Wednesday, August 19, 2009


"When you've got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow." LBJ

aloha again, just a short screed today.

are the Dims OUT OF THEIR MINDS or just ignorant of history?
under FDR the GOP fought to kill both Social Security and Unemployment Insurance. under Truman they fought and killed Single Payer then under LBJ they fought to kill Medicare using the usual "socialized medicine" mantra then under Bush 43 they inserted the absurd and crippling donut hole in Medicare Part D...

so with just this brief glimpse at history does OBAMA MAN's insistence on Bipartisan Compromise make any sense? this is like King Soloman and the divided baby, it's truly pathetic and awful. both CNN and MSNBC are bleating this morning that the Dims might try to go it alone on Healthcare Reform, really? after the GOP inserted 163 amendments into the House Bill,while the Senate is dragging its corrupt bought & paid for Gucci clad feet as usual? SIGH.

when the GOP is is power they have assh*les like Tom Delay,Newt Gingrich,Dick Armey and Trent Lott to enforce discipline.when the Dims are in power Nevile Chamberlin's ghost arises to take control of the appeasement process.IT IS TO WEEP...

Howard can you add a Comment with more detail?

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


"Expectations breed disappointment." Ray on NPR's CarTalk

aloha again, spoke too soon about the Lockheed Fire.since it spread yesterday my eyes are watering, my nose and sinus cavity are severely congested, fine ash smears the car and i feel like crap.i am about forty miles south of the conflagration as the wind blows (sic).

a friend of ours danced at a local bellydance fest last night ,heavy on the Beach Boys and modern dance. i must confess to never having seen anything like it. if it weren't for the fire and strong perfume permeating the venue i might have enjoyed it more. odd that the overweight women turned out to be the best and most sprightly dancers,Soul Mate agreed altho she liked the 'fairy' in the aqua outfit and wings.they do several shows like this every years, check out anything with Cece involved okay?

you Madame are a COLLAPSATARIAN (sic) a wise friend of ours ( thanx Howard) send us a article describing people who want the current plutocracy/kleptocracy to fail so that something sane and fair can be built among the ruins FINALLY! bailing out AIG & WALL STREET is just putting more lipstick on a dead pig, the rich get richer and the poor get screwed AGAIN.
business as usual is what got us into this mess, FREE TRADE AIN'T FREE!

watching Obama trying to convince the shredded middle and working class that his watered down bipartisan efforts are GOOD and that astroturfing Howling Mobs corporations are NOT THEIR FRIENDS...SIGH.
BTW I TOTALLY TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, whatcha gonna do when the job wells run dry? SOCIALISM, OR BARBARISM, OUR CHOICE??? check out our European allies and dystopian sci fi for the answers.more SOYLENT GREEN anyone?
www.CNN.COM reluctantly i must commend CNN for doing an admirable job yesterday answering healthcare related questions for a full hour without the usual hype and flummery then just to poison the well after Obama's Colorado stump speech they had the usual astroturfing lobbyists and obstructionists pontificating.check out www.factcheck.org for a more clearheaded and not ratings 'controversy' inspired coverage.i think of the whole Climate Change BS which Fox and others still declare as CONTROVERISAL despite overwhelmong evidence to the contrary.HMMMMM, SOYLENT GREEN IS LOOKING BETTER & BETTER...BTW our senior Fox addicted friends here blame ENVIRONMENTALISTS for all the KALIpornia fires SIGH. apparently an enduring drought and bone deep budget cuts to everything have nothing to do with it. goddamn treehugging dirty hippies still screwing up the planet again.

speaking of dirty hippies,
40th ANNIVERSARY OF WOODSTOCK. does anyone see more than just another marketing ploy involved here? i mean the anniversary of Hiroshima/Nagasaki did not inspire CDs and tee shirt sales nor did the Manson Murders (who in the newsrooms is keeping track of that crap???)
i confess, neither Woodstock, Altamont (which i attended) not 9-11 changed my life nor inspired a jingoistic fetishism in my parched sanity addicted soul.

in other news, speaking of sanity. heard a rational approach to healing vs.traditional allopathic medicine on the radio yesterday (KUSP FM) with Dr.Bernie Siegel who actually advocates LISTENING TO PATIENTS. WOW, WHATTA CONCEPT!!!!! www.berniesiegelmd.com check it out.

a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire decide to become roommates in England... sounds like the being of a truly paranormal & porngraphic joke or limerick doesn't it? actually it's a new BBC TV series, check out TRUE BLOOD instead,if you have HBO or rent the DVD, i also liked TORCHWOOD better than this thin gruel.aloha y'all.

