Monday, June 29, 2015

EQUALITY is The Gay Agenda....


BTW hope to get more eye injections weds so can see what i'm missing.pls stay tuned..

Thursday, June 25, 2015

welcome to white skin privilege from G Man


watch the vieo pls...

sons of NAZI vets....(snark)

"The hammer ain't been made BIG enuff to knock some sense into stupid white folks."  Al, a semi mentor of my youth

just a short word or two about Southern Pride, Our Southern Heritage, Sons of Confederate Veterans and Duaghters of the Confederacy...for a moment let's accept that the plantation society was a work camp/death camp system of black servitude and let is play The Substitution Game whereas you replace one or two words with others to reveal the bias and idiocy beneath the veneer...so let us replace Confederate with NAZI and the word blacks with JEWS.do i have to toss in ARBEIT MACH FREI to make my point,i hope not.

mind the farce gap

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

bad diet equals bad brains....from G Man

cauliflower brain on white backgroundhttp://www.rodalenews.com/nutrition-and-mental-health?cid=NL_RNDF_2155926_06232015_Lack_Nutrients_Could_Trigger_Mental_Health_Disorders_text

top 10 careers for psycopaths!


is southern food racist????

'Are Fried Chicken And Watermelon Racist?'http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/03/mtv-decoded-fried-chicken_n_7498150.html?ir=Black%20Voices&utm_campaign=060315&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Alert-black-voices&utm_content=Title&ncid=newsltushpmg00000003

heroes in lingerie?


John Oliver vs. micro penis 'Net trolls


some of my best friends are....


O"Reilly oh really????

15 Bubba Clinton FAILS


also see Sexual Predator NOT Cosby....

NOT Capt.America....

"I love my country but fear my government."  various realists...


FACT horses are immune to tear gas
FICTION  some genius at Marvel concted a series that before Capt.America existed they took segregated black WW II G.I.s and did a series of ghastly experiments on them until the Cap serum was perfected,it was bleak and many died..
FACT all this week NPR has carried a series about segregated black WW II troops subjected to SECRET military experiments being repeated subjected to WW I mustard and lewisite gas to see if black and brown people were immune to it ( see horses above) so that they would be cannon fodder to project white troops when they invaded Europe, also Japanese Americans were subjected to the same for the possilbe invasion of Japan..and they were sworn to secrecy...so in the 1990s when repeated disclosure made this topic declassified the VA pomised to treat the survivors for any and all after effects..THEY FUCKING LIED as they stalled and demanded non extant secrety paperwork of said experiments..the few survivors are now in their 80s and 90s and will likely die without any relief except for obscure commendations..

so can we now stop talking about that goddamn CSA battle flag???...

the corrupt racism of the U$ runs bone deep from the Yankee traders who got rich running the slave ships to the cotton plantations which bled Africa dry of humans as roughly half died in the euphemistic Middle Passsge and where often thrown overboard in chains to escape desultory inspections...WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERIKKKA !!!!!!!!

long weary disappointed sigh

mind the racist gap

Sunday, June 21, 2015

150+ years no 40 acres no mules


still Open Season on the "Nigras"....also O Wise Howard

is racism a mental illness????


via O Wise Howard....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BLACK ishness?


BLACH ish?


Rachel D as seen by academixc blax...
(snark) say, i thot she looked faaiilar....

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

word slad 6 16

.A. loud screaming toe curling orgasms
Ho Hi Zen  
"Money pussy weed" 
@midnite,comedy central
Q. What do you look for in a woman?

A.Bernie Sanders & Lincoln Chaffee
Q. name at least two non hawkish candidates running for POTUS.

A.Donald fucking Trump

have a mystery summer flu as does SM ....pls stay tuned.

mind the gap

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Russia lookalikes


wanna fuck Amy Shumer? videp


vintage risque...

These Racy French Postcards Are the Pornography of the Pasthttp://izismile.com/2015/06/13/these_racy_french_postcards_are_the_pornography_of_11_pics.html

get a room...

Daily Picdump [WEEKEND EDITION]http://izismile.com/

Gwyneth dootir named APPLE

Michael Buckner via Getty Imageshttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/08/gwyneth-paltrow-apple-photo_n_7538070.html?cps=gravity_2246_-4953615553532355867

after her fave PC brand???

vintgae swear words....

curse wordshttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/08/old-timey-swear-words_n_7471940.html?cps=gravity_2246_6862252903310320359

gosh dark it....

Lady Gaga has breasts,really?

lady gagahttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/06/09/lady-gaga-fishnet-dress-pasties_n_7543218.html?cps=gravity_2446_-5147394536347885802

and some ugly ass panties...

