Friday, April 30, 2010


"The first thing I do in the morning is brush my teeth and sharpen my tongue." OSCAR LEVANT

i see NO UPSIDE in the Deepwater Horizon (sic) oil spill. are we so stupid it takes another MONSTER OIL SPILL ACROSS 4 STATES to remind us that OFF SHORE DRILLING IS A BAD IDEA? i thot O BOMBER was supposed to be THE SMART ONE (despite AFGHANISTAN).

my state rep. BILL MONNING gave a talk to the grassroots recently....if you neglect to feed and water a garden it withers and soon dies, ditto with the public welfare and safety nets.so despite the smiles, bells & whistles and GOV. SCWARTXZENPOUTER embracing OBAMACARE KALIpornia is still in deep deep doo doo.we are worse than broke we are bleeding cash reserves and drowning in debt and the GOP grins like Chesire cats belonging to GROVER NORQUIST.


STEVE POIZNER is running against MEG "MONEYBAGS" WHITMAN for the GOP nomination for Governor, this is fascinating as the two attempt to paint each other and Scwartzenpouter as the dread LIBERAL .huge huge sigh
apparently there is NOTHING THAT CAN'T BE SOLVED WITH MORE TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH ( and corresponding cuts for lifelines to the poor...
DEPRESSIONS? tax cuts.
RECESSIONS? tax cuts
10+MILLION JOBLESS? tax cuts
KALIpornia WILDFIRES? tax cuts
END TIMES? tax cuts
ASTEROIDS? tax cuts
ANAL LEAKAGE? tax cuts

you get the idea.
the GOP is Not a Political Party IT IS A FAITH BASED BELIEF SYSTEM OF THE RICH & SUPER RICH...next time Rep.John TAN MAN Boner or Sen.Mitch McChinless gobble gobbles in response to some reasonable action, say like curbing Wall Street excesses which nearly took our country down, think of them as lunatic heretics.

you may have noticed the brevity of recent blogs, the knee buckling lassitude and weakness of my January ANEMIA has returned in full force,stil awaiting a daignosis, who said WE HAVE THE BEST MEDICAL SYSTEM IN THE WORLD? oh right, the GOP despite overwhelming evidnecE elsewhere. SIGH...

namaste y'all

Sunday, April 25, 2010


To an obnoxious acquaintace
"I'm going to memorize your name and throw my head away." OSCAR LEVANT

i am a pessimist, this is a given.
saw TERMINATOR*SALVATION on cable last night.
i am NOT A FAN of a future where humans live like rats, maybe because i fear it will ultimately come true, THE ROAD WARRIOR,SOYLENT GREEN, RESIDENT EVIL* EXTINCTION (which i actually liked,BIG MILLA JAVOVICH FAN).
my FAVE SCI FI MOVIES-BLADE RUNNER & THE FIFTH ELEMENT, the original russian version of SOLARIS.. a grungy chaotic but survivable future.BLADE RUNNER seems esp. prophetic now with Climate Change and CORPORATE PERSONHOOD.

BTW rats,spiders and cockroaches can survive almost any nuclear radiation.THE ROAD ROACH? RAT RUNNER??

coming from nyc i see a future a lot like nyc or tokyo only more crowded and futile, this is based on 62 years of an emotionally scarred lifetime.the promises of a clean tidy RATIONAL FUTURE have not come true, instead we have Enron,Lehmman Bros and THE GREAT RECESSION huge huge sigh..

i remember a button from the 60s WE ARE ALL DOOMED, THE WORLD WILL NOT END TOMORROW!
amen to that.

namaste y'all


FW: The Middle Class Game Is Up: We're Heading to a Slave Labor Planet / Joe Bageant / AlterNet 22 Apr '10

The Middle Class Game Is Up: We're Heading to a Slave Labor Planet
Thanks to globalization, the American, Australian and European promises of middle-class prosperity are on their way to extinction.

