Thursday, April 30, 2015

incompatibler B.S....

"History does NOT repeat itself,it echoes." overheard on CSPAN...

a Riddle;
what is big an black and cold inside?
no silly, NOT  me..well mybve sometimes

,our new fridge ,,,,as the 11 year old one chose to kick the bucket yesterday while olde friends were over nighting...

meanwhile our new self taught tech guru cl;aims he found most of my 80 gigs of misting data goodies,we'll see...however something else he did find wa

s that Win XP could access Mozilla plug ins that my new dread Microsoft Win 7 cannot and,bless his heart, he tried to find a reach around (hehee) but failed,so the manner and style of this blog may change  ;(  .once again, we shall see? meanwhile....

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

THE PURGE -Baltimore...

"911 is a joke!!" & "Fuck da Police!" NWA..

for the record "thus" and "lawless gangs of thugs" is a thinly veiled code ward for the Underclass in ameriKKKa and i did not appreciate the thinly veiled racism of CNN yesterday..the Thugee were religious stranglers who murdered for their dark godess Kali,alleedly exterminated by the Vrits during the 1840s, for an iuntellignet analsysis go to DEMOCRACY NOW ,com today (will try to link up)..

 the meme  Purge is from 2 movies of the same name The Purge and The Purge:Anarchy wherein for 24 hours the giv nationwide turns a blind eye to any and all rimes committed while the tich cower in their gates suburbs with armed patrol...s the poor, the Underlclass are left to to merciless rampages of the rulers..sound familiar?. am turning over my amnesiac PC to G man to tinker with sometimes this week so posting may be erratic.....

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

YOU a revue

YOU  a book by Caroline Kepnis

if you love the internet,texting, sexting, books,bookstores,cinema and the kinds of twisted shit i usually relay then take a plunge into a deeper darker fictionalized reality here...after listening to this talking book i can honestly say i understand The Mirage and our failed marriage better  ;(

Thursday, April 23, 2015

TV shows april 2015

"It;'s the nail which sticks up that gets Hit!" 
Japanese proverb

expect still more delays & more typos.
the tumors on my retina seem to be returning and vision is blurred again,luckily G Man urged me into buying  Dragon speech=to=text software which is within arms reach...
note * this notes a show which SM and i enjoy togehter which is rare since DEXTER....

Nurse Jackie  *
John Oliver *
Secrets & Lies (thanx to G)

Bates Motel
The Returned
the Following

Face Off (back in July)
Justified (finished)
Agents of Shield
Person of Interest..

THE AMERICANS  (back ion 2016).

the Blacklist

Banshee (back in 2016) 
12 Monkeys (ditto)
Helix (off n on)
Strikeback (s00n).
Continuum (back soon?).

Black Sails (back in 2016).

one benefit? of blurred visison and a new turbo PC with no instructions is that am unable to post links ,for now, of the latest thug police shootings  everywhere. enjoy while you can...
PS WONDOWS 7 FOR DUMMIES sucks ass n NOT in a good way, nothing works as promised ,,,,plus the author is an obvious booster,...less than helpful since they killed all support for XP   :(
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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

illing 2016

"The unexamined life is not worth living."  Socrates..

apologies. doing the Doctors Dance again so have been unable to update with links as promised.  

turns out my thyroid has crashed again so i am cold grumpy and listless as i trudge to bed to exam room.. seem to recall the in Ancient China you paid the doctor when well and he and you when sick,,as if.
between meds and supplements i take at least 35-40 pills a day. as i recall the first Med School was sponsored in upsate New York by Big Phamra and they have been drug peddling ever since...did and Advance Directive last week where i called for "no heroic measure' to keep me from Death's Door and suddenly bristled when they asked at Hospice if i wanted to leave my body for "medical experimentation". .fuck that shit, i have been there guinea pig long enuff,,at least give me the fucking peace of Death,,excuse the screed as my primary doc promised/threatened to keep me alive another 20 years..that's good news? anyway SM and Z Man need me for now sigh

iBTW nsomnia again,...
learned on NPR from a new book called The China Mirage that FDR,  ( the great rich liberal prior to JFK) who came from Old Money, well the money came via his grandfather William Delano who made his cash smuggling opium from Turkey into China,a topic i recall a book The Chinese Opium Wars,  published in the 70s? as being the basis for why the Chinese fedgov has no motives to stop the drug trade back here,unlike 'miricans they have a long national memory.

