Friday, April 10, 2015

deathcab guns n Teamnsters

"Is that a pistol in yore pocket or are ya just glad ta see me?" the iconic Mae West.

a few odds n ends as am still grappling with the Dead Microsoft to re4sume normal,for me, blogging.

furst of all picketing with Teamsters was the only time i experienced the fear of routinely geting shot.... i should give some context on this rihgt?
..hmmm, when i first drove a ab i did not carry a gun altho i had a valid gun card issued by the state and had routinely carried a gun a Candlestick Park..i was naive...after about a year when my friends and coworkers began getting beaten, cut, stabbed abd shot ior shot at i began tio reconsider..one night a young driver was bitching as we counted money and completed our trip tickets, that his life had fllen apart and his wife had left him after moving to firsco and that after tonight he was moving bacl to the I 5 Central Vallrey burg that spawned him, we heard this tale a lot but what burned this in my memeory is that night he was shot to death in the projects nearby..

so i went home and cut up an old pair of jeans to make imrpov holsters..one on the left for my 13 shot Browning Hi Power 9mm automativ and one on the right next to my cash wallet for my 33LR derringer so i could shoot uinder my arm into the backseat as needed...but this is not the point of today's blog ( i think) 

 the Teamsters for taxis owned a building on folsom strret in those days and one of the cronies there was a pal with the union boss and they self insured his lousy ass as no one rational ever would....

so one day, responding to a all, this crony backed his cab down a one way street in crowded Chinatown and killed a mother and her child...a mother and her young innocent child...and the Teamsters lost the building in pay outs..

so we were told an abbreviated version of this in a monthly meeting
 (most of us already knew the full story) and when the union boss shouted for ORDER! and was ignored by the rowdy crowd he had his goons flanking his podium, show their guns!   so of course we stood up and showed Our Guns and Meeting Adjourned he shouted as he fled. the meeting hall became a tiny dues pay window in the rear of a nearby unused armory some of you might recognize fron KINK.COM...

 and altho i did flash my guns a time to three to prevent rape, robbery or personal; mayhem ...i found it had the odd effect of making me more mannerly..except when i wasn't..think that's it. 

hope to resume your regular deluge of tidbits 
and misnathrophy in the nextr week or so  M'sAllah.
 ( i recognizes all gods and NO gods)

mind the gap 

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