Wednesday, April 22, 2015

illing 2016

"The unexamined life is not worth living."  Socrates..

apologies. doing the Doctors Dance again so have been unable to update with links as promised.  

turns out my thyroid has crashed again so i am cold grumpy and listless as i trudge to bed to exam room.. seem to recall the in Ancient China you paid the doctor when well and he and you when sick,,as if.
between meds and supplements i take at least 35-40 pills a day. as i recall the first Med School was sponsored in upsate New York by Big Phamra and they have been drug peddling ever since...did and Advance Directive last week where i called for "no heroic measure' to keep me from Death's Door and suddenly bristled when they asked at Hospice if i wanted to leave my body for "medical experimentation". .fuck that shit, i have been there guinea pig long enuff,,at least give me the fucking peace of Death,,excuse the screed as my primary doc promised/threatened to keep me alive another 20 years..that's good news? anyway SM and Z Man need me for now sigh

iBTW nsomnia again,...
learned on NPR from a new book called The China Mirage that FDR,  ( the great rich liberal prior to JFK) who came from Old Money, well the money came via his grandfather William Delano who made his cash smuggling opium from Turkey into China,a topic i recall a book The Chinese Opium Wars,  published in the 70s? as being the basis for why the Chinese fedgov has no motives to stop the drug trade back here,unlike 'miricans they have a long national memory.

pls stay tuned
mind the  gap 

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