Monday, January 26, 2009



Sometimes i hear the Why Me? whine from newbies and sometimes,but rarely, i hear it from old hands.
on my nastier Hvy Pain days i want to retort WHY NOT YOU?
being crip doesn't make you 'everyone wins a ribbon'special.
like Gays we are fighting for EQUAL RIGHTS not SPECIAL RIGHTS.
so let me say this again, the Kubler Ross 5 Stages of Grief (Wikipedia et al)

1.DENIAL i feel fine.
2.ANGER why me? it's not fair. (listen up DEATH IS FAIR,EVERYBODY GETS TO PLAY.)
3.BARGAINING i'll be good God just let me.... again!
4.DEPRESION i'm SAD, i give up.(this one is so good sometimes it never goes away.)
that all clear now?

in other news,
yes i have been remiss in adding the Tagboard feature.mea culpa.
adjusting to a new symptom of increasingly intense hand tremors.
permanent or transient,too soon to tell.

Monday, January 19, 2009


"Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted." MLK jr
happy birthday Martin (it's actually on the 15th).

i give up.
as of this year i can no longer waddle around my house in just my usual heavy knee braces, now i must add an Indoor Cane just like when i venture outside with my Outdoor Canes.
this is The New Normal as applied to crip-ness.
i first ran across this term in Berkeley when i attended the Ed Roberts Memorial held at UC in the mid 90s.many of you have probably never heard of Ed Roberts,after he died me and my soul mate found pictures of him we'd taken at various activist functions.who knew?
ever hear of CIL? Ed established the first ILC (Independent Living Center) in Berkeley while he was at UC.Ed was a quad in a power chair with an unquenchable spirit,just listening to what he had accomplished and even the things he attempted and failed at-got me out of my near-death funk in the 90s and out into crip activist circles.
even now,wracked with chronic pain,diabetes,firbromyalgia,Lyme,bad knees,eyes and everything else...i think of Ed Roberts when i haul my tired ass out of bed to meetings or to the keyboard.yeah, ED was a mensch!

in other news,
there is a picture of Mt.Rushmore on the front page of one of the local papers with the implied assumption that there is still room for Obama next to Lincoln.not even Jesus could live up to these expectations.

the country is broken, the economy flushed away and outsourced,threatened cuts to crips,frail elderly and children loom on the fractured horizon.
"The road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions." Dante
we shall see.

namaste mega

Sunday, January 11, 2009


the Comments problem appears to be solved.
am looking into Tagboards and guestbooks for True Interactivity (sic).

backgound info:
this blog is a spin off from Santa Cruz County OUTREACH EFFORTS but,as usual, i am totally responsilbe for any screw ups and the County disavows all knowldge of my activities yada yada yada.

so feel free to speak freely we are officially a 'rogue op' as Jack Bauer would say.

in other news
the 'Senile' (our local rag/business shill) promises us Glorious Weather all weeek so i'm getting off my ass now to go enjoy some of it.
write now.


Saturday, January 10, 2009


yeah right.
i am a Big Fan of WebMD and being a crip, i naturally read more medical journals & jargon then is probably good for me.
Everything says AVOID STRESS but nobody tells you how?
just look around you at the world, the politicians,the governements, the lack of a California state budget, the failing econmy,war and strife and starvation everywhere.
if you are not stressed then you are not paying attention.
i am on painkillers and antidepressants and i am still stressed.

first of all, there are Two forms of stress;
DIS STRESS (bad) you go lame,your dog dies, your mother in law moves in,your son almost dies etc etc.
EU STRESS (good) you fall in love,get a better job, your team wins something or other,your pig out on your favorite junk food,a beautiful sunset or orgasm etc etc.
get the picture? the complete picture.

so don't feel guilty about the unavoidable.
in other news,
local news report that diabetics (like me) even when well controlled suffer a minor amount of brain damage, they sugar coat it a bit but that's what it is.
so be warned,if something i write doesn't make a whole lotta sense to you-maybe it's not you,okay?
this is my Good News blog.
much love

Thursday, January 8, 2009



i had the best Thanksgiving EVER last year.
my oldest son was riding with a drunk driver,on a wet slick road near Crescent City, when the SUV decided to become airborne scrap metal...my son almost died.the driver broke a few ribs.
a nurse i talked to said his brain looked like Shaken Baby Syndrome (sic).
it took awhile but my son got out of ICU on Thanksgiving, with a steel plate in his broken neck,it will probably take almost two years of physical therapy to re-learn how to use his right arm (sure cuts down on his video game playing).
just an objection lesson that any one-at any time-can join the Crip Community.i am not sure if this is still true but the leading cause of disability among men used to be accidents and among women-MEN (domestic or dating violence).
think about that.
in other news,
i am not yet ready to design statues for St.Obama on horseback yet,lets wait until he actually moves into 1600 and gets his hands dirty first.
the Other Bush made a sustained effort to dismantle the ADA as did all the judges he appointed to the Supreme Court,despite his Daddy's efforts to set it up (Oedipus much?).
let's hope the future is better,although the locals here have already cut deeply into my SSDI increase (sigh) i forgot just when i took a VOW OF POVERTY becoming disabled.
must've been in the Fine Print i signed when mis-medicated,right?
RIDDLE ME THIS? when did we,as a society, decide that yacht tax exemptions were more important than education and human lives???
did i miss that memo?
much love