Friday, November 20, 2009


"Is giving Thanks (Thanksgiving) like giving up?" -Ho Chi Zen

no horror stories today.I LIE, more of the same SIGH.

1.as i type this i am printing out a WAIVER ON MEDI-CAL (Medicaid to everyone else) in which our Gov.Anus Schwartzenpooter is hoping to get the Feds to allow him to further destroy aid to sick and elderly people.(see recent Marty Omoto alerts).
new candidates for KALIpornia Sh*thole Czar ( Gov) include the usual GROSS OPRESSIVE PLUTOCRATS -Campbell,Whitman,Fiorina who promise to gut state government even more (then drown it in the bathtub a la Grover Norquist) & SAVE BILLIONS (sic sick) which even our current Gov says is Impossible.
Jerry Brown, the Dims heir apparent, has a heart the size of a caraway seed (thanks Fred Allen,old time radio cynic) and i lived in Oaktown when he was mismanaging it as Mayor in his current political resurrection. WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU? is the current UPS slogan, this is not Jerry Brown's slogan..
lemme find the quote...

"Nothing in life is so rigid that there aren't developments.That's true in politics.That's true in theology.That's true in personal relations.And for those small minds that slavishly adhere to foolish consitency, their irrelevance is their best reward." cold hard brittle Vulcan logic,AMBITIOUS VULCAN LOGIC. DAN WALTERS of the Sacramento Bee column supplied the quote, but as usual the cynicism expressed here is my own.
did i mention that Jerry Brown flip flopped on Prop 13,like Kerry he voted against it before he was for it.did i mention that any good economist (non Friedmanite) will tell you that Prop 13 gutted state coffers under the guise of SAVING GRANDMA (sound familiar?) state commercial real estate created a loophole large enough to drive hundreds of highrises thru DEEP DEEP SIGH.
2. but that is not what i wanted to talk about today...my friend G MAN lost his job recently.he will be on the street come Christmas, UnHappy New Year? he will get unrmployment then has to move yada yada yada. now G Man is a good friend and a decent enough human being ( which he might protest at length) and while atypical of the populace at large he is facing a dark bleak 2010 ...WHILE THOSE BASTARDS ON WALL STREET USE BILLIONS IN TAXPAYER BAILOUT DOLLARS TO COLLECT MILLIONS IN BONUSES!!!
the current line among the Capt.Compromise Team is that WALL STREET has to be healthy before MAIN STREET gets its non existent good paying jobs back SOME DAY,meanwhile we will throw you a few crumbs of unemployment extensions so you can rent a sleazy motel room once your house is foreclosed on , tell the kiddies to mind the mouthy avaricious whores & used syringes (BBC News).

'speaking of the BBC News and the Compromise trip to China...
A.Capitalism does NOT EQUAL Democracy and all this bafflegab from the MSM pseudo pundits about Red China going Democratic eventually will NOT make it so.
B.Red China is financing our debt & our wars, to the tune of at least $800 BILLION, they got us by the balls now our hearts & minds must follow (thanx LBJ). we have been described as the profligate child visiting its nervous banker.
C. we are an empire in decline,much like ancient Rome and the GREEN FUTURE belongs to China and its Rare Earth minerals cache. they have a 90% share of the raw materials and the Japanese have the technology and we have....a great future BEHIND us?

D.. GEORGE W.BUSH has done us all a favor..no really.he has flushed the AMERICAN DREAM from our psyches and down the sewers of history and Americans must now face the cold bleak reality of how badly they have been lied to by CRONYISM CASINO CAPITALISM...

E. my friend G Man is smart & funny, can build a PC from scratch and may even become a realtor (?) so,like a cat, he will always land on his feet unlike those whose jobs now reside in Viet Nam,Singapore and rural China. you cannot retrain for a future that no longer exists....

is all this depressing enuff for today?
BTW tomorrow i turn 62 and plan to celebrate with SM,chocolate cake and Glenfeddich scotch...LET IT RAIN!

namaste y'all
semper gloomy

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"I seem to be a verb." Buckminster Fuller, genius

it's cold and dark.traffic is sparse except frot the occassional daring ninja on bicycle or skateboard.the medical complex is dark with recessed lighting and my first thot is WHAT A GREAT PLACE FOR A MURDER or other heavy felony.two cars in the parking lot, lots of dense shrubbery, zero eyewitnesses.. a woman skitters out to her car. she doesn't look back...
first thing i note inside the elevator is that someone has peed in the corner, it will still be there in the morning.
i am on time for my appointment, a little early as usual for me. ALLI is a tall young white woman in dark blue scrubs, she guides me to ROOM 3 and has she sit on the bed and fill out FAQs again. i have been on a C PAP machine since late june but of course that is no help tonight.after a while alli and Jeffrey, a pudgy east indian machine tech in street clothes come in to fine tune the new machine and fit a mask over my beard. this takes about an hour until both are satisfied. i adopt a light patient trance until this part is finished. i use what are called NOSE PILLOWS which are small and light so of course they use first a FULL FACE MASK then a PROFILE NOSE MASK then add a CHINSTRAP which makes me look and fell like HANNIBAL LECHTER in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (it was on cable again recently, still creepy good!)
next is the ordeal, a hour spent sitting quietly while 30 electronic leads are pasted on my upper body and extra large head....we make chit chat but it soon peters out.she likes DEXTER has never watched TRUE BLOOD, got her husbands name tattooed a week after they met, it was mutual,has a child despite contraception (like me) and seems to be an ordinary decent human being.
they let me go pee, made the mistake of having coconut ginger soup with rice noodles for dinner...i waddle with my 30 leads and electronic noose to the toilet and back then they HANNIBAL LECHTER me up again and put me to bed...but first there are the calibrating tests-eyes open, eyes shut, blink ten times (yawn?),look left and right ten times,up and down ten times, grind your teeth, false snore now GO TO SLEEP.yeah right.
i think of ZYKLON B (poison gas) in this noisy machine a foot from my head, it sounds like a small V2 rocket when it starts up, if it get this SM will be sleeping in the next room again...Jeffrey says i will probably need on the rest of my life. i tease him about replacing all these masks and leads with a NASA style space helmet, he had an atrophied sense if humor (like most techs,think DILBERT) and starts talking about DEAD SPACE PRESSURE. he doesn't get it but i prod him with compensating factors hoping he will get the joke, i soon give up.
i wonder how HANNIBAL slept at night and whether he dreamt of murder,bloody murder in darkened anonymous rooms...

i wake up before dawn, my back is killing me as usual.
my homepathic nasal spray cannot cope with the heavier plastic load and my nose is leaking, luckily i brought along tissues and a towel this time. i lay there trying to sleep/not sleep and eventually alli issues a wake up alert and comes in to de electrode me.i am left with patches of stickum on my scalp,beard,throat,neck and chest. looks like i cut myself shaving with a haybaler...i fill out more FAQs and dress, the urine is still in the elevator and even with dawn breaking this still looks like a good place for a felony...NPE is babbling something safe on the radio, wonder if i will have to go thru all this again????

so now u know what it's like...
nanamste yawn
semper gymbally

P.S. for the non cinefreaks among u, punny WHERE'S PAPA is a funny Ruth Gordon movie, a 70s classic. should be on DVD by now.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


"What I need is an exact list of specific unknown problems we might encounter."
Lykes Lines Shipping, DILBERT bafflegab contest winner

just some seeds & stems before SM drags me from my man cave by the scruff of the neck into too bright sunshine.

1.still waiting for a RATIONAL EXPLANATION FROM THE CDC about why Wall Street honchos (those swine!) got their swine flu vaccine BEFORE endangered children,preggars, healthcare workers & those with chronic conditions, remember that? SIGH..

2. by govt numbers 23% unemployment equals Depression.
by govt numbers its 10.2 right now.
by govt numbers if you work one hour a month you are employed,UNDEREMPLOYED.
by govt numbers is you give up looking for non extant jobs you are DISCOURAGED (no sh*t sherlock ( and NOT COUNTED.
so i was Stunned to hear CNN announce the total of all three categories was 17.5%, didn't even hafta go on line for this. TRUTHINESS AT LAST?

ONLY SIX MORE POINTS TO GO? see the most recent Paul Krugman column, goota go. hear a well shod foot tapping behind me...

namaste y'all
semper g-rumpy

Friday, November 13, 2009


"We are all doomed." half playful comment from SC Commissioner yesterday.

PT has lowered my blood pressure SPECTACULARLY.which is great since everything else seems to be moving in the opposite direction...

1.i am allergic to my C PAP machine plus it doesn't work on my complex sleep apnea anyway .SIGH more tests to come.

2. the fantasy budget of Gov.Anus has already evaporated and they are predicting a $14 BILLION DEFICIT NEXT YEAR & wait for it ...DEEPER CUTS. i will be putting out a manual on precision wrist cutting for all the crips who swooned and foamed at the mouth this year (JUST KIDDING, i think).

3. the worst thing about being a pessimist is how often one is proved right. the County bean counters want one of my commissions to have 50% fewer meetings in 2010 and maybe cut staff and our output relating to the halt and lame in santa cruz county DEEP DEEP SIGH.

4. at the same meeting the County told us there were only 25 CASES OF SWINE FLU IN SANTA CRUZ however one of our commissioners works at a hospital and informed us that November has seen 7 CASES A DAY ADMITTED TO WHERE SHE WORKS AND PROSPECTS OF A SEPARATE SWINE FLU WARD BEING SET UP...the County rep admitted that they DO NOT COUNT E.R. VISITS TO THAT HOSPITAL. this is where the DOOMED comment came up.

5. the County has run out of vaccine repeatedly and admits that SQUALENE FREE VACCINE FRO PREGGERS & KIDS IS SO FAR UNANVAILABLE, SIGH WITH ME HERE...OK?


7.i am mildly delighted that CAPT.COMPROMISE has not yet jumped feet first into the GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES & is reading about 'Nam era decison making.STAY TUNED...

8.at the same meeting yesterday another commissioner pointed out that a crip he knew fell behind in his mortgage,due to on going state budget cuts, so he called his bank and they promised to work it out AS OBAMA PROMISED next thing he knew they were nailing a Foreclosure Notice to his door.for the truckloads of money the Capt. has poured into Wall Street, he could have paid off EVERY MORTGAGE IN AMERICA (per Nobel Winner Paul Krugman).

excuse me, just stropping my straight razor a moment, where were we? from what i am hearing and reading the Pelosi Express has passed a bill which will deliver $70>$500 BILLION in subsidies to the Health Insurance industry and not allow one to change carriers and declaw the Public Option via one scam or another.the fossilized turds of the GOP are putting up a fight just for show like Brer Rabbit and the briarpatch??? the bill as i understand it was over TWO THOUSAND PAGES OF LOOPHOLES & EARMARKS, the Canadian Single Payer Bill was 36 PAGES. IT IS TO CRY....it is a beautiful day outside to lose hope in America and it's corporate run 'democracy'...

