Saturday, April 18, 2015

fred & half dome tows

"I am a stone, I go where I am kicked." Chinese proverb...

frisco 1980s.
agter 5 years in the deathcabs i was fried, Burnt OUT and my layers of PTSD were raging so i sought my own personal rehab and went to work in a frisco comix store where i was a regular..

Beauty & Beast..
 Liz was a beauty , the kinds hot olive skinnned smoldering sexpot who looks delicious even in baggy sweats, too bad she was also an amoral sociopath...
George was the same meme as Comic Boy Guy on The Simpsons,five five and maybe three hundred and prided himself on knowing Everything about american comics,with a narrow camped unlit soul and being the manager of the comic store was the height of his petty tyrant ambitions...plus he LOVED The Beach Boys (sigh)...so George hired Liz for her beauty mostly altho she did know a lil about comix.

speaking if tyrants, the Shah was deposed and The Peacock Throne was empty and his brutal thugs Savak was scattered to the winds but mostly here..so liz the sociopath naturally saw this as a golden opportunity to make some Real Money.

so her pan was simple she would answer ads for a Green Card Wife, fly to different cites with false ID and marry some poor snook for 5K.so what if it was illegal and a fedvov crime,merely setails to be gamed..so this worked out for her awhile with her hitting a dozen diff cities and as many husbands..then like most sociopaths she got GREEDY and decided to blackmail said husbands..until she got a phone call one night,at her home and under her real name which she had not divulged to anyone involved...a sinster voice promised to cut her tits off  her arms and legs and slowly gut her before finally cutting her throat,sweet.....

.so after sahe pissed her panties she went couch surfing before coming to work and telling us to call her anything but Liz..so i chose FRED and oddly enough she liked it. she was soon to vanish,either going underground with her loot or...

Half Dome..
so up Hihgway 9 are a string of rurarl mountain towns, the first is Felton which SM loves and where she usedta massage weekly,so she decided we should look at house uop there along Zayante and nearby...so one of the first is an ugly lil bungalow amidst a series of blinde hairpin turns...so we peek n shriek then head downhill as all the electronics diemno steering no beakes no nothing as we plummet towards some hugwe ass redwood dead ahead..somehwo we yank the wheel hard wnough to spin into the only flat surfaec nearby and SM heads back to the bungalow to call for a tow truck and one actually comes fairly quickly. 

so the drive hooks us up and heads,too fast, down wider hairpins turns as he regales us of how he'd skate boarded down his own driveway and hit a concrete wall which then cost him a medically induced coma,half his skull (half dome) and 1/3rd of his brain and he tells us this as SM and i exchanges glances asking 'this is better than dying on that tree?" but somehow we make it to his garage where they found nothing wrong when SM went to pick it up the next day, turns out that later we were to find the PC card in our PT Cruiser was scorched and just like another time on the highway ,would tell the car's computer that it was parked and stopped..luckily we didn't die but it did no favors to SM's nerves..

mind the gap

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