pls stay tuned
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Sunday, April 19, 2015

deathcab nakeds

some of you have asked about why the "deathcab' prefix to my taxi tales....

friisco 1975-1980
1. procure a vehicle,recycled police or new.
2. remove and sell tires, replace with recaps or retreads, which tend to catch fire or seperate at any speed
3.break the speedometer and fuel gauge
4. use mostly  untrained Chinese mechanics with lil or no experience,for example once tried to pick up a fare on a hilly section of firsco only to discover i had no brakes or Park setting in my transmission (sigh)..
5 charge drivers high prices for weak gas and spill most of now the drains near the pumps at taxi garage ..and demand that they only fuel up there..
6.hire mostly fearless or reckless people as drivers...at least that was the norm when and where i worked..

git nekkid..
picked up a fare one ahlloween at the Hilton in downtown frisdco and she gave me an address in frisco almost at the southermost city limits,okay. so she sits in the front seat beside me then promplty passers out, i assume, now she wears a sequined blue mask and sequined trimmed powder bluer cape and lucite come-fuck-me pumps and as her capes slides open i see there is nothing underneath but glitter on her breast and pubes, yup jaybird naked she is and..being a cabbie, at each stop light or sign i wonder where her money is..ther? or there? or...?...

so this guessing game goes on about 20 plus minutes when i shake her awake and she pulls a $20 taped to one instep under one shoe, a place i never thot of with my dirty mind and i watch as her hubby and kids greet her at the door...whew.

so another Halloween, my fave holiday esp. in frisco where exposed bared skin is IN, i pick up two skinny guys dressed as babies near City Hall..big diapers, baby bonnets and pacifiers and they direct me to  A LIL BIT MORE  a secluded dyke bar some miles away, and when i turn to inquire why two adult babes are are going to a dyke bar they break into laughter as these two lesbians, very flat chested lesbians, had been walking around frisco on Halloween topless and nobody had noticed...heheeee
(BTW they had purses in their diapers)

frisoc late 1960s
like olde time frisco THE EXOTIC EROTIC BALL had a well deseved rep for a site where anything and nothing goes...so The Mirage and i were waiting in line to enter and she was Happy...this was an Exhibitionist heaven and haven...and when people in line asked to see The Mirage's "costume' she happily obliged...for aside from bright red lipstick around a big toothy smile, a sheer black cape, boots, opera length gloves and assorted piercings and tattoos she was happily naked and was soon encouraged to leave the cape open for all and sundry to see, no problemo..... and inside when she went to a booth of her sister sex workers few were surprised that she was prancing around naked...the evening  did not end happily but that is another story...

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

fred & half dome tows

"I am a stone, I go where I am kicked." Chinese proverb...

frisco 1980s.
agter 5 years in the deathcabs i was fried, Burnt OUT and my layers of PTSD were raging so i sought my own personal rehab and went to work in a frisco comix store where i was a regular..

Beauty & Beast..
 Liz was a beauty , the kinds hot olive skinnned smoldering sexpot who looks delicious even in baggy sweats, too bad she was also an amoral sociopath...
George was the same meme as Comic Boy Guy on The Simpsons,five five and maybe three hundred and prided himself on knowing Everything about american comics,with a narrow camped unlit soul and being the manager of the comic store was the height of his petty tyrant ambitions...plus he LOVED The Beach Boys (sigh)...so George hired Liz for her beauty mostly altho she did know a lil about comix.

speaking if tyrants, the Shah was deposed and The Peacock Throne was empty and his brutal thugs Savak was scattered to the winds but mostly here..so liz the sociopath naturally saw this as a golden opportunity to make some Real Money.

so her pan was simple she would answer ads for a Green Card Wife, fly to different cites with false ID and marry some poor snook for 5K.so what if it was illegal and a fedvov crime,merely setails to be gamed..so this worked out for her awhile with her hitting a dozen diff cities and as many husbands..then like most sociopaths she got GREEDY and decided to blackmail said husbands..until she got a phone call one night,at her home and under her real name which she had not divulged to anyone involved...a sinster voice promised to cut her tits off  her arms and legs and slowly gut her before finally cutting her throat,sweet.....