April 22, 2010 |

Class solidarity was such a good idea. It really was. Obviously, most of the people who need solidarity are in the world's laboring classes. After all, the rich have more than enough solidarity already, as was recently demonstrated by their successful execution of the greatest global financial heist in history. Oh sure, we'll see some state sponsored mock show trials of a few of them -- they always throw a few of their own out of the sleigh to the wolves during their escapes. The big heist was big news. Working Americans will be applying Preparation H to their keisters for a long time to come.
But the ultimate accomplishment of the already rich, the newly rich and the corporate rich, has been their global solidarity on the corporate/financial front. It's been a long run up to globalism, but the rich have great patience. As an American, all my life I've heard their chief mouthpiece, the president of the United States, beginning with Eisenhower, right on up through Kennedy, Reagan, Ford, Carter and Bush, and now Obama, sing the same song. Which goes moreover like this:

"Trade is the road to peace. Commerce and business know no national boundaries. They link nations together on productivity, creating jobs and peace across the world."

It sounded good at the time. Who would have thought that the people enjoying all this harmony and peace brought about through globalization would be enjoying it in a one big happy planetary work gulag? And if they are not doing so at the moment, they will be as soon global capitalism, under the watchful solidarity of the rich, bears full fruit.

Thanks to globalization, the American, Australian and European working classes are on their way to extinction, in terms of their traditional rights, and quality of life. Just like the workers being poisoned to death by circuit board toxins in Guiyu, China, their fates will be determined by global capital, either by default or by bitter struggle against it. We are not seeing much of the latter and are not likely to, until it is too late, which it may already be. After all, you cannot put up much of a struggle against global capital when you worship it a creed and are addicted to commodities too.

Oh yeah, I forgot. We're gonna "develop" and "stimulus" our way out of what is happening now -- which is that we are fast becoming a slave labor workhouse planet. Now let me see here -- hmmm -- who is in charge of development? Oh yeah, the global financiers.

There is no way the world's working people can win in the long run, which is getting pretty damned short, or even survive, except by joining the worker struggles, of China, Asia and Africa and India. The idea that American workers are the same as the Asian and Latin American and African working people goes down hard in American gullets.

But for Americans, it does not go down at all. As a people, they'll never ever accept that fact, because they'll never know it for at least two reasons. (1) They are too over worked and undereducated to find out for themselves, and (2) American corporate media machinery will never let them hear of it. Americans are screwed, blued and tattooed.

And for that I blame Anderson Cooper. That's right, CNN's boyishly good looking, sincere faced, Emmy Award winning Anderson Cooper. Let me explain.

Between the corporate and financial elites and the slobbering masses stands the American Information Class -- the reporters, talking heads, news anchors and pundits. In short, the entire gaggle of meat puppets and journalism hacks who have been cultivated and bred to be clueless by the university industry and others serving our corporate empire. In other words, serving global capitalism, and the national fictions it maintains, including that sizable piece of corporate feudal turf known as America. And that fiction is maintained through la danse des marionnettes de viande.

Not that these meat puppets are to be pitied for their cluelessness. Lordy no! When your employer is throwing celebrity and money at you faster than you can suck up the adulation or blow the bucks, why would anybody pause long enough to get a clue. I sure as hell wouldn't. I'd pull a Bill Clinton, buy me some Cuban cigars and tell the secretary, "Under the desk, baby! And crack open a bottle of Jack Daniels for me on your way down."

It's certainly an easy gig. Move your lips like a reporter, wear a black shirt and a $600 bush jacket in disaster and war porn spots as Anderson Cooper does, and make at least 4 million a year base salary (plus a few hundred thousand more a year in speakers fees for canned talks. Cooper's agency will provide the list). Anderson's basic message is that the world is a horrific place filled with miserable inferior lives, ridden by want, African machete amputations and the like. The guy in front of the flat screen in Cedar Rapids, Iowa doesn't even have to stop and think to draw the corpo-state approved conclusion Anderson delivers. It's instantaneous into his deep reptilian brain: "Hatians fucked. Iraqis fucked. Greeks fucked. Me live in best place of all."

