Monday, September 28, 2015

H2O next stop Mars?

Is There Life on Mars? Here’s What the Water NASA Just Found Meanshttp://io9.com/is-there-life-on-mars-here-s-what-the-water-nasa-just-1733381829

but what about the intense solar radiation and weak magnetic field a la Van Allen Belt?

31 years a "murder victim"...why?

Why Did This Woman Live the Lie That She'd Been Murdered ... for 31 Years?http://truecrime.io9.com/why-did-this-woman-live-the-lie-that-shed-been-murdered-1733374612

hmmm, here in KALIpornia wimmin on the run just adopt a new name and move to the hinterlands north of frisco where God don't reside, the Goddess does...

love the NSA?


'bye Big John Boner


"PIG PLAY"?????


1st or 2nd fem POTUS?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Echoes Black Lives Matter Ethos, Makes Us Wish She Was Runninghttp://theslot.jezebel.com/sen-elizabeth-warren-echoes-black-lives-matter-ethos-1733347015

she gets my vote for her head and heart not genitals..

Carly Turd Blossom

Carly Fiorina, Still Lying About Planned Parenthood Videos, Is Head of a Group that Donated to Abortion Charityhttp://theslot.jezebel.com/carly-fiorina-still-lying-about-planned-parenthood-vid-1733347289

Vote for my Vagina is NOT enuff to make you POTUS,in a perfect world...

Chines law exam-save Mom or GF first?

Chinese Judicial Exam Asks Lawyers Whom They'd Save First in a Fire: Their Moms or Girlfriends http://jezebel.com/chinese-judicial-exam-asks-lawyers-whom-theyd-save-firs-1733356763

a NO brainer?  that depends....

is Hillary a Turd Blossom?

Hillary Clinton Tackles Hard-Hitting Questions in Facebook Q&A http://theslot.jezebel.com/hillary-clinton-tackles-hard-hitting-questions-in-faceb-1733412025

virues..IT"S ALIVE>ALIVE!!!!

The diverse physical attributes, genome sizes and lifestyles of viruses make them difficult to classify. A new study uses protein folds as evidence that viruses are living entities that belong on their own branch of the tree of life. Credit: Julie McMahonhttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/study-adds-to-evidence-that-viruses-are-alive/

videos pop movies Product Placement


next time a movie is boring look for product placements ---labels...

CSI bad days at the office


primates SELFIE lawsuit?

Photo: PETAhttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/lawsuit-asserts-monkeys-copyright-to-grinning-selfie/

video- EXXXXXXon's Climate Lies...


free fedgov thot massages


blakch hole 30 x predictions

An active galactic nucleus, with jets of material flowing from out from a central black hole. Credit: NASA / Dana Berry / SkyWorks Digitalhttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/black-hole-is-30-times-expected-size/

we know NOTHING...

500 million U$D wimps..

Health of the forcehttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/us-backed-syrian-rebels-handed-over-equipment-to-al-qaeda-affiliate-military-admits/

not to be too crass but still snarky....what were they French???

Porn Addicts anonymous?

Addiction 2, Computerhttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/porn-addict-just-hate-beating-off-much/

c'mom be honest, so far my highest rated links have been PORN Related...

Darrk Matter @96% of everything

This 3D map illustrates the large-scale distribution of dark matter, reconstructed from measurements of weak gravitational lensing by using the Hubble Space Telescope. Credit: Image courtesy of DOE/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratoryhttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/new-theory-of-stealth-dark-matter-may-explain-universes-missing-mass/

when you have a Physics which exludes 85-90% of everything,then you have Nothing.

The Simpsons forever?


next 3 GOP drop outs?


good news-SHELL will NOT drill in artic...


Thursday, September 24, 2015

what? NO Robot Overloads????


yeah right, man's folly still.

say what?"I;m a pedophile not a mosnter."


oh really? coulda fooled me n Wolf Girl too...

got CRAZY????


Midwest herion overdoses


smack..not just for ghetto/barrios anymore...

Psy Ops & "leanred helplessness"...


Why Bother cynicism works for the 1%....

Doomsday Seed Vault news....

Nye frø ankommerhttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/the-syrian-war-has-caused-the-first-ever-withdrawal-from-the-doomsday-seed-vault/

and yes there is one and i, for one, am NOT reassured...man's folly.

ending Birhtright Citizenship.. a slippery slope?

This Land Belongs to Those Who Work Ithttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/changing-birthright-citizenship-doesnt-need-a-new-constitution/

until recently was unaware that Anchor Babies is a rare phenom worldwide...