10. i watch WAAAAY too much news. would you guys rather read some old BAD POETRY? think i can find some of my haiku nearby...

momento mori

namaste y"all
semper gimpy

Saturday, November 7, 2009


"A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it." -Oscar Wilde
amen bruddah

once again i would like to think the players of the NFL for donating their bodies to science.NO JOKE the knee braces i use to wobble around in, with my cane, are an offshoot of Sports Medicine and NFL knee injures. thanks guys.
now the latest research on NFL brain injuries is paying off as the VA is finding more shock blast eye & brain trauma to returning GIs from our endless wars.once again, thanks guys.

once again i wish our local area had a REAL NEWSPAPER, the Senile-our daily catbox liner, had a top of the fold article about pain. it used about a thousand words to say Nothing.one anecdotal paragraph about a 60 year old woman in pain, a slight mention of doctors now recognizing Pain Management as something to consider than just blather and BS. no mention of the AMERICAN CHRONIC PAIN SOCIETY or any local groups which teach meditation for pain mangement,ZIP. no mention even of Substance P and lowered interconnected pain thresholds, hell a few seconds on Google would've produced better results.the article was obviously written by some clueless healthy person.SIGH...

speaking of blather,BS and lowered thresholds...one of the news screamers on HLN, who is the new female one trick pony on addiction, was going on and on about the FT.HOOD shootings and AMERICA'S ADDICTION TO VIOLENCE. think most men's movies,horror films,trendy vampire films, the NFL, wrestling,MMA cage matches,boxing,autopsy shows, grisly crime renactment shows,grisly news footage which show bloody bombings and mutilations SIGH.
so rather than asking what deep historical pscychological flaws & fetishized gun worship which make us a nation of sick voyeuristic ghouls this news hen predicts that we , as a nation, will keep escalating this gut churning trend until WE HIT ROCK BOTTOM! Armeddgon methinks? worldwide global extinction??DOOMSDAY ha ha ha...
this is SO STUPID, we are 300 million peeps in this death spiral coarsening society and Mass Murders are still Big News, not like a routine stabbing in Salinas or Watsonville. VOILENCE IS OBVIOUSLY THE NEW & ACCEPTABLE PUBLIC PORNOGRAPHY...i think it was Wichita this week where there was a big dust up because some TV news station showed an anatomically correct undraped breast exam.HUH?
tall big haired pouty anorexic Victoria's Secret model can strut around in lil more than satin bandages every two seconds and Pay Cable has everything but routine penetration but you can't show a NON EROTIC TIT IN CONTEXT???DEEP DEEP SIGH.
as an old friend usedta say SOMETIMES I THINK I'VE LIVED TOO LONG.

there was another burr under my saddle,ah yes.
i was watching the Rachel Ray Show waiting for the local news and she was interviewing kids in Kindergarten about something ,i admit i had the sound off as usual, so i look up to see if the news has started and note that two girl children aged 6 & 7 are wearing both lipstick and blush. you're sh*tting me, was this their idea? their parents? or the beauty peeps of RR? i live near the Capitola Mall where daily one can see many Tween nipples and bony cameltoes in their thin shirts and spandex bottoms.i have seen five year olds with JUICY across their bottoms, just like Mommy oh yes. i can tell whether a woman waxes or not depending on how tight the pants are she wears.
now this is a beach town and a college town and seeing ripe young girls in bikinis at the market or hardware store or drug store is no surprise and I M NOT A PRUDE.as a lifelong Nudist raised in a semi nudist household but still...it would be less erotic & repellent to walk around naked than wear labia splitting spandex and muffintop shirts. i have noted older peeps at nude beachs nude then later clothed and the change of attitude and subsequent loss of freedom involved.yeah yeah i know this is impractical in our 'Post Puritanical Society" full of blaring child murders,child rape, child abductions,adult rape etc etc but a man can dream can't he? i asked my massage therapist how does she plan to raise her 11 year old daughter SANE IN THIS INSANE WORLD?
"KEEP HER BUSY!" luckily the girl is both a nerd & athlete living in a remote hill town and has discovered neither boys or fashion yet but next year...

anyway check out PAGANI'S website, enjoy the autumn change of colors in the trees, catch some fresh air while u still can ,no local wildfires here today and await my next cranky riposte to life itself.sound good?

namaste y'all
semper gauche

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"A man who is 'of sound mind' is one who keeps the inner madman under lock and key."
-Paul Valery
obviously this was before blogs,Facebook,Twitter,MySpace et al.

PAGANI on Moore AGREE 200%, well said Buddha.

aloha, time to lighten up.
HuffPost has a comedy feed and the topic was
feel free to use your imaginations.here are some of mine...

1. you're here, deal with it.
2.wave g'bye when u leave
3.fruits & nuts
4.CA dreamin' to nightmare
6.is it Quake yet?
7.sunny wildfires & mudslides
8.do u know who i am?
9.NOT lindsey lohan
10.i brake for Orcs
11. wanna b Guv???
12.drink up, we'll make more
13.no shirt,no shoes, no problem

1.owned by Bloomberg Inc
2, what u lookin at!
3.ask me if i care..
4.u can't get there from here
5.eat rats & die
6.slumlord 2b
7.Wall St ghoul
8.stuff what?
9. take subway to Hell
10.r u groping me or stealing?
11. Yankees are the Evil Empire
12.i spit on your dreams
13.God doesn't live here

1.deep fried armadillos
2.BS is us
3.W still lives here
4.austin is still liberal,y?
5.worst beers in usa?
6.LBJ ghost rotisserie
7.Billy Sol Estes lives!
8.pardon my french...
9.beehives & BS
10.messkins git out
11.Laura Bush never killed nobody
12.pave the Rio Grand NOW!

all these are states i have lived in, the Pardon MY F is an irksome tradition in TexAss as are beehive hairdos.

you of the sharp eye will notice a new resource addition, i believe i put it under AUTISM PROF .
DR.TEMPLE GRANDIN is an autism expert who actually has autism, imagine that. she did a 3 hour IN DEPTH interview on C SPAN last saturday which will be repated this saturday there is a link to her website-she is also an expert in cattle control & processing, nov 7th. a TRULY UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL.

that's it from me today..
namaste y'all
semper gooey

Monday, November 2, 2009


"Experience is just another word for losing hope."recent Scott Adams DILBERT punchline

strange ayem pillowtalk, i swear that some people should NOT watch "DEXTER" too close to bedtime.here i was all set to write about Capt.Compromise caving to the Isrealis on Settlements, or the CTI bankruptcy/rip off or the launch of the BILLION DOLLAR WARHSIP NEW YORK with the recycled Twin Towers steel from 9-11 in its bow. why do we need Another Billion dollar Warship right now? to chase Somali pirates in dinghys? couldn't we buy them off cheaper than that?SIGH.was going to talk about the phony KALIpornia Budgets which is already hemmorhaging red ink aplenty and scaring the crap out of old and diasbled peeps statewide.

i have lost count of how many...a jumper fresh off an SRO hotel near Market Street, several fresh SRO jumpers on Geary years earlier,talked to a co worker who was then murdered ; just before he left work for home to meet an angry lover with a Xms gift knife, saw an old man die ten feet across the room at Kaiser when i almost died from diabetes in 1991, saw body parts aplenty at a bloodslicked Mason & OFarrell in the 80s, ditto on 101 near the Paul Street exit (Candlestick) a few days later, almost killed a few people myself, at least i THINK it was Almost, had several long blackouts in the 80s...
SOUL MATE has been to many funerals too (but never had to kiss a corpse on the lips, a grisly southern custom especially for kids!) so once again she played Oppressed for her sheltered Catholic existence among the isolated nuns growing up whereas i, well you've read some of these blogs.

BTWsaw my PCP doc today and she loved that my BP was finally normaland my fat ass was half dozen pounds smaller and nothing new & bad had turned up on any of my recent tests. i know, i know-eat more fruits & veggies & EXERCISE! one of my favoirte tapes just unraveled across the floor, that makes four. LE VOIX MYSTERIE DE BULGARIE...wonderful and very atmospheric, like ENYA before Enya.
it was 85 here today in 'Paradise' and i spent the day in the county clinic then having Rite Aid tell me that 60 pills taken twice a day was supposed to last me until Nov 24th, an empty bottle held up to the light of reason had no impact.DEEP DEEP SIGH.
SM is over whichever flu she had and grousing about how she lost two weeks of whatever activism her health will allowed, despite my assurances that the world is still just as screwed up as ever.

"WHY SO SERIOUS?...WHATEVER DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRANGER..."The Joker in Dark Knight, what a role model for this gloomy End Times era.Crazy man karazzzzy!
as long as you're on your knees praying to Jesus or Allah or whatever, be sure check under the bed for monsters or fresh Swine Flu propaganda. get hep to that jive.
AXIS BOLD AS LOVE (Jimi was probably murdered but by who?)

namaste y'all
semper grouchy

WTF? did u think i had run outta things to say? was just busy last week.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of leaning." -Bill Gates

aloha, this is hard for me to admit.
i am not a Big Fan of Micheal Moore,unlike Amy Goodman & LinkTV, its not his politics or his films or his TV shows.i do not like to see his fat jowly ussally unshaven face covering a 40 foot wide move screen,ICK.

so of course i was reluctant when Soul Mate told me YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM!

so i went to see it monday and let me say YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS FILM!
rent it on DVD or whatever, its concise and informative with less jowly close ups than one would expect.
the fat face will have to squeeze into a tuxedo for which i predict, if there is any justice in this world, his second Oscar (if Hillary Swank can do it...).CASINO CAPITLAISM UBER ALLES!

in other news, had to give 3 vials of my thin diabetic blood this ayem at the County Clinic.got to be a first hand eyewitness of the calm stampede of parents to get SWINE FLU SHOTS, what a depressing spectacle SIGH.
BTW Capt.Compromise has just signed an UPDATED FEDERAL HATE CRIMES BILL which for the FIRST TIME INCLUDES DISABILITY,oh wow? now if you beat up a gay crip and he/she reports it...
this reminds me of my principle gripe with the ADA, which is under the Justice (sic) Department, THERE IS NO ENFORCEMENT UNLESS YOU SUE!!! a colleague complained for Two Years about an inaccessbile venue and got the usual shrug and delays. so he sued and got a ramp installed plus $25,000 of which the slimy lawyer got 20,000. this is an FEDERAL LAWYERS LIFE LONG EMPLOYMENT ACT.DEEP SIGH every rose has its thorns...

i think i am allergic to my C PAP machine or maybe life itself...i have enough physical complaints to fill a small notebook and i see my PCP doc next week,maybe she can help...
that's all i got for today.
namaste y'all
semper gimpy

Thursday, October 22, 2009


"When you find a big kettle of crazy.It's best not to stir it up." Scott Adams, recent Dilbert punchline

what follows is a lighthearted (for me) memoir in no particular order,okay?