Attractive, serious and sincere looking, and presented as calm and rational against the backdrop of world terror and misery, Anderson is the perfect robotic mouthpiece, easy on the eyes, poised in the "Anderson Cooper suit," (actually, it's Ralph Lauren, the gay aesthetic goes a long way in his business). And most importantly, despite what he's seen first hand, he remains clueless about the world. Bullet proof to reality. Robot. Then again, that's a job qualification in the entertainment business. American news is first and foremost entertainment. If you happen to stumble onto some accidental truth, be assured there will be a correction in the name of Republican sponsored "fairness and balance in media."

Now this may be a stretch for some more open minded readers, but to my mind, anyone such as Cooper, who actually believes he is worth 4 million, and can put it in the bank without dying of shame, has no idea what's going on in this world -- no matter how much he or she is paid to look like they do. In fact, anyone doing so for over $50,000 is in the same category. Which includes everyone you see on your television screen. It's all just self-absorbed celebrity preening. At the local level the rubes watch you on Keokuk Cable. At the national level, an indoctrinated people read Vanity Fair's writers going down on you, telling you what a brave and saintly journalist you are. And the internet dedicating hundreds of thousands of words to your choice in suits.

There is no way out of our culture manufacturing machinery. We're not in charge. It would be bigger than any one of us because it consists of all of us. It tells us all we are individuals supremely worthy of our silliest notions and desires, thereby making us soft and lazy, infantilized an incapable of truly effective solidarity as a people. Instead, we are fed Tea Party drivel. Even if CNN decided to send Coop to Guiyu to cover the blood poisoned worker women with the deformed children, the result would be the same. The guy in Cedar Rapids would see further proof that "Me live in best place in world. Got Cheetos." Or perhaps a nice Cotes du Rhône if you are a member of the commodity drugged educated faux middle class.

And I wanna say to them: "Not for much longer, buddy. Not much longer. And you can thank Anderson Cooper and a helluva lot of other people like him who do not have a clue, but nevertheless inhabit your very mind, for that."

Joe Bageant is author of the book, Deer Hunting With Jesus: Dispatches from America's Class War (Random House Crown), about working class America. A complete archive of his on-line work, along with the thoughts of many working Americans on the subject of class may be found on his website .

------ End of Forwarded Message

Friday, April 23, 2010


"The earth has a skin and that skin has diseases; one of its diseases is called man." NIETZSCHE, agreed.

huge huge sigh.
hope you guys will keep me posted when i fall off the edge?
put up a link to my FACEBOOK page yesterday, maybe all these weird peeps trying to FRIEND ME will stop and read something.naw,probably not...

SOUL MATE reports that SHE WAS THE ORIGINAL TEA BAGGER! being arrested at SF STATE for ASSUALT WITH A TEA BAG (no lie) at a demonstration there back in the 60s.

i was going to talk about NERVOUS BREAKDOWNS TODAY, maybe not.
now they call them MAJOR DEPRESSIVE EPISODES (sic) it means your whole world turns to sh*t and you want to kill yourself.hmm, maybe the suicide part is optional...unlike MY EX-THE MIRAGE & youngest son M... i am NOT BIPOLAR, i tend to be on a spectrum of Depression like my eldest Z Man. had my first Nervous Breakdown at 16 when i was prematurely (& IMHO immaturely) graduated from high school (DeWitt Clinton nyc in 1964) and my last in 1991 after being released from the Kaiser ICU with a diabetes diagnosis.
what was my point in writing this? MY EX-THE MIRAGE has several books linking mania and artistry whereas i am more on the darker Ambrose Bierce- Edgar Allen Poe variety.

this does not mean i am incapable of happiness..i just tend to see the glass as half empty,dirty and cracked. think of me as one of THE ADDAMS FAMILY'S darker relations.
speaking of which, one of my fave movie moment is when Wednesday (Christina Ricci) hooks up Pugsley to an electric chair and he asks WHAT GAME ARE WE PLAYING? and she deadpans IS THERE A GOD?