UK Bernie is Jeremy Vorbyn

Jeremy Corbyn arrives at the Refugees Welcome Here demo - London 12 Sept 2015http://disinfo.com/2015/09/bloody-sunday-combined-attack-jeremy-corbyn/

A nixes "climate change deniers"...

Dirty Dozen - Caricatureshttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/ap-tells-journalists-not-to-use-term-climate-change-deniers/

Chomsky on GOP as jihadis

Noam Chomsky. Photo: jeanbaptisteparis (CC)http://disinfo.com/2015/09/noam-chomsky-the-gop-is-a-radical-insurgency-its-not-a-political-party/

crazyamking Bad Job or jobless?

Group Job Search at Gvahim ('Gvahim 20')http://disinfo.com/2015/09/a-bad-job-is-harder-on-your-mental-health-than-unemployment/

yup, totally agree....

UN report on cyberbullying wimmin

United Nations Cyber Violence Statisticshttp://www.themarysue.com/united-nations-cyber-violence/

9 reasosn to watch TV

9 Ways to Tell if a New TV Show Is Going To Be Worth Watchinghttp://io9.com/9-ways-to-tell-if-a-new-tv-show-is-going-to-be-worth-wa-1732846072

Blindspot..like the actors & plot shape generally

Limitless... sorta novel, a hard maybe

Rosewood  mediocre with no actors chemistry, cookie cutter NO

Pentagram strip club expen$e$....

Pentagon Investigating Whether Thousands Spent at Strip Clubs, Casinos Was Business-Related or Whathttp://jezebel.com/pentagon-investigating-whether-thousands-spent-at-strip-1732835955

still better spent than killing darker peoples...

10% are preggo boozers...

1 in 10 Women Booze While Pregnanthttp://jezebel.com/1-in-10-women-booze-while-pregnant-1732846135 
hmmm, well THAT explains a lot....

racism is sick....

Etiquette Monster: Can I Fake Sick to Avoid Racism? Do I Dare Call My Boss a 'Peach'?http://jezebel.com/etiquette-monster-can-i-fake-sick-to-avoid-racism-do-1732656791

Rx racism-"Black man in a white coat"


Monday, September 21, 2015

Viola Davis Viola davis Viola Davis!

Watch Viola Davis's Speech as First Woman Of Color to Win 'Outstanding Actress' Emmyhttp://jezebel.com/watch-viola-daviss-speech-as-first-woman-of-color-to-wi-1732006898

the only good kind of VD....

Sarah Palin vs. Reality...again


Dr.Ben Carson is afraid of Muslims too..how sad.

Harin Hot Springs

hola again,
its is now always wildfire season in KALIpornia and The Valley Fire is one of the largest at the moment.i was shocked to seen Lake County make the national news and the tiny town of Middletown covered so extensively...me and SM went thru the town frequently decades ago when we were younger, as it leads to the nudist resort and conference center Harbin Hot Springs...actually i should have put that in the past tense as all reports say that Harbin is now "mostly destroyed"....sigh, what a pity.now Harbin has natural geothermal hot and warm spinrgs which have been poluar for over a centruty, it also has nude pools and cmaping and hiking trails...they also have on site cabibne and a cafe which serves organic food grown on the property, me and SM had great times there..one of themn was "Cyrus the Great"..let me set the scene, there is a medium size fountain outside the cafe and some conference rooms downhill by the campsites. 
i am now officially disabled and sit on the fountain bench naked with the my cane and knee braces when an old white guy (60s? 70s?) named Cyrus comes up to me and starts talking. he is at Harbin not for the pools or food but to sneak a peek at his alienated son who is here for some cult gathering..now Cyrus is miserable, he is working on this third wife who is waiting for him to die so that she caN FIGHT HIS KIDS FROM THE FORTUNE HE MADE SELLING CARS AND LAMENTS THAT HE "DID EVERYTHING T RIGHT, I HAD POWER OVER PEOPLE". 

excuse the cpas, numb fingers today..where was i, oh right., Cyrus looks at me, fat blakc and lame and declares that i must have it worse than him....so having gotten past my near death experience with Vicodin poisoning i declare otherwise was SM comes strolling up mid sentence. i tell him that possibly for one of the few times in my life i am genuinely happy and loved for who i really am. 

Cyrus is deflated which only makes SM smile wider, that and the chocolate crepes are some of our fondest memories of Harbin...
"for the LOVE of money
 is the root of all evil." 
the Christian Bible.

mind the gpa

my first cane....

