Tuesday, April 7, 2015

the agony of da PC

"Heaven for the climate,Hell for the company." Mark Twain..

pls excuse any & all typos,okay? 
it has been a truly exhausting week...

 am NOT dead yet. spent the last week or so buying a new PC as my steampunk PC was slowly clunking to death.as SM got a new iMAC last year  i went for a dollar equivalent...maybe a mistake as i forgot how overpriced Macs are.

how it all began
1. i ordered a new PC online from the unnamed locals Twice in feb with no response...
2.then  there was a justified dock strike on the Left Coast here and consumer electronics stagnated off shore.
3.i  then called and chided them.and they apologized profusely and offered discounts so i would not go to the nearby Best Buy., as i had secretly hoped
4. we drove across town to deposit my clunky stemapuink PC for brain removal and transfer.
5.SM was downtown in s'cruz so she picked up my new warp drive PC..
6.and there was no power cord, apparently left behind by the staff
7. on Easter weekend i drove across town for the power cord.
8. put it all together and NADA zippo zilch!
9. apparently my 3 year monitor has 2 outlets for power cables and of course, i had the wrong one.
10. so for the second time that dayi  sneak thru s'cruz back streets to get the right cable
11.plug everything in...spend the next 4 hours cursing as i plug and un plug and re plug everything until my high blood pressure is thru the roof.
12. call for a service call  and they stet most things aright...
 Except that my Address Book is now BLANK and my desktop folders of FAQs and links are EMPTY...so now  i sit here grinding my teeth and looking at my OS 7  Dummies book to see about setting links to this blog and enlarging my e m ails fonts.
so if you don't here form me for a short while that is why.

so now you know
carry on & mind the gap


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