Daddy Dat cards


best things about boobs GIFs


ALOHA rom-com racust casting

Aloha's Backlash Has Hollywood Paranoid About Racist Castingshttp://jezebel.com/alohas-backlash-has-hollywood-paranoid-about-racist-cas-1710848057

as if irrelevant rom-com bullshit ain't enuff?

houseguest sex OK?


kinda dumb but loved the illo...

UK womyn make love NOT science?

These Lady Scientists Are So Distractingly Sexy I'm In Love and Cryinghttp://gizmodo.com/these-lady-scientists-are-so-distractingly-sexy-im-in-l-1710920322

hey sexy, turn it down an notch and keep that trouser snake holstered... heheheheeee

Malayasia sleep naked go to jail?


gd 2 kno

MSM slutshaming CHECK

How it Feels When the Media Declares Your Teen Daughter a Whiny 'SLUT'http://jezebel.com/how-it-feels-when-the-media-declares-your-teen-daughter-1710982452

in college NO means "ho"...


1 in 5 whoa, "this is not the education you were looking for" Obi Been Raper

pretends she's black...

I Have Questions About That White Lady Who Maybe Pretended to Be Blackhttp://jezebel.com/i-have-questions-about-that-white-lady-who-maybe-preten-1710807777

this story makes my brain hurt,sorta....

eat meat & kill the Earth...


exactly how many cheeseburgers is that???

nasty Granny POTUS???


how old is Liz Warren????Hillary Clinton Rally: 'I Will Be the Youngest Woman President' 

$66K "stress cost" of kids

http://jezebel.com/  hmmm thot it might be more....

whore sex ain't cheating? sex court




ET Tech?


City of the Dead...not L.A.....


KUSH an underground refuge


WW III prophet...who?


19 lunar FAQs....


Sir Chrisopher Lee R.I,P.

22 Incredible Facts About The Life and Career Of Sir Christopher Leehttp://io9.com/22-incredible-facts-about-the-life-and-career-of-sir-ch-1710917366

8 dumb catastrophees...

Woman starts 51,000-acre fire to help “bored” firefightershttp://www.oddee.com/item_99353.aspx?utm_source=Oddee&utm_campaign=b7664146df-RSS_ARTICLE_OF_THE_DAY&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a52606686c-b7664146df-60544545

systems check check

router upgrade  check
atttiude check FAIL
sbark content check
sour grapes check
faith in Hillary FAIL

Friday, June 12, 2015

500..OMG OMG OMFG 500!

"Depressed people like poetry,
 happy people sing." Penny Dreadful TV..

just a quickie today as i am off to break in a new doctor after breakfast. both al jazeera and msnbc trumpeted the fact yesterday that so far this year 500+ (the record keeping  is uneven)black people  have lost their lives to the police...

please let that sink in, OVER #500 and it is only June.,,,,meanwhile on Salinas TV they have beat a mexcican man like he was pinyata but he lives
 hope to blog on other things this weekend..

mind the gap 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

our alien hologram universe???


sorta hope.wish this is wrong but evidence to the contrary is building...

dinosayr riders???


underground Alien Agenda???


alien high tech?


we are ANNunaki clones?


NOT of this earth???


dolmens worldwide...


prehistoric gold trade



America Unearthed showed evidence that Bronze Age in Europe fueled by copper from Great Lakes, we still know nothing...

yet another Cure for Cancer?????


unlikely as the Cancer Biz is HUGE!!!!!!

Z Man research on FBK

Saturday, June 6, 2015

redefining "terrorist"....


Silk Road founder gets LIFE


a "job creator" (sic)


ageless celebs...


druk poor decisions...


more Leenks pix


recycle your Penis Cake Pan...



tiny people art


Leenks pix week


your dirty mind..heheheheeee

200 calories of...


when u see a UFO...


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

ad blockers

yes i am aware that within 3-5 seconds ads pop up which re- direct you to an unrelated site. so far this is beyond my control. 
have tried to contact Google to gripe, no luck so far. 

pls stay tuned....

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pink Tax?

scene  str9 cpl in face cafe. she smiles at him and half laughs "Is this Ditch or are we having sex? He laughs and pays...as seen on the TV...

hola again,
yesterday SM and i were talking about daring and going Dutch..saw a survey last year where teen girls thot buying a snack or movie tickets was a vagina expressway,how cheap they sell themselves...

i thot since womyn make 77 cents for every white male dollar (less for blacks then browns) i was okay for men to pay the load.....then today on MSBC there was a story how womyn pay more for health and beauty care then men even when the ingredients are the same., the so called Pink Tax ranged from 10 cents to 4 U$D on the same brands from men to womyn's aisles.this shit is fukt up and the brand excuses weak so womyn take in the ass all the way around (and NOT in a good way)....

mind the gap 

now FBI uses drobnes over U$A...

A small plane flies near Manassas Regional Airport in Manassas, Va.http://www.edgemedianetwork.com/news/national/news//178225

from G...sheep look up?