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Friday, August 14, 2009


"You get jam yesterday and jam tomorrow but NO JAM TODAY!" Red Queen ALICE IN WONDERLAND

aloha again,
by now you know i have a Big Mouth. in person i am much the same, so much so that yesterday at an unnamed county meeting, about the KALIpornia cash crunch fx on us crips and the frail elderly and kids, the chair gave me a list of words to AVOID per the KALIpornia EDD (Employment Development Department). my reaction? "Cool, i'll put them in my next blog." look for the words in CAPs okay?

a CRIP'S story

john was a typical RETARD; AFFLICTED with a SPASTIC colon,STRICKEN with a DEFECTIVE brain, MAIMED by a serious auto accident and a VICTIM of lousy doctoring. his main squeeze joan, was an UNFORTUNATE semi DEFORMED GIMP INVALID often CONFINED TO A WHEELCHAIR while not dancing naked at the Itchy Kitty in Reseda.
john was often seen as LAME CRIPPLE when trying to stuff dollar bills into bouncy hip shaking G Strings but joan liked his funny CEREBRAL PALSIED ass anyway.john was both EPILEPTIC and ARTHRITIC and was often viewed as CRAZY,INSANE or PSYCHO when he asked cabbies to drive him to the Itchy Kitty.he looked like a POOR DEAF AND DUMB old CRIP with his soiled baggy clothes,big head,wobbly erection and SPASTIC WITHERED limbs...

you get the idea.
you're supposed to use the PC verbiage of PWD-Person With a Disability.bullcrap, we are reclaiming CRIP et al like the gays reclaimed

in other news, the Lockheed Fire ( now 4100 acres per the radio news) is burning the remoted hilly area north of here,near Davenport and the local nude beaches. unlike last years fires no ash is currntly falling on me or my unit, no not That Unit you dirty minders.
SOUL MATE is in Seaside today so i am painting my plain tee shirts 3/$10 at Longs, with nasty or enigmatic slogans and pictures.SM once made the mistake of buying me a black tee saying I DON'T GIVE A F*CK WHAT YOU THINK now lives in fear of where i may decide to display it...he he he.
aloha all you SLITHY TOVES.

Mahayana namaste
semper g strings

Thursday, August 13, 2009


"I personally believe we developed language because of our deep need to complain." Jane Wagner (Lily Tomlin's writing partner)

aloha again, this loooks to be another twisty maze of a blog but i will try to keep it readable.here we go...

Soul Mate went to see US Rep.Sam Farr (Dim- Carmel et al) a couple of nites ago, the night before he was shouted down in Monterey (more conseratives than S Cruz) here he had the usual NIMBY loudmouths plus some halfwit who played the ukelele everytime she disagreed with someone's opinion (of course our daily fishwrap had her in full color on the front page the nest day) SIGH.

i initially was set to write my usual kneee jerk Progressive screed but Soul Mate & Randi Rhodes radio has convinced me otherwise. (www.randirhodes.com)
1. for every 1000 hours of right wing radio there is one hour of progressive radio in the USA...
2.the BUSH TAX CUTS to the Uber Rich totalled $1.7 TRILLION while the Universal Health Care (ObamaCare) which is TOO EXPENSIVE (sic) totals about $1.7 TRILLION.did i miss the uproar and outrage of the former???
3. we live in the Second nicest ROP (Resident Owned Park) mobile home park in Capitola.one must be at least 55 to own here and the age range is from about 55 to 98.as the YOUNG OLD me and Soul Mate deal with people daily who are old enough to be our parents or grandparents.they are not generally bad people...BUT they listen to Fox News and religious TV like it's gospel.in response to an innocent question about Obama Soul Mate got the knee jerk response HE'S A SOCIALIST!
4.Lyndon LaRouche and his disciples were giving out free pamphlets which have a picture of a smiling Hitler photoshopped next to a smiling Obama, the contents of this rag are about what one would expect...
5.Rhandi Rhodes has pointed out how IRRATIONAL most of the arguments are at these town halls and that FEAR ITSELF is the key. sorry but i,for one, did not see my world change after 9-11.as a student of history i could imagine this as equal to the panic and hysteria after Pearl Harbor.