i have wrestled with the concept of God(s) my entire Life, oddly enough it was LSD and ZEN BUDDHISM which gave me the answers i had been seeking ( find your own, i am not a priest. scratch that, legally I AM A PRIEST WITH THE UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH and have been since the 70s,damn.) so FIND YOUR OWN PATH thru the Madness which is our society.TRY NOT TO LOSE YOUR HEART OR THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR SOUL and if you can find a SOUL MATE to walk the Path with you, so much the better.

probably not a good time to bring this up with EDUCATION being gutted like an overripe fish but WHY DO THEY NOT TEACH US ABOUT LOVE??? Sex Education ( if still taught) teaches how to screw but not who, or why. one of the most important things in our existence (besides DEATH) and we left to TRAIL & ERROR..heartbreaking and wasteful i think.if you are an ADA- ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS and your home life sucked ,blossoming with violence,boozing,stunted emotions and terror how exactly are we supposed to grow up to be "productive consumers"?
i sit here in comfy middle class lifestyle in a nice locale but i could just as well be somebody's "bitch" in some cramped KALIpornia prison cell.some of it was luck but most of it was realizing there was a PATH and finding my way onto it.

MADNESS IS A MIRROR TO/ON REALITY? who is to say their interpretation is not wiser than ours? looking at schizophrenia (Wolf Girl et al) i have often wondered if we stigmatize some different drummer peeps who make us uncomfortable, uneasy or feel too different or vulnerable.
DON'T TELL ANYBODY THIS OK? with the whole parallel ( mirror) universe theory (see FRINGE or Vedic mythos first concepts)..when you return from an extended LSD TRIP there is always the nagging suspicion that the universe you return to is NOT EXACTLY LIKE the one you left behind. maybe cups or colors are slightly askew or the rules of physics bent ...IS THIS MADNESS OR SOMETHING ELSE???? SIGHS

this is not the blog i set out to write, maybe it is better?
it looks like i have bleeding ulcers and one of the fx is unusual weakness & fatigue. i have to wait until my med appt in late May to get a ribbon tied around this possible diagnosis.

BTW 2 hope to see GHOST WRITER soon, a friend recommends.will tell you what i think.

namaste y'all
semper gumby

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Patriotism is as fierce as a fever,
pitiless as the grave,blind as a stone,
and irrational as a headless man.
--Ambrose Bierce

yes G MAN i am also weaning myself off KEITH O. & RACHEL M. i look around at the DECLINE OF THE AMERICAN EMPIRE and it's like watching a slo mo car crash where your loved ones are involved. i feel both helpless and totally exhausted.O BOMBER alone can't solve this irrevocably broken government..sigh& cry.
making flippant fun of the dry rot in the system does not seem like enough, even here in "PARADISE" the local pols accept the death of many as the cost of doing business & systemic budget cuts. we are indeed worth-less than others...

one of the best performances Kevin Spacey has ever done, which is high priase indeed.not your typical mental health movie...it is quietly wonderful.

speaking of atypical.on Charlie Rose the director was joking that people should see the Original before the american remake, why would he say that?

all thru the movie i kept thinking what would be deleted,edited out or blunted for the american market HUGE HUGE SIGH. this is a stunning & fierce movie and the female star NOOMI RAPACE is magnetic.this is a movie to savor, full of unexpected depths and treasures. please get the DVD if it is not playing in your market, okay? BTW ROGER EBERT has hinted the main character has ASPERGERS, which i saw esp. when she turns off the car radio without asking, a favorite of my son who did not fully understand the concept of rudeness.

it's SOUL MATE'S turn to have her back go out so we are awaiting the chiropractors call...

namaste y'all

Sunday, April 18, 2010


"If you can't say anything good about someone,sit right here by me." ALICE ROOSEVELT LONGWORTH, they said terribile things about FDR too...

