Tuesday, June 28, 2011

orphan drugs....

"I HATE EVERYBODY!" a yellow tee i saw online....

aloha2u today,
the Faux News swine often accuse O BOMBER of
i am more pissed off than usual today,more body parts
are failing mysteriously and i got a rude shock at the pharmacy today.

a lil back story perhaps,in the last week or so while i was
making the Bat Cave more presentable to Civilized Folk
i was only half listening as the MSM screamed a story about
Hospital Drug Shortages in between comm'ls for medicated
asswipes and female pussy itch goo.
of course no drugs were named
as this might offend Big Pharma,the same vultures O BOMBER
cut a Secret Deal with be4 the ObamaCare
negotiations even began
(Single Payer was OFF THE GODDAMN TABLE!)

nOTHING cdc ASSHOLES, which among other things causes major
muscle wrenching spams at all hours.so i take an anti-spasmodic
for that, a generic anti spasmodic.
so this week The Supremes (SCOTUS)
decided that Big Pharma is under No Obligation to inform consumers (sic)
when a generic drug may just kill them...yeah right.
and the MSM story said there was a Drug Shortage as
Big Pharma had decided that the PROFITS on some generic drugs
wasn't Large Enuff so had stopped production on some,
the unnamed multitude.
no shit?
my anti spasmodic is among these, it took me a lil under
five minutes to pull the facts out of the pharmacy clerk that
i did not want to drive all over Central Fucking KALIpornia
in the sudden June rains
looking for a drug which might not be there or anywhere else.
(long pissed off sigh)

we have one of the worst and possibly the most fucked up
Healthcare Systems on this whole fucked up planet
and now O BOMBER has put both MediCare and MediCaid
in play with those heartless motherfuckers in the GOP
over some alleged Debt Ceiling shadow play bullshit..
heartless versus spineless and we the peeps lose either way

i am so fcuking angry i could tear some throats out for the
unnecessary pain they are and will be putting me thru.
"up their asses with broken glasses" as an old co worker usedta say
fuck them all into a terrible futile Death...
crappy days ahead
look for more bile and vitriol from me...
fuck this
i gotta go

OBEY! the Change we can't believe in.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 900 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the United States.

A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, airing on over 900 stations, pioneering the largest community media collaboration in the United States.

c 4 urself...

Radiation Poisoning Fort Calhoun Meltdown Simulated on Egyptian Website

Radiation Poisoning Fort Calhoun Meltdown Simulated on Egyptian Website



Arthur Rimbaud, author & degenerate

aloha2u today,
while CNN makes a fetish of Lindsay Lohan's various addictions
and the trial of pretty child killer (alleged) Casey Anthony
DEMOCRACY NOW chose to focus instead on
radioactive tritium in our drinking water,
which according to AP and the GAO is leaking from the undergound
pipes of ALL our nuke power plants...(long radiated sigh.)
as usual our dysfunctional Congress and the so called
"Nuclear Regulatory Commission" (sic) have done lil or nothing
to save the american peeps and their personal health and safety.
please recall this is the same NRC which reassured us that
Fukushima can't happen here,that no radioactive "hot particles"
were airborne in the Jet Stream and that tainted milk was safe to drink....

BTW AL GORE is scolding O BOMBER for his token efforts
on Climate Change and his so called "green jobs agenda",
which lost the undefended VAN JONES to Faux News smears
(long weary green sigh)

Demo Now has a long piece on Orlando's Florida's
Food Not Bombs
feeding the homeless and jobless
in direct opposition to the local ban
making it ILLEGAL
to feed more than 25 peeps in a city park....
Really? here during the Lesser Depression
they are making it illegal to feed the poor.

in an e-mail to O WISE HOWARD
i described how in 'liberal" frisco
i witnessed SFPD cops taking a depraved glee
in overturning huge pots of soup or stew
into the gutters while trampling on day old bread,
all on order of City Hall which was across
the street from these events.

the cops excuse was that Food Not Bombs-frisco
did not have a Permit from the Health Dept
and the Health Dept was instructed
NOT to give FNB said permit.
meanwhile peeps went hungry or stood
in block long lines at St.Anthony's & Glide's soup kitchens.
i have stood in line at St.Anthony's in my distant minimum
wage youth,i have lived on $1 a day food budgets
while working a full time underpaid job while
my boss drove his fancy new Mercedes back and forth
to Marin County.
esp.in a so called Christian country
loaves & fishes anyone?

i'm just saying...
Peace Now? O BOMBER??