.so after sahe pissed her panties she went couch surfing before coming to work and telling us to call her anything but Liz..so i chose FRED and oddly enough she liked it. she was soon to vanish,either going underground with her loot or...

Half Dome..
so up Hihgway 9 are a string of rurarl mountain towns, the first is Felton which SM loves and where she usedta massage weekly,so she decided we should look at house uop there along Zayante and nearby...so one of the first is an ugly lil bungalow amidst a series of blinde hairpin turns...so we peek n shriek then head downhill as all the electronics diemno steering no beakes no nothing as we plummet towards some hugwe ass redwood dead ahead..somehwo we yank the wheel hard wnough to spin into the only flat surfaec nearby and SM heads back to the bungalow to call for a tow truck and one actually comes fairly quickly. 

so the drive hooks us up and heads,too fast, down wider hairpins turns as he regales us of how he'd skate boarded down his own driveway and hit a concrete wall which then cost him a medically induced coma,half his skull (half dome) and 1/3rd of his brain and he tells us this as SM and i exchanges glances asking 'this is better than dying on that tree?" but somehow we make it to his garage where they found nothing wrong when SM went to pick it up the next day, turns out that later we were to find the PC card in our PT Cruiser was scorched and just like another time on the highway ,would tell the car's computer that it was parked and stopped..luckily we didn't die but it did no favors to SM's nerves..

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

gladitor skools PS 1333 & JHS 139

"I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found." John Steunbeck (this not true of any writer...) .

*note Gladiator Skool is the name of a very long poem about my childhood,something you are getting in easily digestible bites here.

u am not a psychopath/ sociopathic personality..
i was, to use olde southern term "raised rough"..

PS 133.
in the olde days NYC schools were numbered by the number that they were built and kids were "left back: if they did not pass as expected my first school was a mere two blocks from my house and fairly modern,for Harlem< and i was terrorized by a chickenpox scarred girl bully named Corina Heard (may she roast in 7 hells). who had been left back three times and took her anger out on the rest of us and even tho i sorta liked school i feared her ( and my Mother).

PS 119..
for reasons yet unknown to me i was abruptly transferred to a dungeon school, a half mile away, PS 119, now up until them i'd had an ordinary *ACA abusive childhood being hypervigialnt in the face of alcoholism and abrupt mood swings, Father and Mother respectively...

this school as fearsome..it was old,older than most of the teachers and it had steeel doors which locked you in all day and high walls with those pointy spear tips atop them,it was awesome in all the worse ways and..altho it was an elementary school it had teens who had been left back repeatedly before graduating to a life of crime,prison and.or the military..i cannot emphasize enuff how fucking scary this place was with its long dark halls and scary toilets.

why were the toilets scary you ask?...these teens who were going nowhere and knew it, were the terror of the toilets and most had been to juvie,so if you had to piss or shit you had to pay a toll,usually your lunch money and if you didn't they stole your pants...they literally stole your pants ans sent you back to class in your underwear...Mother would've killed me if i lost my pants.

WTF? what the unholy fuck? dread Microsoft just updated my new PC and kicked me offline with no warning!!!!!.
luckily this screed was  still intact to resume,
where was i?

shit, yes i shit my pants one fine  day and walked home stinky just to avoid the scary toilets, i am not one to live in terror,except at home then, so my buddy Edward who was pantsed frequently and cried about it and was a role model on what NOT to be...a victim...so i allied myself with an older delinquent in my same grade, he too had been left back for failing all his tests..his name was,i shit you not,Charles Cain, and i played lookout while he stole money from our teachers purse (Mrs.Watt who was even older than the school. Cain's goals was to steal enuff money to buy snax and build zip guns (hand made ghetto firearms much like the Viet Cong)..we got caught of course and Mother placed me under virtual house arrest for the next  decade or so.....

PS 197..
they built a new school right across the street from the projects where i lived and i was transferred with many others in mid 4th Grade...now in those days of left back kids the classes were numbered ,probably to shame others, so 6 -1 was the smartest class and 6 -2 below that etc etc etc.

i was in 6 -1, in no way was i the smartest kid in the class, that honor belonged to most of the girls and the biracial Bjorn Houston,both of whose parents were doctors as he was also being groomed to be.we were all groomed to be "a credit to your race" which i later learned meant college and staying out of prison and maybe being featured in the high brow black zines JET or EBONY (Mother subscribed to both along with Life,Look and The Readers Digest altho she seldom had spare time to read them when not working or hogging the sole telephone-tangent completed?