let's face it, the AMERICAN DREAM has been outsourced and the American Public fed on a steady diet of racism,xenophobia and jingoism for the last eight years.whatever most white people believed about America now lies in bitter ashes around their feet while 'terrorists' like Death Panel Sarah Palin,Rush,Glen Beck ,HANNITY, BILL O' & Micheal (Weiner) Savage whip up deepseated anxiety and outrage.WHITE MEN ARE AN ENDANGERED SPECIES!???
Obama is a Kenyan socialist, oh really? Obama is a euthansia fascist? Obama is a Hitler clone looking to kill 'useless eaters' like your granny and disabled kids? c'mon all this BS can't be true at once. but that's where the irrational fearmongering and the Big Lie of Josef Goebbels comes in. niggerss and kikes are running the White House and some spic is now on the Supreme Court.is it any wonder that the nutjob survivalist militias are on the rebound?

America is still a profoundly racist country, not Everyone but still enough to matter.the Anti Prop 8 gays want to wait until 2o12 so more non homophobic High School age students will then be able to vote.is that our only hope? to wait for the "Greatest Generation" to die off so that we can get Universal Healthcare and full Civil Rights for all? say it ain't so...PLEASE!

i am bumming my self out now so i will stop.

in other news, go to Rhandi Rhodes website to get more info on HMO's profits and their CEO salaries, it will blow your mind & piss you off!

Mahayana namaste y'all
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Sunday, August 9, 2009


"The Romans more deadly still are they,for you find in them an arrogance which no reasonable submission can elude.Brigands of the world, they have exhausted the land with their indiscriminate plunder, and now they ransack the sea.The wealth of an enemy excites their cupidity, his poverty their lust for power.East and West have failed to glut their maw.They are unique in being so violently tempted to attack the poor as the wealthy. Robbery,butchery,rapine,with false names they call Empire and they make a wilderness and call it peace."
-Tacitus ( back to shorter quotes next time...)

aloha again, i think i have mentioned that i am a History buff as well as a news sponge.anytime i watch something about the Fall of Rome i wince at the similarities.you will too???

i have been bummed out this week after reading the MENDOCINO PAPERS Part One by Bruce Anderson.I CANNOT recommend the book, which is apparently self published, a rambling unedited jumble of facts and pointed opinions. with no chapter breaks to ease the appalling tales. did you think slavery ended after the Civil War, except for sharecropping etc,i sorta did.apparently in KALIpornia it was legal to enslave local Indians until recently, this practice did not end when the California Missions went under. as NON PERSONS local Indians had no rights or legal identity( despite living here over 12,000 years) so could be killed or raped or herded around with impunity. the MENDOCINO INDIAN WARS (sic) happened after Charles Stone and his buddy Kelsey (founder of Kelseyville in Lake County) both infamous rapists and pedophiles of Indian children, went Too Far and were captured then dismembered by local tribes. in return a Mendo Militia was authorized to raise Hell and make the earth run red with Indian blood, which they did very efficiently even unto tribes who had never heard of Stone or Kelsey....North of Santa Rosa the history of Indian affairs is UGLY!!!!
i learned some of this when i lived in Mendo ( outside Willits) five bitter years before moving back to civlization (sic).i was told by first hand hearsay that as recently as the 1950s you could buy Indian slaves in downtown Ukiah, the county seat, after Sunday church services.SIGH.