apparently one cannot be NEUTRAL about the movie KICK ASS.CNN/HLN was trying to gin up controversy over HIT GIRL and her tween profanity while teasing about NEO NAZI VIOLENCE IN L.A. yesterday. hypocrisy much?
unlike most of these dweebs i have seen the movie and i have seen real violence and been in real fights, i am not some squishy couch potato pacifist. i thot of getting a small PEACE SYMBOL tattoo on my forearm once and SOUL MATE commented that i was the least peaceful man she knew, a comment echoed by an ex wife of the fx series JUSTIFIED,which i love!

one of the feminist pundits declared that Hit Girl is OUT OF THE FEMALE BOX, which means she is NOT DECORATIVE like Vanna White (now 53) or Megan Fox or anybody else whose screen time is directly proportional to her cup size (exc. Jennifer Connelly and a few others with real talent). blax, gimps,gays and women have a common interest in TRUE EQUALITY and it breaks my heart to see a BBC series on beauty contests for female crips, we should demand more than that sigh.... AN INNER BEAUTY CONTEST?

HIT GIRL IS MOVIE VIOLENCE whereas the much touted tv friendly TEA BAG MOVEMENT (oooh, that sounds SO dirty) is threatening much greater ACTUAL VIOLENCE using much the same obscenities as the tiny vigilante.no where in the movie are congressmen threatened,spit on, call fag and niggah while the cops stands around debating their FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS...huge sigh. i am 62 years old and have seen and eaten a load of sh*t in my life but this modern world is offal (pun).

and another thing, NYT polls show these TEA BAG PARTYERS to be better educated and more well off then most os america, so what have they got to be mad about? they claim O BOMBER is doing "too much for poor people" . OMFG, really? since when? the BANK BAILOUTS, the castration of all CONSUMER PROTECTION LEGISLATION? PANDERING TO GOP SCUMBAGS? financing NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS? givng a HUGE gift of mandatory HEALTH INSURANCE to the corporations? fighting two very expensive and unwinnable wars?
fascist/socialist/communist yeah right?

BTW most POOR PEOPLE IN THE US ARE WHITE...so far.and yes i know its a CODE WORD for breeding like bunnys brown people.

'WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!" wtf does that really mean? THE ELITES have owned and run this country since Day One. you cannot decry WALL STREET bailouts while demanding the status quo, IT IS CRAZY & ILLOGICAL....MAIN STREET is Vanna White to Wall Street's Pat Sejak- except Sejak does not make the rules, determine the prizes or rig the WHEEL OF FORTUNE.(nice segue eh?)

JOBS HAVE NOT COME BACK AND THERE ARE 10,000 LOOMING FORECLOSURES IN SANTA CRUZ ALONE, i think 6 million nationwide and O BOMBER'S PLEAS for "voluntary bank negotiations" have fallen on deaf ears, cnn had some appalling graphic earlier this week which i forgot to write down.
i gotta go see GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.'bye

namaste y'all

Friday, April 16, 2010


"I'm gonna vomit." Lindsay Lohan (poly addictive miscreant& starlet)- yeah, me too.

went to see "KICK ASS" this morning, I LOVED THIS MOVIE.
if you are not a fan of graphic violence, dark dark humor and foul mouthed tweens you should avoid this movie.DADDY'S LIL GIRL is a butt kicking crime fighter and THE LOVE INTEREST volunteers at a Needle Exchange, is not homophobic and can take care of herself physically ( plus has a healthy sex appetite).gets me in the Mood for IRON MAN 2 and whatever else looms.

NEVER MIX LIDOCAINE,VERSED AND FENTANYL it's like a MEDICAL ROOFIE.i have HUGE GAPS in my memory for over 20 hours after the proccedure..ysterday SOUL MATE reminded me of a coinveration i am totally BLANK on.
1. no surgery needed
2.no sign of CANCER huge huge sigh.
3. meds should ease my symptoms -possible bleeding ulcer tho, bland foods forever?
4.i should be more relieved but i am still a medical mess with weakness and fatigue shackling any efforts. luckily my fingers still sorta work with enuff bee pollen.

i am bogarting my stockpile of half priced Easter chocolates YUM!

namaste y'all
yours from beneath

Monday, April 12, 2010


"Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative." OSCAR WILDE,this works 4 me...

depending on the website.