-the only city where i have ever been burglarized (3x)
-the only city where i have ever pulled a gun on anyone (2x in my cabbie era)
-where a man in a cheap SRO hotel offered me sex with his blonde girlfriend for comic book money...at the Hotel Dante.
-where i lived above the foul mouthed overinflated CAROL DODA'S dressing room ( see above).
-where i was threatened by a meth addict in a Haight laundromat.

-where i dated one CHURCH OF SATAN blonde shcizophrenic (that i know of).
-bought my first car, a tiny red MG T convertible for $100.
-sang in the stoned background chorus of TODD RUNDGREN'S "Sons of 1984" in Golden Gate Park.
-studied authentic Chinese Tai Chi 2x SIGH.
-seen both naked tourists & whores up close for free.

-attended a strippers Xmas Party in North Beach BIG FUN!
-where i attended both Bill Graham's WINTERLAND (before it was demolished ) and the Chet Helms Family Dog Revival at the Avalon Ballroom ( before it was demolished) likewise the old PLAYLAND AT THE BEACH (before it was also demolished)
-where i was routinely propositioned by gay men (3 accepted @1oo rejected).
-where i wept copiously over the AIDS related deaths of 95% of my male gay friends...it still hurts.
-where i lived in North Beach SROs opposite each other (the Hotel Dante & the Hotel Tevere).i once broke an SRO sink trying to crack a cococnut,i was much younger then...

-where i survived multiple hotel fires without damage or injury, i lost count of how many.
-where i was issued a guard company gun which was too old to commit suicide with (proven by another, no worry as i had my own).
-where i attended both the original EXOTIC/EROTIC & HOOKERS BALLS, saw Margo St.James atop alive elephant at the Cow Palace and had dykes grope my bare ass at another.
-where i attended & graduated from both City College & SF State.
-where i first read my poetry aloud & help organized a weekly on going poetry reading ( a Buddha in the Brooder House..inside joke).

_where i went to EVERY MOVIE THEATER IN TOWN...
about 40% of them now demolished.
-met MY EX (*) then later had routine sex with her in my workplace and often in the Boss's office ( i still have pictures i think).
-where i worked unknowingly a mere block from SOUL MATE in the Civic Center/UN Plaza
area for several years.
- where i first encountered pesto pasta & Chinese sesame cookies YUM!
-learnd the meaning of HAK WI (Chinese for nigger) & UFA (Samoan for f*ck you!)

-where i mourned the loss of the eccentric 24/7 Geary street newstand ALBERT HENRY'S...
-where i walked my Personal Best of 26 city miles early one weekend morning.
-taught a co worker how to steal a Very Expensive Book from our rich penny pinching paranoid Boss, i felt it was justified.
-where i convinced several platonic female friends NOT to have sex with me, i can be noble on occasion.
-where i first bought guns LEGALLY...
-where i found cheap but excellent Chinese,Thai & Vietnamese food within walking distance.

-where i was written up for being both a cranky snarky sarcastic bastard then later being heroic at the same workplace (Moscone Center).
-where i saw a GRATEFUL DEAD Concer at work YAWN! then later found a naked mud covered hippie in the toilet while watching stoned suburban girlrs brain-fried in wheelchairs waiting for their parents to come get them ( thanx ROCK DOCs).
-where i climbed into roped off CONCEPT CARS at various auto shows (Moscone Center again).
-where i witnessed the trebling in size of Moscone Center while i worked there, my pay stayed about the same.
-where i first drove 120+mph while leaving the city on freeways WHEEEEE! (cabbie era)

-where i got deeper into Zen, wrote some decent haiku and learned to explain my concept of Zen succinctly.
-where i bought my first cheap swords at Cost Plus.
-worked in 3 comic book stores part time (& met FRED).
-where i met my first Asian BFF (sic) Kim and with her gay friend Larry coached her into how to give a Great BJ, she got accolades...
-the first major city where i did NOT ride a horse, (NYC,LA & San Antonio previously).

-where i first appeared in several local TV Man On The Street interviews, back in the 70s.
-where i loved the mournful foghorns and the smell of wet eucalyptus in the morning.
-where both my sons were born.
-where i lived with my leggy CHEAP HOTEL GODDESS (poem to follow?)
-where i watched the cops cars burn outside City Hall at the White Night Riots...and yes i cried at the Milk/Moscone Assassinations.

-where i once shook hands with HARVEY MILK & chatted a few about honesty in politics outside the Larkin theater where they were showing Louis Malle's BLACK MOON. i remember he had shaved off his mustasche and began wearing suits, BTW SEAN PENN deserved his Oscar, wonderful wonderful work.DEEP DEEP SIGH.

-where we loved then lost the legendary progressive rock station KSAN...sigh again.
-outran then out thot a Porsche (see prior blogs)
-saw public Gay sex on and above Polk Street my first Halloween there.
-where i mastered the basics of photography in an extremely photogenic locale.
-first worked alongside the SFPD, some great peeps back then.

-where i first carried a gun Legally at huge public events, Candlestick during football season etc ( see above) my job was to stand on the field with my back to the game-to protect the players from their fans.yes, the 49ers were once THAT BAD...
-where i was once taught the fine art of panhandling couples at Aquatic Park by an old drunk who took a shine to me, was fighting with Goddess at the time and taking a Time Out.
-where i walked across the Golden Gate Bridge (many many times) and resisted the urge to jump off...that bridge is haunted.
-where i touched a friends 5 foot long LEMON PYTHON, he had many guns too including a new .50 cal AMERICAN EAGLE automatic.touched that too...
-where i marched nearly naked in a cape & loincloth in TWO GAY PRIDE PARADES...SM was with me but NOT nearly nekkid.

-is the second city where i have run into either ghosts (also LA) or psychics (NYC) and the first where i encountered AN INTENSE AURA OF CORRUPT EVIL...
-where i did a lot of stupid immature and often hurtful things.

-not what it used to be,fun & affordable and blue collar friendly.

all this will probably be explained in future blogs, poems & pictures (now that i have a scanner).

namaste y'all
semper hierophanty

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give. "
-Sir Winston Churchill AMEN TO THAT...

aloha, ever have a loose tooth that really bugs you?
Afghanistan feels like that to me.
RUDYARD KIPLING wrote several books which became films GUNGA DIN (think the Alamo at Khyber Pass) THE JUNGLE BOOK & THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING ( check www.IMDB,COM).
Kipling, aside from being a halfway decent poet, was also a noted colonalist & racist. he coined the term WHITE MAN'S BURDEN to describe the Duty of Civilized Countries to invade & exploit these Savages.SIGH.
nowadays we use the guise of charity, the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and some NGOs to do much the same.

yesterday the (9th Circuit Court stopped the irrational and potentially lethal IHSS curs here in KALIpornia and today the sun is shining,coincidence? go to www.cdcan.us for all the details.

still haven't seen Micheal Moore's new film and my meds co-pay is rapidluy eating it's way thru my monthly allowance.CURSE THEE,DONUT HOLE...ARRRRGH! wanted to see SURROGATES & PARNDORUM but Rite Aid got the money instead,SIGH.

spent two hours in the warm pool at PT, i wanted to grow fins & gills just to stay there forever, rather than return to the outside world of storme und drang...see, even a cranky guy like me can find bliss outside my home & Man Cave. no fresh bad news from MY EX (*) altho i have been offline for a few days, SOUL MATE is either slowly recovering or having a relapse, her recent mood has been as dark as my own.Cripes, do i sound LIKE THAT? (humor attempt)

BTW www.democrynow.org for all the latest in bad news from a slightly lefty perspective.

that's all i got today, PT stopped most of the ache in my bad knee, most of my spinal agony is temporarily abated now if i could only find out what i am hyper allergic to and stop the mucous flow i would be..not exactly happy, satisfied???

hi PAGANI,stay well...health reform is coming,glacially slow as usual.

namaste y'all
semper gummo (the 4th Marx Bros)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


"I wouldn't recommend sex,drugs or insanity for everyone, but they've always worked for me." Hunter S.Thompson. gonzo writer,celebrity & crip suicide

aloha, the folowing is not Gospel but why i got kicked out of Sunday School if memory serves...plus what i learned later.

ever notice that mankind is created TWICE? now there are many problems with hebrew>greek>latin translations...in the original ELOHIM (mistranslated as God) is a PLURAL NOUN, it is possible in lost lore that a group of Gods created mankind or as some suggest GOD HAS A WIFE,SOPHIA. JEHOVAH (YVWH) is the name of a single God,hmmm not THE GOD immaterial and eternal as we were taught in sunday school. SIGH..

in Jewish tradition ADAM (ADHAM) had a first wife LILITH who was created at the same time as Adam and so demanded EQUALITY and refused some of his sexual demands. Lilith was expelled from EDEN (possibly Iraq or Saudi Arabia per aerial photography-Tigris,Euphrates and Pishon rivers delta is now underwater?) and became the Queen of Demons. EVE (HEVA) was then created as a more submissive model.

speaking of submissive,why exactly were THE SERPENT & TREE OF KNOWLEDGE created in such a paradise?
now the Serpent is a pagan symbol worldwide for eternal life,rebirth & wisdom (see NAGA, SERPENT WORSHIP IN INDIA, & SNAKE HANDLING FUNDAMENTALISM) now corrupted by hebrew folklore and the tree likewise (see Ygdrrasil {sp?} in Norse myths and the Bodhi tree in Buddhism etc etc). some occultists speculate that the ORIGINAL SIN OF MAN was not Disobedience but Curiousity or perhaps AMBITION? YE SHALL BE AS GODS (! note the plural usage).
NEPHILIM the Giants of the Earth who slept with the daughters (!) of Man, which ones were these exactly ? now NEPHILIM does not translate in anyway whatsoever as Giants, it means THE FALLEN as in perhaps angels? there is a lot of other stuff including YVWH WALKING IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN, walking around and not being omniscient??? also the APPLE was probably a FIG as apples did not grow in Eden nor figs in Rome, remember the aprons of fig leaves to hide their nakendness? also the History channel mentioned figs are cursed 17 times in the OT.just as it mentions YVWH has an ANGER MANAGEMENT PROBLEM in the OT.

unlike Mormon beliefs the Mark was apparently not black skin, nobody knows what it really was but some speculate the Mark was BIG BLACK DOG (annother long held occult symbol) sent to PROTECT CAIN FROM HARM !!! East of Eden was the LAND OF NOD, NOD means strangers in ancient hebrew, so who exactly was Cain's unnamed wife? and according to Genesis Cain built the FIRST CITY, so perhaps modern civilization with all its flaws is the true Mark of Cain? plundering the fertile soil of GAIA,Mother Earth in the name of greed, ambition,conquest and territory?

i think i will end on that note before i get too screechy and pedantic, enjoy your day.

namaste y'all
semper gonzo

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yes Pagani, you're probably right about Esau. my mind and thots are racing recently, think there is too much alcohol in the homeopathy meds, me on MSNBC? I LIKE IT.