as a child my father told me to always keep a few dollars in my pocket,no matter what. i did not understand why but he PROMISED i would when i got older. two weeks ago on NPR i think, they told tales of southern states anti black VAGRANCY LAWS , that if you were an outsider hobo or black traveller with No Money in your pocket you could be sentenced by the local bigots to a virtual life sentence of hard labor at Parchment Farm or some other sweltering prison hellhole.this only ended in WWII when FDR stopped the practice to block Nazi propaganda on the subject and to send a segregated army overseas to defeat racist Facism.SIGH.

last night i watched a docu on WILD WEST TECH, the subject was Brothels and whores in the Wild West.it was ugly and grim as expected, one point i especially noted was the enslaving of Chinese women to fill the brothels of San Francisco, Silver City,Denver etc etc.a practice which continues , more or less unchanged, to this day.SIGH.

BOO HOO, all this week our local fishwrap and various tentacles of the MSM ( Main Stream Media) have been shedding crocodile tears about how the KALIpornia Dream is OVER! SCREW YOU ALL!!! don't sit in NYC or Atlanta and punditcize how KALIpornia is doomed just because we have a lazy and impotent misgovernment.this country survived 8 F*CKING YEARS of THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY,, we are NOT Too Big To Fail but i predict that we ,in KALIpornia,shall get past the idiocy and sleaziness of the Sacto Solons (sick) and their heartless ways.
a meeting i went to this week predicts that 23% of disabled people on IHSS in Santa Cruz County, who get help to survive Independently and escape nursing home imprisonment (people just like me frankly) will fall by the wayside and be left on their own as the Gov refuses to RAISE TAXES on the rich & wealthy energy corporation or REPEAL Porp 13 which doomed this state, along with lobbyist friendly Term Limits, to this precipitous HELL.

i was going to pontificate about the Health Care forum RANT- A -MOBS but i've bummed you out enough for one day.
the weather here is PERFECT and later me and Soul Mate are going out to see the SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE make fun of the rich & powerful & impotent.

in other news,
www.elderjusticenow.org there are currently efforts underway to pass a National Elder Abuse Law to protect the usual victims.check it out.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


"The more things a man is ashamed of,the more respectable he is. "
George Bernard Shaw

aloha again, there is a classic tee shirt "I'm with stupid" with an arrow pointing to the crotch.the tee shirt is true...during the 1980s.

a blond man is happily cheating on his wife with his girlfriend,both are naked when there is a knock on the door.a tall muscular black woman announces she is from an escort service, he says he did not call an escort service.she asks if she can come in to call her service to make sure she has the right room.he puts on a fluffy hotel robe and lets her in to call...SIGH. she fakes making the call and steals his wallet. she leaves and he gets naked again, a few minutes later she is back to make another call, this time she steals the girlfriends wallet and leaves.the girlfriend notices and calls downstairs to the front desk,which is where i come in.
the desk clerk is announcing the theif's description as he writes it down, i look up and there she is! i follow her out to the sidewalk and grab her arm, a gold Caddy rolls up with the door open and she slings a purse underhand which slides to within her pimp's grasp before he drives off.sweet...then she casually picks me up with one hand ( i was about 245 in those days) and attempts to fling me backwards thru the hotel's plate glass window, i twist in mid air and somehow manage to land on my feet unharmed. i haul her back inside the hotel where she breaks several acrylic fingernails ripping at my scrotum (protective jockstrap intervention) then she attempts to gouge at my eyes, my anger gets the best of me and i draw out my metal flashlight (the Kill Lite) ready to put her lights out permanently, only the saucer wide terrified eyes of the nearby bellman stop me.
"You're hurtin' me!" she lies and the worrywort desk manager pleads for me to ease up, i do and slippery as an eel she wriggles away.we repeat this role play three times around the lobby until i finally shut her dwon with a blindside tackle and plant her face down as i sit on her back pinning her to the lobby carpet.a wiseass guest comes in and observes "Is this the way you treat guests at the____ hotel?"all prickly, i reply that she is NOT a guest merely a theif. the victims come down in their fluffy robes just as the cops arrive and greet the theif by name.i am stunned by their story and equally stunned the cops almost leave behind three bloody meth syringes found on the theif, they blandly reply they thot it belonged to the guests.Priceless.

