a hilly section of firsco only to discover i had no brakes or Park setting in my transmission (sigh)..
5 charge drivers high prices for weak gas and spill most of now the drains near the pumps at taxi garage ..and demand that they only fuel up there..
6.hire mostly fearless or reckless people as drivers...at least that was the norm when and where i worked..

git nekkid..
picked up a fare one ahlloween at the Hilton in downtown frisdco and she gave me an address in frisco almost at the southermost city limits,okay. so she sits in the front seat beside me then promplty passers out, i assume, now she wears a sequined blue mask and sequined trimmed powder bluer cape and lucite come-fuck-me pumps and as her capes slides open i see there is nothing underneath but glitter on her breast and pubes, yup jaybird naked she is and..being a cabbie, at each stop light or sign i wonder where her money is..ther? or there? or...?...

so this guessing game goes on about 20 plus minutes when i shake her awake and she pulls a $20 taped to one instep under one shoe, a place i never thot of with my dirty mind and i watch as her hubby and kids greet her at the door...whew.

so another Halloween, my fave holiday esp. in frisco where exposed bared skin is IN, i pick up two skinny guys dressed as babies near City Hall..big diapers, baby bonnets and pacifiers and they direct me to  A LIL BIT MORE  a secluded dyke bar some miles away, and when i turn to inquire why two adult babes are are going to a dyke bar they break into laughter as these two lesbians, very flat chested lesbians, had been walking around frisco on Halloween topless and nobody had noticed...heheeee
(BTW they had purses in their diapers)

frisoc late 1960s
like olde time frisco THE EXOTIC EROTIC BALL had a well deseved rep for a site where anything and nothing goes...so The Mirage and i were waiting in line to enter and she was Happy...this was an Exhibitionist heaven and haven...and when people in line asked to see The Mirage's "costume' she happily obliged...for aside from bright red lipstick around a big toothy smile, a sheer black cape, boots, opera length gloves and assorted piercings and tattoos she was happily naked and was soon encouraged to leave the cape open for all and sundry to see, no problemo..... and inside when she went to a booth of her sister sex workers few were surprised that she was prancing around naked...the evening  did not end happily but that is another story...

mind the gap

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