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

15 Embarrassing Moments of Stars on Red Carpet | Funky Downtown

15 Embarrassing Moments of Stars on Red Carpet | Funky Downtown

Mysterious Natural Phenomena | SmilePanic

Mysterious Natural Phenomena | SmilePanic

The Biggest Celebrity Fails | SmilePanic

The Biggest Celebrity Fails | SmilePanic

Banned Advertising Campaign - Diesel Be Stupid Ads Campaign

Banned Advertising Campaign - Diesel Be Stupid Ads Campaign

Some Really Weird Photos From Japan | Weird Existence

Some Really Weird Photos From Japan | Weird Existence

Video: Nuclear Holocaust Sweeping Across the Northern Hemisphere | Pakalert Press

Video: Nuclear Holocaust Sweeping Across the Northern Hemisphere | Pakalert Press

danse macabre, hehwehehehehehehe..........

Bizarre Fashion Show | Rude Palace

Bizarre Fashion Show | Rude Palace

no politics today,jest 4 fun...

Midwest Floods: Both Nebraska Nuke Stations Threatened | COTO Report

Midwest Floods: Both Nebraska Nuke Stations Threatened | COTO Report

what u don't know can KILL You.....quite often.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


"Train HARD, fight Easy."training advice from
Field Marshal Suslov, winning Soviet commander at Stalingrad...

aloha2u today,i just got thru wishing m,y eldest son Z Man (Zachary)
a happy Fathers Day as his dottir is due to be born this July.
this feels odd,not the whole sperm doner Daddy thing,
this is 2011 after all its just,its just...it seems like yesterday
when i could hold him with one hand.(sigh)....

a vignette, the actor Micheal Douglas has a son named Zachary
and was telling the TV show host how he spoke to his son in
the womb at at the delivery comforted him when he was crying.
this sounded so Sweet so The Mirage and i did the same,
when Z was born via C Section he didn'tt know what hit him
and so he cried,i was there taking pix and the docs let me
cut the cord and hold him.as he cried i said something soothing
and he turned,orienting toward my voice and fell asleep before
i could return him to his mothers side.that first nite The Mirage
was so zonked on morphine from the epidural Z
slept peacefully in my arms..(big happy sigh).

a severley disturbed coworker Dad was told me y
ou had to put the fear of God(parents) into your kids
other wise they would OWN you,for right or wrong
i sometimes followed this shady advice.
think of all the out of control kids and flustered futile
parents you have seen in your life...

you get the picture,anyway when M was about three or four
Sesame Street's ELMO was all the rage, parents got in fist fights,
and there was hoarding,lotteries, a grey market-it was chaos.
so a few fews before Xmas the four of us were in Toys are Us
and my youngest pitched a hissy fit tantrum becuz there were
no Elmo's available for Love nor Money.
so after a minute ot two i calmly advised him that we were
leaving him there and we hoped his next set of parents would
prove more acomodating to his demands then we walked away
... a few minutes later he came running up to us,tantrum free from then on.

as an infant M was a holy terror, totally inconsolable,
so it was with m,ore than a lil trepidiation that The Mirage
and i took him to his first outside Thanksgiving Dinner a
t the now defunct Good Earth Restaurant at Larkspur Landing,Marin
(near San Quentin).
the three of us watched in shick as M was the pluperfect
tiny little gentleman at the cloth covered table (happy memory sigh).

one thing i regret was not being more involved in raising my/our kidz
during their growing years due to illness and distance.when i was finally
diagnosed with diabetes in 1991 Kaiser further traumatized me with
dire predictions of blindness and amputations and adult diapers
and yearly hospital stays due to various causes.then we,
me and Soul Mate, took them took a feel-good family movie
where the Granny suddenly dies....of diabetes.
so for that and many other crippling health reasons
i found it impossible
to be more than a weekend part-time Dad
plus The Mirage and her new Man kept hopscotching
around Northern KALIpornia evern as me and SM did likewise...
(long weary parental sigh).

so say a prayer for your Fathers,living or dead,
and remember the sacrifices they made for you
and all your crap they put up with-from you and your Mother
and how proud they are of you now.okay?
(snark alert!)
is that uplifting enuff for a basically second class holiday?

Peace Now?