1.notice O BOMBER did NOT mention the benefits of the mythical CLEAN COAL when those 29 miners died in w.va..

2. O BOMBER is holding a NUCLEAR SUMMIT, is this the same guy who wants us to pay for two NEW NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS without solving the RADIOACTIVE WASTE PROBLEMS? yucca mtn,hello?

selected by THE BUSH CRIME FAMILY, "WINNER" of two fraudulent elections (just like W). now blames the US for 'stealing the last election' which declared him a winner.now he's bitching that PRESSURE FROM THE WEST MIGHT MAKE HIM JOIN THE TALIBAN!!!! (WTF?)
then some fed declared Karzai as being erratically addicted to his brother's PRODUCT...then Gates & Mrs. Clinton had to backtrack publicly about his soverighn rights as president. KEE -christ, i didn't even know Hillary was even in ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

huge huge sigh,
she's like a bad itch that just won't stop.

5.Global Warming AKA Climate Change...
gotta BAAAAD FEELIN' we already JUMPED THE SHARK (see Tipping Point) on this issue (see just about any cable tv docu on the issue) , when dem glaciers starts meltin' FEETS DO YORE STUFF ...to where? sigh!

namaste y'all

Friday, April 9, 2010


"One must have a heart of stone to read the death of Little Nell by Dickens without laughing." OSCAR WILDE, you go boy!

had some bad dreams last nite & am still waiting for DEFINITIVE TEST RESULTS...

1. every time my sleep mask slipped i panicked as tho the BEE POLLEN INDUSTRY was bent on taking over the usa via sleep masks, yeah right.
2. was much worse, i was back in harlem at my current age (62) and my mom was still alive, she's be about 80+? now (b.1925) anyway she gave me $1 to buy her a donut, sounds simple right? so i don't take my cane, it's a sign of weakness in the predatory ghetto. i try and take the elevator from the twelfth floor, where we lived, but the elevator refuses to stop, a common tactic on weekends, so i take the treacherous stairs. speaking of tactics, as usual all the lights are broken out so it's NINJA TIME AGAIN. i get down a few flights unmolested then i'm grappling with someone in the dark, i pin both his arms with mine then head butt him repeatedly before slamming him into the brick walls and tossing him down the next flight of steel tipped concrete stairs then i go oustide where another kid with two booody stumps challenges me to do the same dance with him...it went on and on and on from there with me refusing to pay $45 for a dozen mixt donuts and two fancy cupcakes to a small grimace heavy chainsmoking korean baker, the dream ends with me contemplating a Greyhound bus back to KALIpornia.

i am NOT telling you all this just to bum u out, ok maybe a lil, but i have a point to make ( & yes i still dream about the BAD OLD DAZE IN HARLEM 2-3 times a month). a couple of times, when the STONE BOYZ were young MY EX-THE MIRAGE (her newly chosen nom de blog, which is both poetic and true on so many levels SIGH.) asked me to teach them STREET SMARTS like it was some magic ointment you could apply to kidz raised primarily in the suburbs and wilderness. i got them every OTHER weekend and tried to teach them what i knew WHEN THEY WOULD LISTEN.. THE DIRTY LIL SECRET OF PARENTING- most times your kidz don't give a flying f*ck about what experience you have or what outmoded gibberish you may have deceiphered.when younger they would often ask WHY DO YOU KNOW ALL THAT? when older they stopped asking as they no longer cared what anyone other than their friends and relentless video games thot.

the one thing i remember my Boyz being impressed with , and this was rare, i told them that when i studied TAI CHI CHUAN (COMBAT STYLE) with my teacher SIFU GATE CHAN, i was able to gauge the martial arts ability of anyone walking down the street JUST FROM THE WAY THEY MOVED....this has come in handy many times but not what i consider one of my greatest accomplishments. anyway both are now in their early 20s and consider me a mostly useless old fossil esp, the youngest who hates both me and MY EX-THE MIRAGE (love the sound of that) with a murderous passion -if Aspergers cases even feel that depth of passion???
speaking of which APRIL IS AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH, now u are sorta aware.