years ago i set out to write a stage play ST.JUDAS REICHSTAG FIRE, sort of a homage to Shaw's witty DON JUAN IN HELL which i had seen and loved on PBS. the concept was fairly simple, Judas is in Hell with the Nazi mastermind REINHARD HEYDRICH ( deputy to Himmler and Eichmann's boss), a sexy caberet singer(think a young Liza Manelli in CABERET) and scary pop ups by JACK THE RIPPER.sounds simple right? at least that's what i thought at first.now i have been fascinated by the Nazi history and mindset since puberty and likewise Jack the Ripper, researching the Weimar Republic was a snap but Judas...


first of all either the Bible is THE WORD OF GOD or it isn't ,either way it was designed and often deleted by Papal Policy & Politics,it is an elephant deigned by a biased committee with many books expunged THE APOCHRYPA (sp?) .trust me in this one, i have the research books, this was all done before the internet.
MARY MAGDALENE was NOT a whore, this is mentioned nowhere in the Bible. this was Papal politics concerning MARY MOTHER of God and ISIS THE GREAT MOTHER of Paganism, as usual too many strong women were scary to weak men so MM became a whore, remember that she was the first one to see the Risen Christ...and women still wanted to be priests which started the first Inquisition against the heretic CATHARS in france & spain.BTW when did Lazurus die again? just askin'

JESUS HIMSELF, this is also problemical as Jesus (Yesu?) is a fairly common name of the era, in fact a revolt lead by another messiah Jesus (also from Galilee) was put down about ten years before the birth of the Jesus Christ, so one can see how Jesus and his ilk might be scary to the Roman Occupation. also Pontious PIlate, a historical figure , was no dithering ruler-remember this was aimed at people of what became the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH and Pilate was fairly ruthless in his slaughter of Jews by all accounts i read.also the Zealots & Maccabees were constantly revolting and you find members of them in Jesus's flock. speaking of flock.. all the experts i read said that the movie version of Jesus and his Disciples is incorrect,Jesus traveled with a crowd of maybe hundreds including women and children.it was a mob not an army but still...
now either Jesus was the SON OF GOD or he wasn't, either way lets accept (for the sake of argument) that JC TRULY BELIEVED he was the predicted prophet/messiah,okay?

Judah Bar (son of ) Simon (off topic BARRABAS_BAR ABBAS slang for Son of the Father or bastard, possibly also named Jesus, think of the unholy pun in choosing him over JC)
SCARRII was a short easily concealed stabbing sword used in political assassinations, the term is still used in Sicily and the Middle East { Jack the Ripper meet Judas the Dagger, that seemed to work} the deeper i read the messier it got. many Bible scholars think that Judas was the trusted treasurer for the whole mob, HE HELD THE MONEY...
here more problems arise, now if JC is INFALLIBLE ( like the Pope SIGH) why did he give the power to heal to Judas also??? was Judas or MM THE (unnamed) BELOVED DISCIPLE? now Judaisim, like kung fu, teaches mostly by oral tradition and some students/vessels are given more than others. this is a known fact so we can't expect all 12 to get the same amount or degree of teaching.
now all the prophecy involved with JC predicts he will meet with a messy end, JESUS HAD TO DIE AS PROPHESIED -so who did he (JC) chose to 'BETRAY' him but the most trusted? as Treasurer Judas had no need for more money and my sword reference, in classical mythology the sword is used to cut thru delusions and ignorance, so Judas the Dagger as a holy pun? one to Betray and one to SEE the Risen Christ, fairly simple right.

after the money changers JC was easy to identify but the public kiss (of student to master) sealed the deal & who was that naked kid running away, another hidden metaphor?? now the Bible recounts that Judas either died in a field or hanged himself, why both? in my play i had him die fighting at MASADA, which seemed to me more likely.did you know there is a book called THE GOSPEL OF JUDAS found within the last decades which also makes some of these points? ASIMOV'S GUIDE TO THE BIBLE is also handy for a quick reference, the NAG HAMMADI LIBRARY, THE PASSOVER PLOT etc etc etc..SOUL MATE once asked me why, as a Zen Buddhist, i had so many books on historic Christianity..this is why. fascinating stuff which i think deepens the mystery and joy of Christianity, did i mention as a child i was expelled from sunday school for asking too many questions???? still do.
so i never did write the play but the research was FUN!

namaste y'all

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


"In a battle of wits, they would be unarmed." NYC adage

BFD Capt.Compromise finally got Olympia Snow's single GOP vote after months of secret negotiating with THE GANG OF SIX and giving away SINGLE PAYER...SIGH.

BARBARA EHRENREICH has written another book and oddly enough it pertains to DISABILITY too. 'BRIGHT SIDED' is about the relentless American Pursuit of Optimism from Christopher Columbus to George W. Bush and Oprah.
think of it as the dumbassification/Disneyfication of America. LIFE ISN'T FAIR & HAPPY ENDINGS ARE RARE..friends die, children die, parents die, people betray & disappoint you, divorce, bankruptcy, our bodies age & die, our health fails,banks fail etc etc.

there is a kid on one of the commissions, a good kid, he broke his neck a year ago and is a full fledged Quad in a power chair now..he is convinced that he will walk again in 6 months...DEEP DEEP SIGH.
this is why many crips commit suicide, unreal expectations.
one of the many crip listservs i am on has a big tirade about CRIP EMPLOYMENT,really? have they not noticed that the economy is in the toilet and that software engineers are applying for temp jobs paying peanuts? too many people are looking for a neat sitcom happy ending, THINK POSITIVE ya bastids.YEAH RIGHT.

anybody watch THE SHIELD? a great and gritty cop drama with no neat tidy solutions, just like real life. okay okay i know we watch tv and movies to find sh*t we don't get at home, i have seen BUSBY BERKELEY movies of the Depression era but still TRANSFORMERS? SAW VI??
escapism has its limits, even now.

BTW i have spent two days trolling the bowels of DEEP PARANOIA (go to Alex Jones's Prison Plant and follow the links) the nutbag Right has nothing on the nutbag Left. did you know that Capt.Compromise is a tool of the BILDERBERGERS and has sold our birthright for a farthing ( hint-think Joseph in the Bible)? that the black helicopters of the NEW WORLD ORDER are warming up their engines even now and that the lizardmen of the UFOS cattle mutilation/alien abduction fame are behind the revival of the 70s TV series 'V'.
SIGH paranoid schizophrenics, if you find their bedrock delesuion they can be quite rational, often in dark & scary ways.TOXIC OPTIMISM? they have none. EHRENREICH SUGGESTS WE TRY "REALITY"..IT IS WHAT IT IS and if you don't like it get off your ass and change it.


not off topic?
"INTERMITTENT REINFORCEMENT IS THE MOST PERSISTENT" this is one of the few things i learned in getting my useless Psych degreee, i beielve its from Behavioral Psych and the scary BF Skinner...now all i remember is this pertains to trans species tests,even pigeons. i think, my interpretation, is that even animals understand the concept of HOPE. these creatures live in the here and now and when they are rewarded they truly appreciate it and hope it happens again. i will not go into a long involved screed about the diff between Toxic Optimism & HOPE but to me, there is a difference.at my commission retreat a cat came to me to be petted, i like cats so i petted him, he came and climbed into my lap to be stroked which i did, then he purred and fell asleep in my lap. we were both happy.

SOUL MATE is recovering from her flu (she was cleaning and talking politics again) while my fall allergies are still running amok, despite homeopathy & colliodal silver.Capitola is in no danger of washing away altho we did lose power briefly.i have a joke sign on a corkboard nearby "MEMBER OF THE FRATERNAL & BENEVOLENT ORDER OF PESSIMISTS" that's me. i once had a co worker who asked me what i was doing THINKING sez i, DON'T DO THAT.IT'S BAAAAD FOR YAH! that depends...

namaste y'all
semper grumbly

Sunday, October 11, 2009


MALCOM X on non violence
"In America, he who turns the other cheek gets hit with the other fist."

aloha, Soul Mate turned me on the Chris Hedges 'EMPIRE OF ILLUSIONS' interview on C SPAN today ( www.booktv.org video & podcasts). to quote SM "It's nice to hear someone else who says what we are thinking." indeed...

Hedges mentioned a word you rarely hear on American TV -THE UNDERCLASS and the corossive effect of crushing poverty,job loss & foreclosure as the Middle Class crumbles into the Underclass. he described the typical pattern of Empire Disintegration in which the core infastructure is hollowed out and crumbles while the edges fray and decay.
did you know we still have 50,00 troops in Japan and and i don't know how many in Europe and elsewhere, plus McChrystal wants another 40 to 60,000 troops in Afghanistan (the Graveyard of Empires).SIGH, can we hear it for Imperial Hubris?
OUR DEFENSE BUDGET IS THE LARGEST ON THE PLANET...and we spend billions per nuclear sub and Stealth aircraft. when you have a stealth economic cancer (perhaps rampant ruthless' FREE MARKET" (sic) capitalism & speculation and/or reckless "Defense" spending) you have the usual three gardening/medical options-poision it, burn it or cut it out. YOU DO NOT APPLY A LARGE POULTRICE OF MONEY.

we have a system of WHITE COLLAR WELFARE, this is not news, what is news...and Hedges has picked up on this...MOST OF THOSE WHO LOST THEIR JOBS WILL NEVER EVER GET THEM BACK OR EVEN ANYTHING ELSE THAT PAYS AS WELL.
why is this? outsourcing and robotics and the new Depression Era Style frugality. like those in the auto industry and basic manufacture they are Screwed. no amount of community college retraining is going to match the fierce well educated competitors from India & China. our once proud educational system is a pathetic joke, it fuels the Plutocracy while decimating the Middle and Under Class.the education my sons got is a pale pathetic shadow of what i was lucky enough to get. the UC Regents raised tuition by 32 PERCENT this year, on top of recent years of crushing increases.THIS BETRAYS THE AMERICAN DREAM!

off topic?
we had an old VCR which worked fairly well but had minor problems, it was maybe 7 or 8 years old. we were told to throw it away as replacement parts were no longer made for it.i have a Sony VCR i bought for $150 a dozen years ago, when it dies i know what to do...is there also a dump or Recycle Center for those workers who put their faith in the American Dream for which replacement parts are no longer made in this country???

if you read tons of SciFi in the 50s and 60s like i did you are aware of the concept of a society WITHOUT WORK, ALVIN TOFFLER may have mentioned this in his seminal FUTURE SHOCK, we may have to embrace socialism as an antidote to revolution.what will the Far Right wingnuts say then?

if you do not have a regular job you will be forced to DEVELOP YOUR INNER SPIRITUAL BEING (no, not just knee jerk religion, your True Core Inner Being) and if you can make money from that fine, if not...the government may be forced to pay you to volunteer or aid in childcare or education or community organizing what have you.THE AMERICAN DREAM IS DEAD, TIME TO RETOOL AND RECYCLE... ru ready 4 this???

i have a rich inner life,imagination, love life and i volunteer as much as energy and sanity allow plus i paint,cartoon,write unread screenplays and blog.i have been technically unemployed since about 1994 and many days i barely make it ou of bed but aside from CHRONIC INTRACTABLE PAIN i could serve as a role model for Post American Dream america?????????( snarky sarcasm.) FIND YOUR OWN PATH, Time to Grow...

namaste y'all
semper growy

Saturday, October 10, 2009


another Guest Blog,ENJOY...

by Barri Boone

Now that we are in an extreme economic downturn, many are looking
at the issue: who are the "have nots" and why? During the fifties, the
myth was that everyone could just "move on up!" This was true for masses
of people. My father's family went from being farmers before the
crash, to moonshiners during the depression, to bar owners post
depression. In my childhood, we went from apartments to a single
family home, and from a working class neighborhood to a middle class

By the sixties, some of us saw the holes in the myth. That racism
prevented many from getting jobs, living wage work, and out of the
poor dilapidated ghettos. The civil rights movement was massive and
grassroots. The women's lib movement was revived. The gay rights
movement was triggered by Stonewall. The grape boycott brought
attention to the exploitation of immigrants from Mexico.