Friday, June 17, 2011


"We are born into a Freak Show.
If you're born in America, you get a Front Row seat."
-George Carlin,amen brother amen.

aloha2u today,
lets face it George W.Bush was a train wreck as President.,
a casual perusal of his business history in the free form brawl
which is TexASS,shows him bankrupting
every biz he had control over.
as Bush 43 he did likewise for the country.
we were one panicky weekend away
from a Total Economic Collapse...$igh..
the Y2K which is WallStreet took us to the brink,
we peered over and it shook us to our roots...
unfortunately that was not enuff.

we backed up dump trucks to the Federal Reserve
Monoply Money Ponzi Scheme and sluiced untold billions
of bucks into 2Big2Fail WallStreet scammers
while MainStreet was left behind looking like Dresden
after the WWII firestorms...(long bleak sigh).

The Chosen One O BOMBER followed
the failed policies of Bush 43 and in turn
gave his Masters the biggest quarter for profits
in Recorded history,whilst us peons got peed on...weary sigh.
a few crumbs at mortgage reform,some  token voluntary regulations
on WallStreet while they screamed like gypped whores
detecting counterfeit  cash....what more could they ask?

apparently a lot more.
CNN polls show a majority of americans,
i repeat a Majority of americans think
this country is ON THE WRONG TRACK.
even the columnist David Brooks
(whom i usually disagree with)
said much the same this week.

his analysis,
in short the GOPubicans are owned lock stock
and mortgage by Big Money
and the Dims want to relaunch FDR's The New Deal
(yeah right,see above).
"Tweedledee and Tweddledum AGREED to have a battle."
from Alice in Wonderland,emphasis added.
every two years we repeat the same olde Ghost Dance
hoping for diff results ,and every two years we are
disappointed (see Tea Party).this is the textbook model
for a thoroughly corrupt pltuocracy.

as i see it, the purpose of politcs is to prevent mass revolts,
much like Syria, by playing on the Hopes (Dims) &
Fears(GOPubs) of the american working class
(peons,McSerfs,the great unwashed,unread etc etc etc)
all the while making obscene amounts of money.
if we become a full blown 1984 fascist style dictatorship
as long as WallStreet is happy........
as Ralph Nader sez we have a Two Party(sic)duopoly
w3hich is choking the Life out of the hypothetical
American Democracy.

i am darkly amused when
i hear the Tea Party scream
"We want our country back!",
this was Never their country, recent polls show
that most americans know
nothing, Know Nothings,
about US history or politics so
the brainless blather of Sarah Failin or a
Michelle Barfman sounds like truth to them (sigh & cry).
this is how you ruin a country via

did i leave anything out?
have a nice day,while you still can.

GTG Peace Now?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Scientific American: Melinda Wenner Moyer

Scientific American: Melinda Wenner Moyer

ultra small biocompatible electrode insertions into
heart and brain.
Kiss or Kill?

Be Afraid.....?

Monday, June 13, 2011


"I DON'T want to be happy...The Mirage thus formally ending 
our 5 year mostly unhappy troubled jealousy ridden half-open marriage,
lucky for me SOUL Mate is the exact Opposite ;)

aloha2u today,
didn't get enuff sleep last nite. VERY Excited about
a larger place we looked at yesterday, when i did sleep
i dreamt of Rep.Gabby Giffords doing street interviews in Oakland....
woke up with a theme,i think.

a rough paraphrase of a recent two panel cartoon....
a dog stares adoringly at a human
"He feeds me,walks me,attends to all my needs.
He must be GOD."
a black cat stares aloofly into space
"They feed me,clean my catbox and attend 
to my needs.I must be GOD."
ha HA.

i have loved and attended to maybe less than a dozen cats/kittens.
my first four were 2 from 2 diff litters.Smudge & Crabby
(formerly CHULA "lil sweetness") and Kissy
(formerly Kristaki "lover of waterfalls")
the smart faux Siamese
and her yellow retard brother Moon.

it was an odd mix, i picked them up the same nite
so they were all introduced into my apartment the same time,
so there were no dominance issues among the 4 kittens.
most cats are cool, show them the food,water and catbox
then let them explore and cat nap.Moon,a a yellow tabby-
which are famously stupid,i later found out-got
"flying lessons" the first few weeks every time
he peed on my futon(sigh)