LIFE IS NOT LIKE EITHER MORTAL KOMBAT, STREET FIGHTER or the one where u get to kill hookers & cops( Grand Theft Auto?) .it is both better & worse and twiddling your thumbs over some ELECTRONIC ARTS pixel universe does not make u street smart, nor does some hygienic karate class where eye gouging,spitting,concealed weapons or multiple opponents are NOT Permitted. huge huge sigh.

so i did the best i could when they would listen and tried to subliminally impart the cornerstones of CRITICAL THINKING over movies and burgers, so far neither of them has made the national news for doing something both criminal & stupid (yet another reason i watch cnn/hln daily).

i was totally unprepared for LIFE ON MY OWN now my Boyz are likewise, the CIRCLE OF LIFE REVOLVES ON CRUSHING THE UNWARY UNDER IT sigh...
looks to be ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY IN PARADISE and i have yet another meeting about how to keep disabled poor people from dying (fill in the SIGHS here...)

namaste y'all
yours from beneath

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


this is a shortie.
ERIKA BADU (sp?) was fined $500 for stripping to the buff in DALEY PLAZA WHERE JFK WAS KILLED.
it was for her new music video...it looked like, on the CNN censored version, she has her own name tattooed across her shoulders. Brand loyalty?

just when i thot the world was crazy enuff...

"There is no fate which cannot be surmounted by scorn." ALBERT CAMUS

namaste y'all

Monday, April 5, 2010


"An alcoholic is someone you don't like who drinks as much as you do." DYLAN THOMAS


woke up this morning with A B RAND NEW PAIN RADIATING FROM MY RIGHT HIP.how odd since all i did over the weekend was listen to a talking book and watch TV.today i got up, almost fell, then did my ayem routines before calling a medical foundation to dispute a $1404 bill, which i don't have, over an endoscopy last year which they deemed 'medically unnecessary'...if TWO DIFFERENT DOCTORS SIGN OFF ON IT, HOW IS IT UNNECESSARY plus i explained to the nice lady who answered this endocopy had opened a whole Pandora"s Box full of medical issues huge sigh.

blog title
the book i listened was PLAYING WITH FIRE ( A KATIE SHUGAT MYSTERY) by DANA STABENOW it's about the murder of a naked man investiagated by a female Native American ( Aleut i think). I LIKED THIS BOOK altho it's a lil dry and gave me TMI about some aspects of living in alaska.
one of the characters i liked was BOBBY CLARK a black male horny double amputee involved with a skinny blonde. like the protagonist Bobby is drawn as imperfect and three dimensional.one of the legs of the plot was mushrooming hunting which is also a BFD in mendo county so i could vouch for the accuracy of most of those descriptions. some things were wrong, FEMALE DOGS -EVEN WOLF HYBRIDS- DO NOT LIFT THEIR LEGS TO PEE...even i know this, being a cat person. am i wrong on this? it just bugged me is all...

meanwhile our physical therapist has recovered from pneumonia, a lot going around the county this season which is why even tho i eschew the flu vaccine i always get the pneumonia needle, and we have appointments for this afternoon.