.so we got to  stock the school library (the first school i'd ever been in to have one...thanx Miss Lewton 5th Grade ) and to indulge in my 6th Grade  teacher's hobby of ethnic folk dancing from around the globe (which  is why i dislike dancing to this very day and the more mature girls would grind against you when slow dancing ...leaving you with blue balls and a painful shaming boner which they then laughed at)  we had to perform routinely for the entire school which lead to shaming and bullying from those outside 6-1.

so aside from the usual bullying ,which stopped with my sudden growth spurt in 5 th Grade, they treated me well there...except that when my Father died they did nothing, nothing!

i got a few days off while they consoled Mother then i was expected to resume classes as tho nothing had happened...i was in mourning and it was ignored so i began acting out and smart mouthing until i became a regular at the Principal's office.( i saw a huge reed UA on my class files for Under Achiever)...somehow i got thru it despite a half hearted -broken hearted effort and drawing monsters and villains and The Batman thru most of my classes.....i even won First Prize in a school finger panting art contest which my folk dancing obsessed teacher  (Miss B.Alleyne who drove a Cadillac convertible) entered me in..it was a Viet Namese peasant in a rice paddy like i'd seen in a magazine.....

JHS 139..
the same sadists who designed and built PS 119 built my junior high,only larger, in addition to the concrete handball courts it had two full sized basketball courts which were always in use, weather permitting. 

 like 119 we were locked in behind steel doors and steel grill covered windows all day.... the entire fifth floor was for teens doing time until they were old enuff to graduate or be kicked out into the real world......i was in an SP class Special Progress which meant we did three years in two only to go to high school immature and undersized...BFD!..

everyone shoplifted small stuff from the Woolworths across the street which is why i became a loayl patron as an adult.....this was the first school where it became routine for teachers and often the cops to search us for stolen goods and weapons (zip guns and swtichblades were all the rage ibn those days) .....

nobody stole my pants as i was now over six feet tall lean and mean and used the wrestling moves i learned watching TV with Father.. the first day of school our timid teacher,Mrs.Williams, stood by as our nasty drunk gym teacher Mr.Churchill cold cocked a loud mouth student Theodore Hellinger and left him weeping on the floor..we all learned lessons in survival that day..

FUCK, this was much longer and more painful than i expected..basta y basta.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

BURNS this?

"Hillary RodHAM Clinton..the People's Champion."  yeah right, pull the other one to make them even....

 i did NOT stet out to ever be a security guard,it was an open secret that this was the domain of failed wanna be cops, washed up cop, drunks and perverts...i was in retail at  ahorribler mean spirited job and got hireds to do retail wage slavery eslewhere and after i quit the fdirast i found the second job evaopoarated due to corproate downsizing so there i was jobless with the rent duesoon. hope all this makes sense as i have given blood twice this ayem, where was i? oh right jobless, so anyway i buy a paper and find fill columns of jobs for guards and am in walking distance of same, so i got hired and got a gun card and an assignment...

so at the time i was working 55-70 hours a week with weekend work since i had both a gun and vehicle...
Dennis N. was a wanna be cop, a squat slow strutting kiss ass-with a shiny tin badge,uniform and loaded gun, who rose quickly thru the ranks of Burns Security..we got paid biweekly and i worked mere blox from HQ so imagine my shock when i got a check with 2 40 hour weeks when i hadebeen hauling huge hours for almost 2 years by then..
so on my lunch hour  i walked over to HQ to find Dennis in charge of Payroll and the regular person off sick or something. so anyway i confronted him over his errors and naturally, being a jerk and kiss ass, he gave me attitude Big Time with some vague promise to correct it in the fuzzy future...which we both knew was a lie, so things got heated and loud and being a spineless lil shit he instinctively reached for his gun...(see thug cops et al).  my gun was closer so i leaned over and growled "You better be  reaching for a sandwich otherwise your brains are gonna be all over that wall!"so i got the OT due me ASAP.
  when i worked 9 years at Moscone Center  in frisco had some bout of brain splattering threats/promises to make men "git yore mind right!"....

as stated when i began this blog, i have not always been a Nice Man....