Smudge would butt me with his head every time
they were out of food or water,Crabby was anti social
and just wanted to be left alone.Moon kinda liked people
and Kissy loved me ;).except for the Loma Prieta Quake,
when the 4 vanished out a second floor window for a week,
she usually slept on me or near me.she was always nuzzling me
and kneading me with her paws, as kittens do when they are nursing,
this even more than purring shows how happy a cat is.

funny story, i got my first answering machine after i got the 4 cats.
soon i got reports from my few friends that i did not return their calls,WTF?
one day i was home sick when someone called,i heard my voice then the caller
then the click,then i heard it agian as Kissy turned on the machine,listened
to then erased the message...maybe she just liked the sound of my voice????
had to hide the machine from her.

when me and The Mirage had Z Man, then Baby Z,i left him alone
on the futon to do something.when i returned a few minutes later
Kissy was sitting next to him so he couldn't roll off.;)
IMHO i believe that pets are part of the natural evolution of humans souls.

when we met The Mirage and moved to Oakland, i had trouble
coralling Smudge and Crabby.
 so i left them behind.after the landlord caught them
i took them to Golden Gate Park
and released them near an area known for its feral cats,
long before the Viet Namese came to make coat linings out of their fur.
anyway when i released Smudge he took off like a shot
whereas Crabby just stood there confused
until Smudge came back for him then they departed together.

it is a myth that ALL cats have a feral hunting instinct,
altho it was more than once that i woke up to a dying bird
or mouse lovingly deposited on my pillow by Kissy.

when she had her first litter she didn't know what to do
so i placed each kitten on her teats and showed them
what to do, it all went well except...her brother Moon was the father
and The Beeple,The Mirages fave, and the fratricidal Rito
were the result....Rito was a kitten sociopath and
killed most of his litter mates,we later abandoned
both he and Moon and i think both starved to death
amidst a field of plenty.

The Mirage and Pagani are/were both active in
Feral Cat Rescue,good for them.
BTW always spay and neuter your pets
and sometimes your partners;)
outdoor cats bring in fleas and ticks (LYME Disease)
so,for the sake of our infant kidz, we neutered Kissy
and The Beeple and took them
to the SPCA for adoption,
i hope it went well...(sigh)

"Though we travel the world over to find
the beautiful,we must carry it with us or we will find it not." 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

LOVE is where you find it
be Alert and savor it.

Peace Now?

Sunday, June 12, 2011


"I prefer the wicked to the foolish.The wicked sometimes rest."  
Alexandre Dumas,pere

from some ad copy i clipped out....

aloha2u today,
i know what i want to say but can i say it without screaming?


SALT with Angelina Jolie is a good fast paced action thriller,i enjoyed it.
it opens with a piece about Lee Harvey Oswald and his doppleganer
"Alex" who was a Soviet KGB Mole.this is Fact to anyone
who has eyes to SEE and not just Look (that is from the Bible).

last nite i found myself screaming at the TV again,
another 2 hour "documentary" (disinformation)
on the Kennedy Assassination (JFK not RFK)
despite multiple fedgov investigations more or less proving
the conspiracy to kill JFK,that hoary olde
Warren Commission "magic bullet" was trotted out again.
(long exasperated sigh)............

stage macians hate kids who see thru
the whole misdirection of attention business,
imagine the CIA and other fedgov conspirators
as global stage magicians who use stage
managed misdirection/disformation to
dazzle,confuse and obscure Reality.

*Dal-Tex Bldg, Texas School Book Depository,
Grassy Knoll, Railroad Overpass,mail order
Italian highly inaccurate  "mercy riffle",the 3 Hobos
(CIA Howard Hunt,Chuck Harrelson top assassin,
Eugenio Martinez ? Watergate burglar),
Jack Ruby,Guy Bannister,David Ferrie,
Oswalds missing skull,etc etc etc etc
the information is NOT hard to find (sigh)
IMHO this was the exact date we became a full on
Banana Republic 1984  style fascist gummint.....

without a trace of irony Bush 43 actually said
"War is Peace",we The American Empire are,like
overextended Ancient Rome, on a permanent war footing,
actually since WWII and the fake Cold War excuse....
where was i?
oh right, the link i posted about some peeps
are born fearful so they swing GOP,like
most of our paranoid Faux News addicted nabes
while some are more tolerant and swing Dims
or Progressive with a swing muddled Middle
in between. let me posit that some peeps
just CAN"T live in a world where dark secrets in gummint
kill our (s)elected leaders at will.
one of our ex nabes,who fled Nazi storm troopers,
said as much...
"I just couldn't live in a world where  (X).......was true."