Through the years we saw how US foreign policy affected the Vietnamese,
poor women in Thailand, casino workers in Cuba; murdered organizers
of the poor all over Central America, helped overthrow
elected governments in Iran and Chile, put Nelson Mandela on its
"terrorist" list, and on and on.

But one group has not quite made it to the list of those that we notice
have less, and try to help them find their "bootstraps." That group
is the poor whites, or better known as "poor white trash." Even in
the 21st century when the PC folks notice many things, they still
don't seem to notice that Jay Leno and others continuously bombard us
with the notion that "poor white trash" deserve what they have or
have NOT, and are fair game for endless jokes! Why does this happen,
and why do most folks accept this "classism?"

Part of the myth is that all whites have opportunities to "get
ahead." That if they don't, it's their fault! If some POC's can make it to
the northeast elite universities, then why can't all of us?

How often do we hear stories in the media about white miners with
black lung in West Virginia, or disabled white loggers in California, losing
losing their health plans due to the greedy mine owners and logging
companies? Or kids who grew up in Eminem's trailer park being
turned down from any college grants? Or white workers who became disabled at
work due to toxic conditions purposely ignored by the boss, who lose their
Workers Comp cases and spend their "golden" years in an SRO, full of
drugs and prostitution?

Last week there was an article about 10,000 workers in Louisville,
Kentucky applying for 90 jobs at General Electric. What media will
follow the stories of the 9,910? There is a myth about class that
we need to get over. Truth is, class has effects on all races,
genders, sexual orientations, and (dis)abilities -- even whites!
We're all in this greedy capitalist-heading-toward-barbarism system --



"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our
freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." - Abraham Lincoln


was watching C SPAN a few minutes ago, due to Soul Mate's urging, and heard something that ticked me off.
the query was about the influence of CRIMINAL MONIES on the US BANKING SYSTEM.this was to a panel of pundits, including the beloved & wise NAOMI KLEIN, other than NK the query was glossed over or ignored. by now you know i am of the conspiracy theory ilk and i subscirbe & devour NEXUS magazine which has been hacked by HOMELAND SECURITY, i don't have to ask why.
anyway NEXUS has been focused like a laser on intenational currnecy and banking of late... where do we think the BILLIONS the cartels make every year goes to???
Nexus posits a lot of it went to propping up US Banking in New York,Florida and the Southwest as well as riding the real estate boom/bubble before Wall Street people screwed that up too.

now i am from NYC where the Mafia has been infiltrating businesses & unions since the 50s so are we to think that the people behind importing tons of heroin and coke and pot aren't any wiser? is our national bird now the Ostrich? i note that none of Capt.Compromise's new regs deal with criminal money, why not? is the so called DRUG WAR over? if so, the Bad Guys won.when Portugal and Scandanavia decrimnialized drugs there was howls of protest internationally but guess what happened? NOTHING. addicts were guarantteed pure meds at reasonable prices, overall crime went down yada yada. so if you are REALLY dealing with Domestic Terrorism would not drug cartels be higher on your list than a bunch of resentful scruffy malcontent Arabs looking for fame & jihad boots? JUST ASKIN'...

in other news,
the NY Times reports that XMRV retrovirus has been found in over 67% of people with Chronic Fatigue symptoms, which probably included me & Soul Mate and a lot of our peers with Lyme. the smoking gun at last? we shall see,eventually.

G Man, thanx for writing. i love u 2.
Pagani, promise to check out that link.

namaste y'all
semper gonzo

Friday, October 9, 2009


"Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence." H.L.MENCKEN

aloha, I AM STUNNED!
Nobel love?
CAPT.COMPROMISE (Obama) wins the Nobel PEACE prize (first sitting prez since Teddy Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson per DemocracyNow) FOR WHAT? his febble efforts in Israel, Iraq and Afghanistan? on a day when most of the PATRIOT ACT has benn upheld and is to be continued? on a day when Gitmo WILL NOT CLOSE AS PROMISED? the current sabotage of the Kyoto Accords on climate change? DON'T ASK DON'T TELL IS STILL THE RULE.maybe his promises of BIPARTISAN COMPROMISE (FAIL!) were enough. i voted for the man (disappointed & now chastened) but i see this as a TRIUMPH OF STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE.deep sigh...

our car radio is dying and now selects stations at random, on the way to the retreat yesterday i was subjected to the right wing paranoia of Glenn Beck then the left wing paranoia of Alex Jones, i half expected to see bombs falling and the world ablaze. that Jesus did not return before i reached the retreat is a miracle (sic).

i have been tasked to create an e newsletter from scratch & BE POSITIVE.
consider this blog as an exercise in Positive Thinking...these are from my taxi drivng daze in the 1970s.

in the 70s one of the hottest clubs in San Francisco was in North Beach, it was called DANCE OUR ASS OFF which gave us cabbies a lot of business.i used to park outside at an ad hoc CAB STAND like many others.one night i saw a golden Lab tied to the sign post outside, a car pulled up and the dog was hauled inside. it looked like it didn't want to go...so i wrote down the license plate.about two-three weeks later i saw a reward poster for the same dog, so i copied down the number and called. i was challenged for not calling the number sooner, i patiently explained that i called the same day i saw their poster. i gave them the license plate and waited.i got a nasty call a few days later that the license plate didn't exist...long story short, THEY HAD COPIED THE LICENSE PLATE WRONG (sigh). i never heard from them again but the SF Chronicle did later announce the break up of a local petnapping for ransom ring.

i was coming down the Outer Third post midnight (near Candlestick Park) and saw a young girl hitchhiking. she was wearing a skimpy tube top and shorts in what can best be described as a Very Unsavory nabe. she was cute black petite maybe 13 to 15. i did a 360 to pick her up.
Me> where you going?
Jailbait>i don't have any $.
Me> i didn't ask u that. where u going? Get in.
she got in and gave me an address as i explained, in a fatherly way, that i didn't wanna read about her being gang raped and murdered in the local paper.perhaps she was unaware that in nearby McLaren Park a serial killer had routinely dumped women's bodies for the past 8 years, far as i know he is still uncaught.i had lived withing walking distance of said park.made her promise never to do something so stupid again,she promised...

my cab company had regulars,people who rode every night, one was a male ER Nurse at Ft.Miley VA Hospital in the Presidio. one night i was driving him home and came by a secluded park near Gough i think.out of nowhere a blonde woman in torn clothes appeared between my headlights, by whatever Gods may be i stopped in time, she hysterically complained that she had just been raped and that when called the cops did not come.SIGH.

i requested the indulgence of the ER Nurse for a slight detour & he agreed. i put the woman in the front seat and drove a few blocks north to Union street to the BUS STOP BAR, yes it was next to a bus stop.not one but two SFPD police cars were parked out front and four cops in full uniform were drinking and flirting inside. i took the woman and pushed her into the arms of the closet cop>HERE.GOT SOME BUSINESS FOR YAH! then i jumped into the cab and took off before he could get my cab number. in SF each precinct has its particular cop bar where cops roost on & off duty, most cabbies know them like we knew the gay and drag bars.

BTW I AM NOT WRITING THIS TO PROVE I AM A NICE GUY,like Batman i have a Very Dark side and i think the Statute of Limitations has run out of whatever misdeed i have done, maybe.

BTW2 Soul Mate has the flu, my fall allergies are running amok and my ex sister in law had a stroke and is now in hospice.U HAVE MY PRAYERS FOR A 'GOOD DEATH' PATTY.

namaste y'all
semper gimpy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


"We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution fo the universe."
Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

aloha, if you are having a nice day you might want to skip this one, okay?

C PAP, this stupid machine is designed to blow air into your nostrils.sometimes it causes congestion, sometimes if you have multiple allergies (like me) you cannot get air in and out of your nostrils but it blows anyway...snot across your cheeks & loud hissing air which disturbs your bed mate/Soul Mate.plus you get penalized if you don't used the damn machine often enough...its smart enuff to snitch.SIGH

next, a braless withered old lady with a cane who was allegedly fresh oout of the hospital begged me for money today. i gave her nothing.i am having a baaaad day and have no compassion or pity left over for anyone outside my immediate family plus i am going to an all day 'retreat' tomorrow to help people like her. and yes i can see the IRONY.

i have named it the QUASIMODO SHUFFLE as even when i am becalmed of back pain due to PT then i have a LEGION of other physical complaints to bedevil me and yes i know i probably spelled Pharisees and sepulchre wrong...

the USA as a third world country? I AM SO THERE WITH YOU.
Michelle Obama caught Hell for saying it but i agree wholeheartedly.to deny shame for our country is to deny its faults & history, where we are rarely THE GOOD GUYS no matter what our defunded educational system propaganda tells us. read Howard Zinn among others for a glimpse of the DARK SIDE OF DEMOCRACY (sic).

i am a Big Fan of History warts & all. i have been lucky enuff to count many Europeans among my close friends in the past and the insight they gave me was priceless. Jefferson said something about fearing for his country IF GOD WAS JUST, THOMAS JEFFERSON said that back in the day. SIGH Ben Franklin was also a probable member of THE HELLFIRE CLUB in several countries,where the uber rich went for 'sport' (use the worst aspects of your imagination here).
this whole Healthcare debacle exposes the NAKED FACE OF HYPOCRISY IN GOVERNMENT, the best $$$$ can buy! Obamacare is starting to look more and more like Vaporware (see Snake Oil) and once again political promises raise our hopes then dash them upon the hard rock of venality, but you've noticed that haven't you?

in seven states, sez CNN, Domestic Violence is considered a PRE EXISTING CONDITION....and here i thot the usage of EVIL was hyperbole. plus our local PBS station ran a story this ayem of a woman who had preemie twins then had her half million dollar hospuital bill REVOKED RETROACTIVELY on some bogus technicality. bankruptcy, loss of credit, moving in with the in laws,despair and depression follow yada yada yada.