when not in the lobby or on key duty i patrolled the hotels hallways at least twice a night,elevator to the top then alternate stairs down.one night,during a busy citywide business convention, as i am about to leave the stairway i see a door open silently, i wait.. a drunk woman wearing Only lavender panties, did i mention the hotel's fluffy robes???, comes out an trots down the hall to get laid while leaving her door wide open.i tell the front desk and stand guard until she returns happily about five minutes later.SIGH.

one night in the lobby i notice "sandy" a well dressed high priced spread from Union Square follow a beefy guest to the elevator.this ususally does not mean trouble, sandy is one of the better mannered whores, a petite classy high yellow woman with freckles.later the same guest reports that he has been robbed, his story is that HE OPENED HIS DOOR TO A KNOCK then sandy came in to have sex (no mention of money) and rob him of wallet and a gold nugget ring,which was an anniversary gift from his wife.since we are both black he assumes i am her pimp and demands i get his wallet and ring back.luckily the cops don't believe him either...he never gets anything back. ditto with the Japanese tourists told to "take a shower" before coitus so they could get robbed...not like Japan boys.

another night on patrol i hear a loud banging as i exit the stairtway, i open the door to find a skunky naked black whore banging on a suites door.my eyes are watering from the undiluted funk as i politely inqure what's up. the trick couldn't apparently get it up so he tosses her out naked without paying.i inform him that he can't do this and eventually he relents and returns her clothes but no money.this woman smelled So Bad that merely by standing near her my uniform became permeated with her stench and i had to change.

same suite about two weeks later, this time two white whores have called the front desk because the third man is limp and hid their clothes while they serviced his two friends. i arrive to find them wrapped in hotel towels trying to reason with the impotent petulant drunk. i bluff that he can be arrested for THEFT OF SERVICE (he can't) as well as Petty Theft (he can), ten minutes later the girls are on their way in badly wrinkles 'ho rags.

Rick was a bottle blonde gay Indian and night room service waiter. one night Rick took a huge table of food to a large suite and found a gay orgy in progress, an orgy he promptly joined and remembered to call in about a bit later. need i mention this is a No No? he skated that time but was soon fired for doing other stupid sh*t...

no moral to the stories, just some memories i thot you might find amusing.
MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES??? www.mhcan.org nationwide peer counseling and activism.check it out!

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Monday, August 3, 2009


"I must apolojize for the lack of bloodshed in tonight's program.We shall try to do better next time." Alfred Hitchcock

aloha again, this blog will be more tangled than usual but i think will live up to its title.we shall see..

i have been taking photographs since my parents bought me a super cheap Kodak Brownie camera in the 50s, it had a pinhole leak which i eventually found and repaired.if i had a camera and a girlfriend at the same time i would take pictures of her naked and vice versa.when we got a video camera i took tapes of Soul Mate sleeping (naked) and just talking (half naked) whenever she travels without me i put the tapes of her talking in the VCR so i don't feel so lonely without her .SIGH.

MY EX (*) and i were heavily into nude photography.when we were first together and she had but a single tattoo, i took pictures of her naked on her side in handcuffs, rather tame by our later standards. we were promptly declared UNDESIREABLE and banned by the local drugstore, we later found two shops in Downtown Oakland that would print ANYTHING!

a lil backstory,
the rich and uber rich in San Francisco live along the northernmost coast in mansions facing Marin County and the Golden Gate Bridge- Pacific Heights,Presidio Terrace,Upper Filmore,Seacliff etc etc.Senator DiFi lives in Presido Terrace with her multi zillionaire hubby.
about thirty years ago now, a burglar broke into a Pacific Heights mansion where a mother and her adult daughter were alone.he quickly overpowered them both then,naked in handcuffs, made them give him a lesiurely tour of their mansion as he chose what to steal. they were humilated but otherwise unharmed as i recall.