this is me being tolerant,okay?
i am not screaming and my blood pressure is ok.
the CIA knew that Alex-Fake Oswald
was KGB and his wife Marina was dottir
of KGB Colonel and used this info to railroad
the Warren Omission into a 'rush to judgment'
to prevent WWIII,please  recall that this was
the Cuban Missle Crisis era.(i was there and the FBI,
yes that FBI forcibly disbanded my High School
Russian Language Club. WTF?)

speaking of which X MEN;FIRST CLASS is set in this era too,
it is IMHO NOT First Class but just above average,
like the cinematic WATCHMAN it is a lil flat
like warm beer, luckily the three leads are excellently cast
which saves it but for a 2011
film it feels a lil creaky;like my achy joints on a cold day.
was it worth $8,to me yes but i read the original comix
when they were new in the 1960s.....so i might be biased?

i think that about covers it.
any Commnets from the Peanut Gallery?
(olde Howdy Dowdy TV reference)
c'mon peeps,what say thee?

GTG my allergies are acting out 2day
Peace Now?

PS catch the CAMELOT TV series
when it comes out on Netflix,
revamped Roman Era mythos but sexier;
Ralph Fienes,Eva Green
and the woman who plays Queen Igraine sizzle.

Friday, June 10, 2011


"Silence is the most perfect expression of scorn." G B Shaw

taking a break from de-cluttering this joint long enuff to blog this.
found lotsa more quotes and books i'd forgotten ;)

one of the most depressing well written books i read in my youth
was DYING INSIDE by Robert Silverberg
who also wrote Down with the Dead is another title of his,
gimme a break its been 50+ years ok?

anyway RS posits a world wherein all have PSI abilities,
esp.telepathy, and the protagonist learns he is gradually losing his....
anyway that's the way i feel today.
almost fell again today but caught myself in time(sigh)
i have diabetic neuropathy(plus carpal tunnel and fibro)
"neuropathy" just means that your nerves die b4 you do....
the more precise term is "peripheral neuropathy"
as in you lose sensations in your hand and feet as it gradually
spreads inwards,in some cases it can stop your heart...;(
in my case my problem with Caps is that i can't feel
where all my fingers are going
esp. the pinkies,now the ring fingers.same thing with my feet
so this effects balance as does the soles of my feet
being swollen due to "insulin roulette"...
so i am looking at many years of this (hopefully)
as i promised The Mirage i would not die b4 her,
for the sake of the kids,and Soul Mate would no doubt
have trouble finding a replacement for someone like me.
(sly smiles)

all this was brought on by recent falls (no major damage yet)
and the fact i had a moderate problem picking up
a single piece of paper at a crips meeting yesterday.
so parts of me are failing faster than others, have found
bee pollen and reservatrol (sp?) to keep the brainbox working
and i know of speech to text PC programs out there,
which are finally get better and better,
so like the lady blogger on HOUSE this season
i will probably blog from my deathbed ;)
or as long as i am conscious.....

Peace Now?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


my Paris Hilton joke-the many enemies of Paris Hilton have placed her in an unlocked,Funhouse Hall of Mirrors...now we wait for her to starve to death ;)(see Narcissus myth)

"If all those sweet young things  were laid end to end,
I wouldn't be the slightest  bit surprised." Dorothy Parker

did i miss something?
can we fixate more on Anthony Weiner's weiner (sorry)?
now that we're out of Iraqistan, the billions wasted over there are
repaid,the Economy is healed, the jobless rate is zero,
Climate Change has been called off,every american who wants a home has one,
all our bridges and roads have been rebuilt,Congress is no longer in thrall
to WallStreet,babnkers are routinely jailed, 2Big 2 Fail does,
O BOMBER has finally earned his Peace Prize,
Palistine is reborn peacefully...Jesus or The Madhi
have arrived on schedule.The Rapture is in full bloom!
did i NOT get this memo?

peeps get over it. the guy is a Dick like his buddy
"Slick Willie" Clinton ,Gingrich,"W" Bush, Guiliani,
Bush 41,Nixon,LBJ  and innumerable others
in and out of gummint.
out here frisco Mayor screwed his BFF's drunk wife
confessed and now he's Lt.Gov. after his L.A.Mayor rival
did likewise with a TV newshen,also outside his marriage.
(long weary Left Coast sigh)

we're all adults here right,right?
BTW  CNN is now teasing the promise of CIVIL UNREST (RIOTS!)
this long hot summer or 2012 if The Economy doesn't improve.
i mean Really???
welcome to The Matrix

might be buying a new hovel to scribble in.
sigh, i am soooo bloody  tired

Peace Now?