plus one of my ex sister in laws is dying of Stage 4 cancer...BFD. & she may be the lucky one...

see Robert Frost.."miles to go before i sleep..."

just in case the FCC is really watching...

namaste y'all
semper gumby

Sunday, October 4, 2009


"Those who danced were thought quite insane by those who could not hear the music." Angela Monet , dancer

I AM IRKED, hear the music?
while TV grazing yesterday i encountered our KALIpornia Governator Anus Sh*tstorm pontificating against the public option with the usual bogus GOP caveat that GOVERNMENT CAN DO NOTHING RIGHT.sigh...
this irksomeness has morphed into my ire about the cringeworthy ads for TAX CHEATERS and the companies who helped them.I OWED OVER $70 BILLION AND TAX CHEATERS INC HELPED ME PAY ON $1.98!

lets be honest people
WE HAVE TO PAY TAXES AND HOLD OUR ELECTED PERPS & PERVS ACCOUNTABLE.Democracy is not a spectator sport,as the bumperstickers declare.
the GOPublicans have framed the arguement that ALL TAXES are BAD then emascualted the IRS so that instead of chasing the Bernie Madoffs and ENRON they are harassing some single mom waitress in Nevada for her tips.
the GOP would have us believe that GREED IS GOOD & HEALTHCARE IS NOT A HUMAN RIGHT.
BULLSH*T the Death Panels already exist in our private insurance industry and if we do not pay taxes, if we soak the ultra poor instead of the super rich this society will crumble faster than the Roman Empire did.

i feel like crap, my back is painfully torqued again and i have a very low tolerance for BS just now so i am listening to mindless football games and avoiding any hard news as it is so f*cking depressing, yes Pagani i agree that sometimes it is. theMSM newsbleeds constantly refer to the Mark Twain (?) quote about laws & sausages, well there is TOO MUCH PORK in Congress and last i heard the insurance killers have 7 LOBBYISTS PER CONGRESS PERSON,YES SEVEN. the overwhelming majority of All Americnas want a Public Option, howevewr flawed, and some REAL IMPROVEMENT in our badly damaged healthcare system but what do we get? the usual spineless craven jellyfish DIMS mealy mouthing around the issue while Rep.Boner, he of the fake tans, lies his flat ass off without reproach.

SOCIALISM IS BAD? so how come it works so well in Europe where despite high taxes people generally report themselves happier and live longer than we do here?

I AM AM SO SICK OF THIS SH*T...birthers want THEIR version of America back.the Bush Cheney Crime Family who sends their undereducated inappropriately patriotic offspring overseas to die for Blackwater/Chevron/Halliburton? i am old enough now to have seen history unravel and be regurgitated by the MSM mythmakers, a big mythake.

lets cut the smiling happyface crap about Olympic bids and get down the the real issue of do we let the poor die of benign neglect (ignore Jesus you hypocrites,Phariahsees and whited sepulcures) while we embrace the Hellish cutthroat competition of Casino Capitalism which has already proven itself worst than bankrupt? according to MSM 92% of all Bailouts went to WALL STREET INC and the GOP is still vehemently protesting the few crumbs that trickled down to the jobless & needy.

ALAN GREENSPAN (shudder) was mouthing something this ayem about the jobless lsoing their skills with prolonged unemployment, this from the same mean spirited grinch who advocating offshoring and higher uneployment to break unions and keep the worker bees in line. DEEP DEEP SIGH.
WAKE UP PEOPLE, please wake up...PAY YOUR FAIR TAXES & DO YOUR HOMEWORK.Don't believe the hype...SIGH

semper grumpy

Saturday, October 3, 2009


"All Life is suffering." the Buddha

aloha again, Pagani is a much better person than i am...u know it 2.

the first time i had PT was about 20 years ago at Kaiser Oakland. after the grueling session i passed out from the pain, when i came too a sympathetic (sic) Kaiser worker informed me that if i was still there by morning they would charge me rent...

about five years later at Herrick in Berkeley i had a session so grueling i could feel my muscles tearing but the bastard in charge wouldn't listen, so i never went back there either.

this year i started PT again here in Capitola.now i have learned that there are two types of PT. Type One aims at getting you back to work or a so called normal life etc.Type Two i call PAIN CONTROL /DAMAGE CONTROL.the man i got first doesn't know the diff but his two female coworkers do, inclduing the woman who played my spine like a fine piano :D

so i am no longer so pessimistic about PT as i was just brief weeks ago.Yippee?

even tho this is the name of an infamous Chinese torutre this is the reality for the poor and disabled of KALIpornia.yes i have been to more meetings this week and yes they were just as gloomy as the previous ones.nowcrip lawyers are involved...it would be much nicer if bureaucrats would use common verbiage instead of SPEND DOWNS & BUYOUTS which usually don't mean what you think they mean.SIGH
still waiting to see what CAPT.COMPROMISE does to rescue or resolve Obamacare.u can be sure i will have Plenty to say about the final results.

BTW to my telepathic friend, please adjust your wavelength to 5150 ;) hint hint.
i have slept in late Twice this week, not really recommended for diabetics & i feel much better for it.happily i was Not alone, thanx Soul Mate.

i think i will stop now before i come up with something grisly or gory on this almost perfect day here in 'Paradise'.

namaste y'all
semper gamy

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"Home is not where you live,but where they understand you." Christian Morgenstern,poet

aloha again, pain wracked a lil more than usual.
less productive,less attentive to thirsty plants & friends & blog...

Meg Whitman wants to be da next GOP Governor of KALIpornia.
Meg Whitman is the ex CEO eBay billionaire.
Meg Whitman has never held political office.
Meg Whitman apparently did not vote for 28 years...
Meg Whitman promises to cut another $15 billion from the KALIpornia budget by attrition (death panels?)
Meg Whitman is telegenic & poised.will we make the same mistake twice?

there were NO COMMENTS on my last blog.
is anyone still reading or did i scare you all back under the covers.just askin...

i must be getting old but the attraction of IM, texting, Facebook and the twits on Twitter escapes me. i read DOONESBURY and he made fun of Twits, i find much to my dismay that he did not exaggerate.there is too much going on in the world to read what your fave newshawk or TV/movie star haircut had for lunch.

i have been thinking about writing an entire blog about Iran, not that i am an expert but that has never stopped me before.this smells like Saddam 2.0 to me. i watch LINKTV which has a 9 part series about Iran which is a real eye opener,to me anyway. so looking at the latest saber rattling from Capt.Compromise (Obama) among others it seems to be based on a FALSE PREMISE that the Islamic rulers of Iran are SUICIDAL.
lets parse the premise..Israel has over 200 nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them,Iran has none.A Q Khan of Pakistan and the Russians were and are selling Iran nuclear technology
( the North Koreans sell them missiles) and we say nothing. just yesterday CNN said something about Iran could hit all the middle east oil producing centers IF they get nuclear weapons, Israel could do the same in the next few minutes.the Persian culture is one of the oldest and proudest on the planet, do you think they WANT to be reduced to a radioactive relic? ya think???

MADELINE ALLBRIGHT (halfbright?) has written an illustrated book about the junk jewelry she wore as UN Ambassador and Secty of State, no wait it gets better,NPR devoted about five minutes this morning talking to her about it. no query about her 60 MINUTES interview asking about the NO FLY ZONE bombing of Iraqi water treatment plants leading to the death oif maybe a million Iraqi children.NOT A PEEP OT A TWIT...

i wore my GRUMPY tee shirt around yesterday, maybe i should rinse it out and put it on again today,ya think?
i was also gonna write a blog comparing myself to DR.House on TV but Soul Mate sez i am not THAT BIG AN ASSH*LE otherwise she woulda ankled out years ago. PC or not still one of my fave shows.

in other news, THINGS SUCK but Pagasni's art is still BEAUTIFUL ( check out ORE PAINTER,pretty please?)

.semper Grumpy

Friday, September 25, 2009


"False history gets made all day, any day,
the truth of the new is never on the news
False history gets written every day."_Adrienne Rich

aloha again, i should have my head examinined for even taking on this topic.plus i had two different styles of spinal adjustment yesterday so i am fighting the urge to be even less coherent than usual. Here goes...

my references are www.mercola.com.WebMD.AletrNet,Alex Jones Prison Planet, Department of Homeland Security FEDERAL PANDEMIC PROTOCOL,www.flu.gov and the Atlanta Journal Constitution among others.

i am NOT a medical doctor ( just another fat old crip hunched over an antique PC) and anything in this blog SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS GOSPEL, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN OR HEALER OR JUJU WITCH DOCTOR BEFORE TRUSTING ANYTHING YOU READ HERE! hopefully that will keep me from being sued.

speaking of lawsuits
apparently according to the 2006 PUBLIC READINESS AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS ACT (no i never heard of it either) AKA the PREP Act the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) under circumstances of A DECLARED PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY (like now) can grant COMPLETE IMMUNITY FROM LIABILITY to all makers of drugs and vaccines. this covers BOTH current and future manufacturers.

why is this?
according to my pile of printouts during the last Swine Flu Panic about 500 people were PARALYZED with GILLAIN-BARRE SYNDROME ( a neurodegenerative condition) as an after effect of that vaccine and 25 of the 500 later died and the inevitable lawsuits followed.now you have to have PROOF of willful bad intent and get permission from DHHS to sue (don't hold your breath).SIGH.
as i was saying ZERO LIAIBILITY to current and future makers and "associated adjuvents".okay, WTF is an ADJUVENT? think of it as Hamburger Helper for vaccines,without it there's not enuff to go around for thr estimated 5 BILLION DOSES NEEDED WORLDWIDE (at $10 a dosage that equals an annual income of $50 BILLION for 'needy' vaccine makers).
i am cutting & pasting this mentally as i go along so be patient.

what is in your average flu vaccine like TAMIFLU & RELENZA anyway? glad u asked...

EGG PROTEINS and maybe some broken bird flu fragments
GELATIN sometimes causes allergic reactions
POLYSORBATE 80 (AKA Tween80 tm) can cause severe allergic reactions
FORMALDEHYDE used in embalming fluid & a known carcinogen
TRITON X100 'a strong detergent' ?????
SUCROSE (table sugar)
RESIN yet another allergen
GENTAMYCIN an antibiotic
THIMEROSAL mercury based preservative, used in multidose vials and implicated in GULF WAR SYNDROME vaccines and possibly linked to current AUTISM Epidemic...