namaste y'all

Friday, April 2, 2010


"Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket." GEORGE ORWELL

NO i am NOT involved with the HUTAREE MILITIA despite the same last names. HA :)

i take bee pollen almost daily( for energy & mental clarity-is it working???)
so i have more than a passing interest in the health of the bee population.
as i mentioned i planted some lavender last week so that future zucchini and squash will be pollinated. a day or two later a BIG FAT HEALTHY BEE was buzz8ng around our front porch...a few days later i was buying some sandwiches in nearby Soquel and another bee landed on the car window, i thot it was a wasp at first it was so SKINNY then i realized it was a thin sickly looking bee, different hive?
anyway nobody seems to know what is causing the MASSIVE DIE OFF of COLONY COLLAPSE, UC DAVIS is on the mystery but.. some random thinker have implicated GM FOODS (Genetically Modified with not enough testing before being rubber stamped approval). did it occur to anyone to test the bees for these UNNATURAL FOODS? sigh.

tangentially, we are amidst an EPIDEMIC OF CHILDHOOD & ADULT OBESITY, the BBC showed some researchers & lawsuits who blame CORN SYRUP, a manufactured food WHICH THE BODY CANNOT FULLY DIGEST. the feds SUBSIDIZE CORN GROWERS for ethanol and jobs and CORN SYRUP was invented to dispose of the surplus until ethanol is the norm.( also a wasteful usage) GM FOODS ARE IN MOST FAST FOODS AND JUNK FOODS and the feds caved on labeling -them as they do in Europe....just as REAGAN downgraded meat quality standards during his reign for his beef industry buddies ( u can WIKI this i think)..

will we humans fare better than the bees...
live & learn (hopefully).

namaste y'all
'DRILL BABY DRILL" was mean sarcastically!
i heartily disagree, CONSERVATION would save 3-5 x more fuel.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


"Sex is the biggest nothing of all time." ANDY WARHOL
( i never liked him personally or most of his so-called 'art')

guess it was WEDDING CRASHERS that got me thinking of it.

"TRAMP STAMPS" the signpost tat just over a woman's butt crack which sez F*CK ME, I'M A SLUT! now my theory, based on some research, is that biker gals started this trend maybe in the 60s then strippers then..sluts? if you were not a slut or swinger why on earth would you get a tattoo THERE? just asking...have asked several random women recently and none had an answers.not a clue....

now i have confessed to being a life long nudist, rare among blax, and i visit many nudist websites.decades ago EVERYONE HAD PUBIC HAIR, MALE & FEMALES (exc. in Europe) so you see this trend start to shift somewhat when BIKINIS came on the scene the 60s & BARDOT, this trend was reflected in porn then the TWO PIECE SWIMSUIT which lead to the so called LANDING STRIP vertical trim then suddenly everyone is totally hairless.MY EX (*) has fuzz until she got LEOPARD SPOTS TATTOOED ACROSS HER PELVIS THEN SHE DELIGHTED IN.. well,whatever.in the 60s, in Europe i am told only whores,dancers (the Moulin Rouge and The Crazy Horse) and americans shaved under their arms & their legs. my gf who lived in Paris at the time...

so for years i blamed SEX IN THE CITY with all it's talk of GETTING A BRAZILIAN (called A HOLLYWOOD in Brazil & Europe) and COURTNEY COX has lampooned the waxing process both on FX & ABC now LINK TV of all places has put the blame indirectly on POLITICS & NOT JUST NETHER HAIRSTYLE MAVENS. i was watching a docu on IRAN and one of the cosmetologists there casually stated that they had been plucking and shaving Completely for many many generations, now after THE SHAH fell in the 70s (?) many Persians fled over here and some wound up in beauty salons just as bikinis began shrinking and shrinking and nude beaches began popping up plus many gay men i knew got shaved...can we blame miniskirts too?
plus hair is the easiest thing to modify anyway , BTW exc. for this woman i knew who shaved her pubes ONCE & IT NEVER GREW BACK, NOT A HAIR.hair today....

so anyway now in AMATUER ,NUDIST & MOST GF SITES 99% o women are bare there ( even the BOOMER GRANNIES). now of course i know HAIRY IS MASCULINE & SHAVED FEMININE BUT STILL...maybe it's a generational thing or mild fetish ? i dunno.

namaste y'all
drill baby drill!



happy APRIL FOOLS... gotta get back to bed, year 18!

namaste y'all