Saturday, June 4, 2011


"Death is very fair, no matter how rich you are -you only get one per customer."  old Zen saying

aloha 2u,
i have been remiss in my prior blog.i got distracted.
a Comment by my Eldest Z Man, reminded me...

me and Korak the Killer were doing a night patrol
outside the hotel
where i first met The Mirage.
some hare brained crackhead kept yelling insults at us
motherfucker this,nigger that, cracker ass whatever.
even tho a deadly combat vet of several tours in 'Nam,
where Korak explored exactly how much he enjoyed killing
at Khe Sanh and other battles,Korak always deferred to me
as the ALPHA DOG in our relationship,
The Mirage calls him my FIRST WIFE
(5 years with him,5 with her,19+ with SM;)
3rd times the charm.).

so as usual i was the cooler head and said
BE COOL, but this crazy ass nigger crackhead
followed us around an entire city block yelling insults
and we had a rep to manitain & build in the dangerous
and merciless Tenderloin where some rich fools
& the City Fathers
decided to build a luxury hotel....
so finally i had enuff and as Korak smiled i said GO!
and we turned to demolish this fool.

now both of us
were around 200 pounds six foot tall and masters
of armed and unarmed combat
so a plea of Self Defense in court  would be hard
to hold up in court but there are ways around that....
esp. if this fool nigger was dead and in a dumpster.....
so we turn as one and approach this fool. alone
and unafraid of us on this empty street.....
when out of nowhere another crackhead appears
and grabs his arm,dragging him away from us.
"No,no man. they ain't like them others hotel cops, 
these guys will KILL you!"
who he was, or how he came to be watching
i will never know but somehow he managed to
convince the now silent
crackhead of our deadly intent.
i have to admit that it was with a feeling
of regret/loss that
we taunted the departing crackhead to return
to his foolish and deadly ways...;(

this is proably a good place to mention
that is a combat Vet says
"I've got your back."
it is the highest compliment he can give.
there were times Korak and i faced off
10 or 15 to 1 odds
and i knew the only way i could be struck
from behind was if Korak was dead.
THAT is something i prized beyond
measure or mere words,
just like in '7 Samurai'....

i was raised for battle,
a child of urban warfare.
this is no exaggeration,
as longtime readers will recall, an untold tale
in High School i wore a white snapbrim cap,
like those worn by Longshoremen.
in Harlem this cap was also the cap/badge
of a deadly street gang called The Assassins,
whose leader Shorty had killed a rival gangster
in front of NYPD cops, they were That brazen.

anyway i'm riding the subway to school one day
when i was bluntly informed that
i Should,for the sake of my Health,
remove the cap/badge of the Assassisn
from my noggin
OR ELSE......

my reply?
"i wear wear this fucking cap until it falls off.
i ride the same train everyday,if you don't like it
-you know where to find me."
i wore the cap,unscathed,until it fell apart....
this is the lessons of the Ghetto and combat
that sr8s don't appreciate.

as a child of Harlem
i never expected to live past 21
so the 42 years since then
of love,children
and LSD have all been gravy,
an unexpected gift.

i love SM beyond words
but Live Together but
Die Alone.

Peace Now


one of  my personal heroes died this week, Elmer "Geronimo" Pratt.
let me stray from the official fishwrap
stories and tell you what i know of Geronimo.

L.A. in the 1960s was a hotbed of Anti War activities amidst
a seething cauldron of die hard racism and deadly cops of the LAPD.
when i had left by turned my lesbian fisting for celebrities coke whore cousin
i began to read the local fishwraps and watch TV News.....

after the Watts Riots it was a bad time to be black in L.A.
Pratt was a much decorated Viet Nam vet and a courageous man
and you had to be in order to lead the L.A.Black Panthers.
he had somehow survived a shoot out which left
several members dead and his war skills kept him alive
despite paid informers and many attempts on his life,
so they framed him,locked him up and threw away the key.

here's how it went down, a perfect storm of duplicity.
one weekend Pratt went to Oakland for a Panther meet,
followed by tails from the LAPD and Hoover's FBI ,
that same weekend some nigger killed
a rich white lady on a tennis court
and as i recall wounded her husband.
when Pratt returned from Oakland
he was arrested for murder,say what?
now the vain Left poster child "Free Huey"
Huey P. Newton saw Pratt as a sane and
sober threat to his eccentric Panther leadership
so put members Under Discipline not to verify that
Pratt was in Oakland that weekend
and the LAP/FBI tandem could hardly conceal
their delight as Pratt was railroaded straight into stir.