BTW most vaccines are routinely contaminated with pestvirus,mycolasma (see Gulf War Syndrome again),viral fragments,DNA fragments and bacterial components which can cause chronic systemic disorders (like Lyme?) , cancers, neurologic complaints and even slow brain degeneration...Big Whoop.
this vaccine is unusual in yet another way, instead of growing it in chicken eggs pre harvesting they are using a FAST TRACK METHOD utilizing human liver cells, did i mention this is SO FAR UNTESTED ON SUCH A MASSIVE SCALE AS THIS? ready or not, here it comes.

before we proceed i want out to toss out another term in officialese GRAS..GENERALLY RECOGNIZED AS SAFE (sic) that should be GRAS-USA since standards in Europe are usually more stringent and less polluter- friendly (see cellphone/cell towers & EMF exposures).
where was i?
here in 'Paradise' as in most other counties Priority is given to small children,pregnant moms and healthcare workers.sounds good right? BIG PHARMA is the largest political lobby in Congress and THIMEROSAL is apparently 50 TIMES MORE TOXIC THAN REGULAR MERCURY POISONING!!! (see any big AUTISM site)

are yet another adjuvent along with ethylene gycol (antifreeze),PHENOL (carbolic acid),ALUMINUM (perhaps implicated in Alzheimers) etc etc.now SQUALENES are an oil based ajuvent which have caused test rats to be crippled,paralyzed or induced severe arthritic symptoms. in humans it causes a drastic autoimmune response usually something like LUPUS (see mercola.com for more details). so just a reminder if you, as pregnant mom, or your baby becomes a brain dead drooling catatonic vegatable YOU CANNOT SUE WITHOUT PROOF OF INTENT & DHHS PERMISSION.bet that soothes your soul right?

i have heard about the human test trials on CNN,MSNBC AND are local news bleeds now according to several sources the test vaccines are SQUALENE FREE like in the first swine flu during the Ford years.why? because if they don't KILL ANYONE with the Squalent Free vaccines then they administer BILLIONS OF DOSES of Squalene loaded doses they can claim , like Nixon,PLAUSIBLE DENIALBILITY (sic) since are they bulletproof to lawsuits anyway.so this gives them NO FINANCIAL INCENTIVE to make a SAFE VACCINE...TRIPLE SIGH.

here we harken back to the so called SPANISH FLU of 1918 (recent research shows it acutually started in Kansas,with Toto?) which probably helped kill over 100 million people and halt WORLD WAR ONE. young and healthy people mostly between 20 and 40 were hit the hardest by a wildly malfunctioning immune system (this was pre most modern antibiotics) this was the dread CYTOKINE STORM (catchy name eh?). now the very young have an immune system that recent evidence suggests does not fully mature until puberty and the immune compromised such as myself, most diabetics, those with MS or Lupus or Chronic Fatigue or Lyme, heart or lung diseases & SMOKERS et al are also among the most vulnerable.WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE etc etc...

one of my printouts claims that CNN on August 25th of this year stoked the fears of Panic by claiming that 96,000 people would die of Swine Flu unlike the 28 to 38,000 who die annually of normal flu.if true this is irresponsible but not surprising, you have eyes ands a brain dontcha? any wonder why trust in the MSM is plummeting?
signs of da Swiney Flu...
fever of 100+
runny nose/sore throat
joint aches
severe headaches
vomiting or diarrhea
lack of appetite

oh wait, these are also NORMAL FLU signs as well as Lyme, fibromyalgia,Chronic Fatigue,Lupus etc etc etc.
BTW 3 if you hear that SWINE FLU IS RAMPANT IN GREAT BRITAIN...it is a self diagnosed telephone survey, not the most scientific method around.
if i haven't totally totally bummed you yet there are hints, even within CDC reports that megadoses of VITAMIN D might just improve your chances of surviving this and other flu seasons (see mercola.com again and CDC links).


semper gravesend

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


"Love doesn't make the world go round.Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
Franklin P.Jones

aloha again,
i know i promised you the low down on SWINE FLU SOON, this week i promise. made the mistake of cleaning up my MAN CAVE (sic) and misplaced everything. spent the morning going thru my mass of papers of 1200 unfiled e mails. meanwhile i have to decipher the NERDESE in which the instructions of our new cellphone is written, promised that too.SIGH.
i never intended this blog to be educational reportage, just some opinions & snark but you can't talk about healthcare nowadays without insight and reflection, or in my case doing your homework.

ah, FOUND IT and some other stuff related to it too. will take me a few days to collate and digest it.SM suggests that the SWINE FLU Panic may be similar/identical to the whole Y2K Panic....for those of you with intact long term memories.

apparently threw my PELVIS out on the hostel foam bed BOOO!, & yes Pagani we have paid more for regular hotels and less at remoter hostels ( like Pt.Reyes, Mantara Lighthouse,Sacramento etc). SOUL MATE sent out my last blog (which i considered mediocre at best) and got a lot of POSITIVE RESPONSE from others i consider outside my demographic, you know who you are.SMILE.

BTW i have been informed that children, pregnant women and first responders get priority on the H1N1 vaccine, at least here in "Paradise"...this may not be a very good idea,as u will see.yes, there will be references.

i liked the talking book CHARLEY'S WEB by JOY FIELDING, about a smart mouth opinionated columnist who gets into trouble interviewing a cute blonde child killing sociopath.altho i am neither blonde nor pretty i could relate...A GOOD READ (sic).

in other news,
SM is thinking about getting a tattoo.
MY EX (*) and her Main Squeeze have oodles and i have three, two large and one small dragon on my ankle (got it with MY EX (*) and Penny on whim).

BTW i am now on FACEBOOK due to several friends & relations.IMHO seems rather inane so far but i don't check it that often.
well i've wasted enough of your time today,back to that darned cellphone manual.

semper gimpy

Saturday, September 19, 2009


'The inmates ARE running the asylum." ad copy found at 25th & Balboa for Batman_Arkham Asylum

aloha again, still recovering from a 27 hour visit to Frisco.

first the good news,
he has been doing his excercises and is experiencing some nerve regrowth.

as i have mentioned, i drove a cab in Frisco from 1974 to 1980 and it was INSANE.
well, it is worse now.the streets are more crowded, the jaywalkers and wrong way drivers more flagrant and the homeless more verbal and/or truculent plus the working girls and Montgomery Street honeys now dress alike SIGH.
we slept at an elder/youth hostel at 312 Mason,at O Farrell, where our $100 a nite queen sized bed turned out to be a slab of foam and where we noticed, upon leaving, a bowl of free earplugs on the front desk.people were yelling,screaming and rattling bottles all nite long...all this a mere block from Union Square. Soul Mate went out exploring and wound up playing human bumper car with the surly morning crowds.
we were both wound up tighter than a $2 watch with all the craziness, traffic and unexpected long walks uphill carrying luggage.

we all had a good meal in the Castro with MY EX (*) her mohawk haircut and Z Man plus we had long talks about depression & disability,dating,sexual relations and Twinkling.the next day SM drove to the Mission where she tried to sell books while i watched the changing demographic of the local renters.
I USED TO LOVE LIVING IN SAN FRANCISCO but that was decades ago...i was SO HAPPY to return Home with its languid pace and the lack of tourists. now my back is screwed up and i have two appointments for chiropractic and massage coming up due to this excursion.SIGH.

i was going to write about the looming PANDEMIC PANIC and who stands to make a $50 billion profits from it.i am still collecting data for that blog..SOON i promise!

in other news,
Senator Max Baucus has delivered for his corporate masters.
Big Whoop, a 13% INCREASE OVER PRESENT RATES, oh yeah that'll solve a lotta problems with healthcare.

Mahayana y'all
semper gonzo

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



Germs and bacteria are creatures of God, ..... to murder them through medical treatment is to oppose the will of God.

You do not need Single Payer or any medical treatment whatsoever if you are going to be resurrected. Why waste money on doctors if soon you will have everlasting life?
(Don't allow ourselves to get buried too deeply as you will have to do a lot of digging when you rise from the grave....there may be a shortage of shovels.)

If it is God's will for you to get sick and die, it is clearly socialistic and devil worship to oppose his will. So don't delay your dying! Oppose Single Payer and DIE NOW!

(Earl Gilman is responsible for this stupidity)

MR.Gilman is a long time friend and mentor of Soul Mate, hope u like this change up.
virutal hugs

Monday, September 14, 2009


"Tell the truth but ride a fast horse!" French maxim

aloha again, thanks Pagani for your heartfelt response to my last blog.
Soul Mate predicted that you would have a very human response,plus she loves your art too.


this one is new to me but NPR spent five minutes talking about these things which are apparently CRUCIAL TO GREEN ENERGY i.e. electric car batteries and wind turbines.they are found aplenty in Canada,Australia and ....CHINA. so once again it looks like we will be in hock to foreign powers to lessen our dependece on foriegn oil.SIGH.

PAUL KRUGMAN Nobel winning economist predicted last year that the Bush/Obama policy of backing truckloads of cash into Wall Street would insure that nothing would ever change there.DAMN looks like he was right again. all the MSM (Main Stream Media) are reporting BUSINESS AS USUAL again.Obama AKA CAPT. COMPROMISE as radical,fascist,communist, granny killing abortionist would be dictator? no, he's just another SNAKE OIL SALESMAN selling vaporware and promises. DOUBLE SIGH & CRY.

my eldest son Z MAN lost the use of one arm in an auto wreck last year, apparently it is irreparable damage and MY EX (*) reports that specialists have informed her that, in similar circumstances, others have chosen to have the non functioning arm replaced by a prosthetic after voluntary amputation.it is his decision of course but in this process i have discovered a prejudice i didn't know i had.
i have some friends who are paraplegics, should they have their legs replaced too? what about quads?? one of my county commissioners is a quad with limited movement except for one foot, should we replace him with a plastic robot? ( see the xlnt flim MY LEFT FOOT which won DANIEL DAY LEWIS an Oscar) SIGH yes i know it is irrational and i have no bias against power wheelchairs or assistants. i'm just another flawed human with a load of opinions okay?

in other news,
the MSM reports that people have lost both faith and trust in... the MSM.they blame blogs and bloggers.people like lil ole me? LOL!
i addicted to NPR, BBC NEWS,GOOGLE NEWS and anything else which stays still long enough for me to scan it. I JUST HAPPEN TO THINK ABOUT THE CONTENT AS IT RELATES TO MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, I MAKE NO PRETENSE OF NEUTRALITY. Christ, i thot that was a given when i looked it up on WIKI, yes believe it or not i do homework before i spew here...