in the 70s the Opera and the SF Symphony were a big deal among the richer class.designer gowns and real jewelry were common in those days.to beat traffic most of the wealthy took cabs home so a cottage industry was born.smart thieves would steal a cab, bind and gag the driver in the trunk then get into the long cab line on Van Ness outside either venue.they would pick up then rob the wealthy, duct taped them quiet while they returned for another then another load.at the end of the night the driver was released,unharmed,in the middle of nowhere.this went on awhile until the cops put some undercover officer in cabs then it ceased for a year or two until they went away.betcha didn't know that didja?

a slight tangent,
i met a rich Nicauraguan (sp?) girl at City College SF in the mid 80s, who really really liked me.Maria (no lie) she was cute but dumb,not my type but my BFF at the time Kirby couldn't see straight for thinking about her.so we three went out for a date,she lived in Pacific Heights in a huge mansion by the Presidio wall.i was unaware of her family wealth until that moment as she dressed like a normal girl when i saw her.anyway we went to dinner and we sat hip to hip, her idea, as Kirby sat across the table lusting after her. everything was going okay until SHE CUT UP MY MEAT WITHOUT ASKING.like i was a child or senile...i was upset and as far as i know Kirby never did get laid by her.what is it with me and rich girls? there is that tangled enuff?

PAGANI if your Comments keep reading my mind like your last ones,someone might wash your mind out with strong soap.Keep on truckin'...SMILES.

in other news,
WOMEN'S CRISIS SUPPORT http://www.wcs-ddm.org/ and SURVIVORS HEALING CENTER http://www.survivorshealingcenter.org.aloha/.

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Sunday, August 2, 2009


"He who never envied the vegetable has missed the human drama." E.M.CORAN goodness and here i thot i was pessimistic...

aloha again, thanx to Pagani and BD for their Comments.just a short screed today, i have to go help Soul Mate re do the curtain around her outdoor sauna.

c'mon NPR was it really necessary to waste several minutes of my life telling me that 3/4ths of the beer served was NOT DMOESTIC? really? let's be honest here (always) Americans generally make sh*tty beer, there i said it. i thot i hated beer for years until i tried imports.discuss (disgust?) RACISM IN AMERICA,no it's beer here.all part of the dumbassification of the American public.SIGH & CRY...

i have been a member of the Teamsters union off and on about 4 or 5 times, mostly during the Jimmy Hoffa era. i was a unionized cab driver during the mid 70s,lotsa stories there. this is one of them.
a lil backstory,during the 70s i believe the Union Hall was on Howard Street near the SoMa gay ghetto.one of the teamster cronies was alleged to be one of the worst drivers in San Francsico,worst than THE FAT MAN who killed n*ggers for sport, anyway one day this crony is in Chinatown and gets a call, lying about his location as usual.SO HE DRIVES THE WRONG WAY DOWN A ONE WAY STREET..KILLING A CHINESE WOMAN AND HER CHILD...

there is a union meeting where we, the cabdrivers, are informed that because of this the union is selling its hall to pay damages to the family. WTF? needless to say this was a very confrontational meeting,at one point the goons behind the union rep stepped forward and opened their jackets showing their guns so of course the 40-50 drivers attending stood and showed ours! MEETING ADJOURNED.

so anyway the union moved to Mission Street behind the Armory (which now makes online Bondage porn) on the second floor behind the main floor,no elevator. so a blond friend of mine, a really sweet no BS driver whose name escapes me now damnit,got cancer and was terminal.he was in a Mission District hospital about a mile away off Army and the union REFUSED to authorize his health insurance unless he showed up In Person to sign for it.yeah right, they thot. so he has to hire an ambulance to take him to the union hall and carry him up a flight of stairs to sign the form,which took ten seconds, then carry him back.he told me all this in person a few weeks later, he was under ninety pounds and unrecognizable. no hospice care in those days,pity.LIFE IS HARD THEN YOU DIE (good news or bad?)

in other news,
in case you missed it in the sunday fishwrap.
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL GERIATRIC CARE MANAGERS www.caremanager.org and Agency for Aging programs at www.eldercare.gov. we are all getting older...aloha.


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