BTW i did not know Pratt personally but only by
reputation as a fierce intelligent man.2 peeps that i did know
personally at the time were Shirley Sutherland (actor Donald's EX)
and her partner Donald Freed,two non violent activists who
started the L.A.Peace Freedom Party from their Venice home.
i did say 'non violent' right?
so everyone who knew them were as shocked as they were
to be arrested by the LAPD on totally Bogus gun running charges.
it took every penny they had plus years of lawyering to stay out of prison,
by the time they were vindicated their spirits were broken...sigh.
meanwhile Pratt sat in prison,

OJ Simpson went on trial for a double murder
he committed, yes i said it,and one of his lawyers
the flamboyant Johnny Cochran used some of that money
,along with the help of Ex Panther turned lawyer Kathleen Cleaver
(Eldridge's EX), to get Pratt out of prison after 20 odd years,
roughly half of that in solitary confinement.like
George Jackson and some other black political prisoners
they could Not break him.(sigh Not Paranoid,just very observant).

as for me, i fled the unloved over hyped L.A. to NYC then Frisco
where i was just another nigger stopped by the SFPD
about the random  Zebra killings of whites.
as in L.A.in that era,a nigger's life was cheap
on the streets.

when Pratt died this week
i was stunned to see that he is my age,63,
and for the last decade has lived a quiet life in Tarzana.
my age,all those lost years in prison.....huge weary sigh.

there is a samurai term in Japanese for
'impending sense of Doom'
as in the 60s. when i was active there we had
cops in 'plainclothes' showing their guns and
cop shoes at meetings,we had the LAPD with shotguns
running thru peaceful crowds of thousands at Griffith Park
and the so called Red Squad had  betting pools
on who would be shot down next,or so i was told
after i helped staff a press conference for
ex Green Beret S/Sgt.Donald Duncan
to announce Viet Nam Vets Against The War.
even then,being new at samurai ways
but having been raised in Gladiator School Harlem
I WAS PREPARED TO DIE...but others were not
and were unwilling to pick of the bloody banner
and continue to fight,so i and others fled....

back to Doom, after the Gina Sasso Memorial
Soul Mate and i took a leisurely drive down E.14 Street
from its origins at Lake Merritt to San Leandro....
imagine Detroit in a bad decade or Baghdad after the bombings
the same listless fly swatting ennui that permeates the soul to the bone.
there is an all black motorcycle club/gang
at 88th & E.14th,the East Bay Dragons.
i worked with one of its founders at Moscone,
where he died of a crack overdose while on duty.

anyway there were hundreds of black peeps on the street
for the Dragons annual black party Deep in Da Hood
(this where deceased coke kingpin Felix Mitchell
rose to power in the 1980s)
an overwhelming  sense of Doom drenched
the otherwise festive occassin and
there was not a cop in sight.

hours later peeps were doing 'sideshows',
burning rubber and doing donuts in the intersection there,
when someone decided it would be a great idea
to fire 10 shots in the crowd....
2 dead, 1 in critical condition
and a few wounded,no arrests.
impending Doom....

it is raining heavily here in "Paradise'
my new insulin is giving me more joint pains
than i am used to.'Dr.Death' Kevorkian
has died of nartural causes, which is both
funny and ironic. i at last have a day to do nothing
beside comprehend our new DVR and lower my blood sugars.
the new Trochwood series debuts next month
and True Blood returns ,so i am in Premium cable TV Heaven ;)


Peace Now

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The 31 Best(Worst) Parenting FAILS Of All Time

The 31 Best(Worst) Parenting FAILS Of All Time

just LOVE the Hitler doll, is she Jewish too?

War Is Indecent

War Is Indecent

dorsal TopFree protest...