Mahayana y'all
semper gonzo

Sunday, September 13, 2009


"About these Death Panels...Elected or Appointed?" snark overheard at a recent County meeting

aloha again,
still recovering from yesterday's Cowboy Breakfast here at the mobile home park.LOVED THE AUTHENTIC BISCUITS AND GRAVY!!! in keeping with the theme i wore a black cowboy hat and jeans, a purple western style shirt and a black 13 foot long hangman's noose a friend made for me years ago. just stuff i have laying around the house. gave up my cowboy boots when i got gout etc.

by now u know that this blog revolves around healthcare and cripness, here is another revolve...we have a friend, a sweet but rather unfocussed lil old lady (LOL) maybe we call her PANDORA? or MEDUSA?? with a huge ass dog. years ago she had minor female surgery and the ANESTHESIA was ten or 100 times the normal dosage, i forget which. this mistake put her into a half month long (?) coma and apparently caused some brain damage,undiagnosed. shortly after this she moved into a notorious drug nabe and interuppted some routine drug sales so... according to her, the drug lord started invading her house,rearranging or taking items and poisoning her huge ass dog.okay this much is plausible, so eventually she moved but her problems moved with her...even here to Santa Cruz where she accused her new landlord of being the pawn of the drug lord....so she moved again and again and sent us internet rumors verifying all of her PARANOIA. (what did crazy people do before internet access when they only had the voices in their heads to rely on?)

now here is the problem... she is NOT an activist, sh*t disturber, loony lefty radical (like me) or anything else threatening but now she is convinced that the cartels and CIA are targeting her in a remote woodsy cabin with DEW (Directed Energy Weapons as seen on the Science channel the same day we got one of her letters). she claims they are also tapping the WiFi connection to her laptop, simple enough to do too.

yesterday we were watching KATHRYN OLMSTEAD on CSPAN who wrote a book REAL ENEMIES about conspiracy theory and theorists (note she actually believes the Warren Commission which immediately disqualified her in my book, eh blog) and the psychology behind it. deluisons of granduer and importance and a usually impotent desire to make this crazy deeply flawed world make sense (she aslo quoted a need for fame and of course greed).

so here is my problem, our problem... our LOL friend thinks she has been targeted for assassination.she plans to attend a Zen meditation group to soothe the transition...in a world where COINTELPRO framed people, killed people and generally disrupted politcal process in the USA (thanx JEdgar) and the BUSH CRIME FAMILY sends the military to spy on Quakers and non violent protesters in FREE SPEECH ZONES (sic) What the Hell do we tell her? i am more aware of the DARK SIDE OF AMERICAN GOVERNACE than most yet she finds things that even i did not know which are credible , if used against someone like me or SM but against her are highly unlikely.we offer her love,support,consolation and encouragement but know a nursing home would surely hastend her demise, as well as being a Paranoid's worse nightmare...SIGH.

there is a Zen related saying IF YOU INTEND TO DIE, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!
she tends to be heading in this direction.

in other news,
per The Senile fishwrap- the county's biggest hospital's Pysch Unit is closing it's doors in 3 or 4 years and offering $5 million to the cash starved county to set up it's own facility.i am reminded of waht is said about Texas "too small for a country but but too big for an insane asylum".IMHO likewise Santa Cruz but we like it anyway.we shall see how all this turns out.enuff of this...

and yes i did say CRAZY.

semper gripes

Thursday, September 10, 2009


"The two most beautiful words in the English language are 'check enclosed'." Dorothy Parker
just ask our Congress...

aloha again, just a quickie today (no,not That kind!) got a meeting & PT massage on my schedule.


saw FEARLESS LEADER on TV last night and it felt like stale beer to me,sorta flat. especially compared to his FIRED UP! barn burner speech on Labor Day.
i thot he might finally take the kid gloves off and , ask Pagani phrased it, "BUST A CAP IN SOME REPUBLICAN ASS". no no we got Capt.Compromise again SIGH.


in the same news,
i finally got around to getting THE RANDI RHODES NEWSLETTER which documents everything she sez on her show. she cites chapter and verse and even has a video of MATT TAIBBI from Rolling Stone THREE THUMBS UP (no, not That way either).
i'm outta here....go out and enjoy Indian Summer.
speaking of which, has anybody else noticed that the Israeli policy with the Arabs matches what we did to the First Americans (sic) break every treaty while taking their lands,destroying their culture and treating them like dumb soulless beasts? just askin'...one of my friends was friends with the kid from Oakland who got shot in the face with a NEW IMPROVED TEAR GAS GRENADE while peacefully protesting the defilement of Arab land and the encroaching 'settlements' which actually look more like KALIpornia condos.as an old time comic usedta say DON'T GET ME STARTED!

semper gumbo

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


"When pulling oneself up by own bootstraps, be careful not to fall on ass.HA HA!" HO CHI ZEN

"Keep the change." Cindy Sheehan,Gold Star mom/activist

aloha again, before i forget- check out the latest from OREGON PAINTER (Pagini) a haunting landscape.YOU GO GIRL!

SOUL MATE/CASSANDRA is a labor activist/writer so every year we go to the local LABOR DAY PICNIC. our first one we were here less than a month and had no idea what we were in for. if was nice and she got to put face on on her email compatriots.so this year i made a sign and we got a table for the union etc etc plus she set up to sing with the RAGING GRANNIES we she is now active in. imagine my surprise when some local solons began sitting at our long plank table.
some backstory...
since about december 08? i have been e mailing Senator Boxer (DiFi is a lost cause,why bother?) and US Rep.Sam Farr about healthcare and other related issues about once every ten days. SM/C even went to two of his town hall meetings.
so Sam Farr ends up sitting at our table eating undercooked chicken while waiting to give his speech.so introduce myself and he probably thinks i'm just some local nut until i give ex State Assemblyman Jon Laird a healthcare button and Santa Cruz City Councilman Tony Madrigal makes a point of coming over to shake my hand.so now i am a local nut with contacts, i sent him a follow up note reminding him of the incident.

speaking of Healthcare, i am intently watching the Kabuki dance in DC and how FEARLESS LEADER has given away the notion of CHANGE (see Sheehan quote).SENATOR MAX BAUCUS (corporate hack) has come out AGAINST SINGLE PAYER OR THE PUBLIC OPTION in favor of the toothless impotent CO-OP notion which with have all the impact of a wet noodle against a rhino.SIGH. i am wqaiting with baied breath for FEARLESS LEADER'S speech tonight, has his found his balls at last? for Ted Kennedy if not for us??? @BIPARTISAN COMPROMISE (sic) as i asked someone at the picnic HOW DO YOU COMPROMISE WITH SOMEONE INTENT ON CUTTING YOUR THROAT? ASK THEM TO CUT YOUR JUGULAR ONLY HALFWAY???

Check out Matt Taibbi's article in the Sept 09 issue of ROLLING STONE,delicious & depressing in its detail.{HOWARD thqanx 4 the heads up!}

meanwhile the Supremes are about to decide the future of democracy (literaslly) via it's future decision ON CORPORATE PERSONHOOD (sic) which has a long ugly history of corrupting government. there are now SEVEN LOBBYISTS PER EVERY CONGRESSPERSON...wag the dog anyone? STAY TUNED.

in other news
SM/C try to be fair to each other. so once when she dragged me to a particularly excruciating political meeting i said YOU OWE ME .it was GAY PRIDE WEEK so i found a NUDE POETRY READING in San Francsico, there was a clothes check at the door and both the audience and poets were nude including 80 year old Beat Godess RUTH WEISS who took a shine to me. since it was a mostly gay crowd SM/C was fairly confortable except for the gaggle of lesbins who kept ogling her lasciviously.we both had a good time...i told this sotry to some new friends to test their open mindedness, they passed with flying colors. even BIG MOUTH BLOGGERS need friends.

DO CHECK OUT PAGANI AND HER PAINTERS, she has talent to burn.I LOVE HER WORK! i hope to post some sundry pix here before Xmas,we shall see.went to a Lyme mtg in Watsonville last night and my back is still barking protest, check out the side bar here and on the various blogs, tell me if we missed anything.

semper gimpy

Sunday, September 6, 2009


"Even brute beasts and wandering birds do not fall into the same traps or nets twice."
Saint Jerome (not the patron saint of hunters?)

aloha again, had breakfast and got up another head of steam.here we go...

1. as a sign of his lack of judgment my youngest son (Aspergers) has some sort of job in Utah, the klan meeting disguised as a state. the Book of Mrmon declares blacks to be subhumans, the Mark of Cain or some such nonsense.letsa see if i remember this right, in upstate new york in the mid 1860s Joseph Smith was told by the angel Moroni (I Moron?) ,in a dream, to dig up gold tablets which had the Book of Mormon inscribed on them-in English apparently.so he dug up the tablets,wrote down the4 contents then reburied them SO THAT NO ONE ELSE COULD SEE THEM! the most Bitter Man I Ever Met was a GAY MORMON FROM UTAH. his soul was actually corroded by the hatred he'd encountered, good luck to you Merrill!

2. i finally figured it out.
Oliver Twist or some other Dickens novel was playing on TV as i channel surfed by and i realized that A PERFECT WORLD BY GOP STANDARDS would fall somewhere between Charles Dickens and Jack the Ripper-debtors prisons,alms houses,sprawling slums, no social safety nets,no public education,filthy starving lice and vermin infested beggars tugging at the silken coat tails of the uber rich. think about okay?

3. my friend GURA in Geezerville send me a YOUTUBE trailer for TAPPED about our bottled water addiction.me, i haved used stainless steel bottles for years now, gave my youngest one a bottle but he THREW IT AWAY ofr his own obscure reasons. a perfectly good $20 bottle too...speaking of YOUTUBE VAN JONES apparently once called the GOP assh*les in response to a question (just saw it on CNN) so the Big Smear began and now he has been forced out as Green Jobs advisor. my SOUL MATE- PC CASSANDRA is addicted to CSPAN and VAN JONES was one of the few people on it who i could watch without flinching,local boy makes good then is sacrficed on the alter of BIPARTISAN COMPROMISE...SIGH.

4.ELIOT SPITZER was on CNN today, before he was a comedy dirty joke punchline he crusaded against Wall Street greed and warned of the impact on the nation.Remember that? just a coincidence that he met his downfall,dressed in only black socks and a hard on, while there were still billions to be scammed. shades of J Edgar and Nixon's Enemies List but as Da Prez sez WE'RE LOOKING FORWARDS, NOT BACKWARDS.History will record us as the fools we are...

5. i was half asleep from a large breakfast but i think i heard that 3300 people committed suicide in KALIpornia last year (check out the NAMI site on sidebar) and only about 550 people have died of swine flu so far, guess where the money is going.SM got an armload of CDs talking about the $50 billion to be made from the vaccine scare. i've got something here on the floor with more details which i hope to blog about later.just keep your eyes and ears open okay? don't do anything rash (or pimply?)

6.Afghanistan...the Mongols conquered it by piling up severed heads higher than the castle walls, nobody else has succeeded since. the BBC and even NPR have reported massive fraud and ballot box stuffing. this is the democracy our peeps are fighting and dying for? opium/heroin production is down abot 5% so now they only account for 90% of the worlds output SIGH. the BBC reports that the Talibasn only conrols 2-3% of the opium trade, they banned it altogether when they ruled, and the rest in controlled by various warlords and transient allies...this is so much like Columbia and the Golden Triangle during the Viet Nam fiasco that i can't stand it.

i think that's it, gotta go pick up some pills to keep me going a bit longer. have turned down an invitation to the Greek Festival downtown, SM and her crew are going later today.her union is part of a LABOR DAY PICNIC tomorrow and i have to make a large sign for HOMECARE WORKERS (these earthly angels).

PS my friends are starting to refer to me as 'charles.com' or affectionately as 'that terrorist blogger CHARLES'...I LIKE IT!!!!!!


Mahayana y'all
semper gimpy