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Monday, April 13, 2015

from HuffPost...this will be harder and more complex than before...sigh.boundaries

this is a teat? maybe...

pls stay tuned

spent hours last week registering with Microsoft to get a FREE download to blog link...sigh, after hours and a headache i put a bookmark in it for later, 
today is later and after an hour frustration i realize said page was KILLED by Win 8.1  which everyone h8ed...will carry on, trust me. i shall return!
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Friday, April 10, 2015

deathcab guns n Teamnsters

"Is that a pistol in yore pocket or are ya just glad ta see me?" the iconic Mae West.

a few odds n ends as am still grappling with the Dead Microsoft to re4sume normal,for me, blogging.

furst of all picketing with Teamsters was the only time i experienced the fear of routinely geting shot.... i should give some context on this rihgt?
..hmmm, when i first drove a ab i did not carry a gun altho i had a valid gun card issued by the state and had routinely carried a gun a Candlestick Park..i was naive...after about a year when my friends and coworkers began getting beaten, cut, stabbed abd shot ior shot at i began tio reconsider..one night a young driver was bitching as we counted money and completed our trip tickets, that his life had fllen apart and his wife had left him after moving to firsco and that after tonight he was moving bacl to the I 5 Central Vallrey burg that spawned him, we heard this tale a lot but what burned this in my memeory is that night he was shot to death in the projects nearby..

so i went home and cut up an old pair of jeans to make imrpov holsters..one on the left for my 13 shot Browning Hi Power 9mm automativ and one on the right next to my cash wallet for my 33LR derringer so i could shoot uinder my arm into the backseat as needed...but this is not the point of today's blog ( i think) 

 the Teamsters for taxis owned a building on folsom strret in those days and one of the cronies there was a pal with the union boss and they self insured his lousy ass as no one rational ever would....

so one day, responding to a all, this crony backed his cab down a one way street in crowded Chinatown and killed a mother and her child...a mother and her young innocent child...and the Teamsters lost the building in pay outs..

so we were told an abbreviated version of this in a monthly meeting
 (most of us already knew the full story) and when the union boss shouted for ORDER! and was ignored by the rowdy crowd he had his goons flanking his podium, show their guns!   so of course we stood up and showed Our Guns and Meeting Adjourned he shouted as he fled. the meeting hall became a tiny dues pay window in the rear of a nearby unused armory some of you might recognize fron KINK.COM...

 and altho i did flash my guns a time to three to prevent rape, robbery or personal; mayhem ...i found it had the odd effect of making me more mannerly..except when i wasn't..think that's it. 

hope to resume your regular deluge of tidbits 
and misnathrophy in the nextr week or so  M'sAllah.
 ( i recognizes all gods and NO gods)

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the agony of da PC

"Heaven for the climate,Hell for the company." Mark Twain..

pls excuse any & all typos,okay? 
it has been a truly exhausting week...

 am NOT dead yet. spent the last week or so buying a new PC as my steampunk PC was slowly clunking to death.as SM got a new iMAC last year  i went for a dollar equivalent...maybe a mistake as i forgot how overpriced Macs are.

how it all began
1. i ordered a new PC online from the unnamed locals Twice in feb with no response...
2.then  there was a justified dock strike on the Left Coast here and consumer electronics stagnated off shore.
3.i  then called and chided them.and they apologized profusely and offered discounts so i would not go to the nearby Best Buy., as i had secretly hoped
4. we drove across town to deposit my clunky stemapuink PC for brain removal and transfer.
5.SM was downtown in s'cruz so she picked up my new warp drive PC..
6.and there was no power cord, apparently left behind by the staff
7. on Easter weekend i drove across town for the power cord.
8. put it all together and NADA zippo zilch!
9. apparently my 3 year monitor has 2 outlets for power cables and of course, i had the wrong one.
10. so for the second time that dayi  sneak thru s'cruz back streets to get the right cable
11.plug everything in...spend the next 4 hours cursing as i plug and un plug and re plug everything until my high blood pressure is thru the roof.
12. call for a service call  and they stet most things aright...
 Except that my Address Book is now BLANK and my desktop folders of FAQs and links are EMPTY...so now  i sit here grinding my teeth and looking at my OS 7  Dummies book to see about setting links to this blog and enlarging my e m ails fonts.
so if you don't here form me for a short while that is why.

so now you know
carry on & mind the gap