Funny Signs Of The Week (24 Signs)

Funny Signs Of The Week (24 Signs)


Top 10 Facts About Nymphomaniacs - Nympho Facts | Top 10 Lists | TopTenz.net

Top 10 Facts About Nymphomaniacs - Nympho Facts | Top 10 Lists | TopTenz.net

yeah right....

The many reasons you wouldn’t really want to date a woman in the adult film industry

The many reasons you wouldn’t really want to date a woman in the adult film industry

Ms.Herpes & Ms.Hep C.....

18 Funny Charts and Graphs |

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y'ASS m'am.....

Top 10 Most Famous Facts That Are Wrong | Top 10 Lists | TopTenz.net

Top 10 Most Famous Facts That Are Wrong | Top 10 Lists | TopTenz.net

yup yup yup.

The Maddow Blog - Palin: 'I love that smell of the emissions!'

The Maddow Blog - Palin: 'I love that smell of the emissions!'

OMFG..if Sarah Failin or Michelle Barfmann make it to 1600 P
we shall ALL wish for The Rapture;(

7 Samurai

ohio gazimas & aloha2u,
i have been fortunate in very odds way. my Farther died
before i hit puberty and even before then with his drinking
and PTSD from WWII,and my Mothers boundless rage,
he wasn't around much.
before his death he set my lil feet on The Right Path
and assured me that this crazy world would indeed
make sense to me one day, all i had was my Faith in him that it would.

lacking an actual father-fugre i adopted 2
The Batman and Sherlock Holmes, both brains and brawn.
then at puberty i began teaching myself
karate/kung fu from books ,an ex NYPD
black cop at the YMCA
and some Chinese black belt friends.
i was lucky that paperbacks came out about this time
and when i began reading sci fi
i stumbled across the Best.....'Doc"Smith,Sturgeon,Bester,
Asimov,Heinlein (sp?),Pohl,Anderson and so on.

and so when i was alone,depressed and very suicidal in L.A.
i stumbled into my first ;chambara'/samurai-ronin
film. the classic Seven Samurai by the immortal Akira Kuorsawa...
it was a revelation.
it was an imago of maleness both soft and strong and not
as case hardened in cement rigidity as American Macho Maleness,
men could try or be gentle with children YET still be Men.
i was confused but felt as tho the anchor i had been seeking
since my Fathers death was now firmly grounded in terra firma.
what sort of peeps & society could produce such men?

i became a sponge for all things Japanese,
(luckily the Frisco Japan Ctr was opened
with Kinokuniya Bookstore from Japan at its heart)
i discovered Zen Buddhism,.Shinto,sushi, geri, on,
the icy resolve to face death without flinching
and the true meaning of self sacrifice.
this was the forge in which i created my maleness
and the anvil on which i shaped my blade was
my years as an armed and dangerous taxi driver.
like any 'ronin' i saw peeps die,some of them i knew,
i saw body parts strewn across streets and freeways
and blood hosed into gutters.when i told peeps
they were going to die they took me at my word...
a promised tale..

Frisco in daytime, taking 2 happy gay lovers downtown
along busy Geary Street .4 Samoans on 4 motorcycles
decide to fuck with me,why  i have no idea to this day...
weaving in and out,jamming on their brakes, just stupid shit.
without realizing it i snapped...figured i could take out one
with my right fender then another with my left then
swerve to pick up the other two...
i was seconds away from implementing this plan
of action when the Samoan closest to me turned
and saw murder on my face then signalled
the other three to run a red light to get away from me.
the happy gay lovers didn't even notice,shaken
at my homicidal impulses i turned the cab in early
and went home to check myself.

BECOMING A SAMURAI......but only part.
there are Zen tales of killers who have yet spilled
no blood and righteous men who harbor deep seated evil.

*gloomy ominous organ theme song
(*harsh ghoulish laughter)
((see Jungian Shadow archetype...))

me,i know too...sigh.
that is why GUN! 
shouted at Peoples Park
left me unmoved and unafraid.
as a Buddhist i do not believe in 
a Heaven or Hell
or an indignant mercurial indescribable 
Godhead ( and re-incarnation is open to long debates)
but i have seen both GOOD and EVIL in this Life
and those in between like Korak the Killer
and i will err of the side of GOOD thank you
despite the many dark currents flowing thru me.
i can only hope this is a Legacy i can leave to my sons
(long weary parental sigh.)

there was much much more but hope you get my drift...

Peace Now