"Don't go looking fro trouble, there's always enough to go around." Ho Chi Zen...

something triggered this memory. when i am very sick every vile and bile thing in my life comes flooding back, but this doesn't involve my ex. 

i was in high school and doing sorta okay grade wise but emotionally damaged otherwise and the Harlem YMCA decided to take about a dozen of us on a :Leadership Weekend"..now is was a city kid, a street semi rat and the only time i had even seen Central Park was on elementary school filed trips so....they pack us in a bus and take us to this rustic cabin in New Jersey just across the river. it was winter and it was snowing and damn cold so some genius decides that our "leadership" training was to cross a frozen lake and climb a mountain..in the snow,without flashlights or decent hiking boot-which i did not own anyway...what could possibly go wrong? so we get across the lake, which activated my fear of drowning after several water mishaps and we go up a slippery dirt path in fresh show so.. my slick leather shoes slip on something and i bust my knee open on a sharp rock,about a three inch wide and shallow gash (a scar i bear to this day)so i have torn bloody pants and their "leadership" decision i was to abandon me to go back to the cabin alone, which they did...sigh. so i pick up a dead branch to use as a cane and limped back to the frozen lake,which evoked fresh fears of the ice cracking and me drowning alone and unseen so i took the long way around the lake back to the cabin where the leaders eventually returned..Mother was not happy about the bloody pants but i only got screamed and not a beating. 

"Anger was like currency in my family, like love or food to be dispensed or withheld on apparent whims" from an unfinshed poem in my head

mind the gap

Friday, September 18, 2015

pro Robot Sex advertising?

In Defence of Sex Machines: Why Trying to Ban Sex Robots is Wronghttp://io9.com/in-defence-of-sex-machines-why-trying-to-ban-sex-robot-1731611129

most MEN are rutting hyper-sexed pigs.. still.

yet anohrer idiot Palin....

Bristol Palin Is Mad Obama Invited Ahmed Mohamed to the White Househttp://jezebel.com/bristol-palin-is-mad-obama-invited-ahmed-mohamed-to-the-1731547176

Vallejo "Gone Girl" sues PD...

'Gone Girl' Couple Files Claim Against City of Vallejo for Damages in Kidnappinghttp://jezebel.com/gone-girl-couple-files-claim-against-city-of-vallejo-fo-1731615905

inept victim blaming cops again...

50% of TRUMPERs bigots


BIRTHER bullshit still Alive & Unwell.....

vote for my vagina Carly...


heard at least 3 lies debunked on MSM yesterday, Planned Parenthood lie was one of the worst..sigh.

Bill Cosby-celebrity rapist ....

In Cosby: The Women Speak, Victims Share Tragic Stories and Eerie Pictureshttp://jezebel.com/in-cosby-the-women-speak-victims-share-tragic-stories-1731646451

Ann Coulter geist still Whacko...

Seth Rogen Had A Few Choice Words For Ann Coulter After Her Anti-Semitic Ranthttp://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/09/18/seth-rogen-had-a-few-choice-words-for-ann-coulter-after-her-anti-semitic-rant/

yeah, we arrested that clock.bomb kid.SO?

Police Chief: We Knew Ahmed’s Clock Was No Bomb, We Were Still Right To Arrest Him (VIDEO)http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/09/18/police-chief-we-knew-ahmeds-clock-was-no-bomb-we-were-still-right-to-arrest-him-video/

Jesus Christ? M'Sallah.

naked klowns vs Israeli Ocuppation..


Bernie vs more Birther BULLSHT...

Bernie Sanders: Trump’s Birther Smear Of Obama An ‘Outrage,’ Demands Apology (VIDEO)http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/09/18/bernie-sanders-trumps-birther-smear-of-obama-an-outrage-demands-apology-video/

TRUMP Mussolini?

Be Very Afraid: Trump’s Support Among Republicans May Run Deeper Than His Poll Numbers Showhttp://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/09/18/be-very-afraid-trumps-support-among-republicans-may-run-deeper-than-his-poll-numbers-show/

yes, it CAN happen here.. wiki Know Nothings of 1800s

9-11 familes challenge "he kept us safe"


JEB's "he kept us safe" bullshit...


Salma Hayak vs TRUMP jingoism...

51850964 Celebrities at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Septembers of Shiraz' premiere in Toronto, Canada on September 15, 2015. Celebrities at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival - 'Septembers of Shiraz' premiere in Toronto, Canada on September 15, 2015.

Pictured: Salma Hayek FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813http://theblemish.com/2015/09/salma-hayek-rips-donald-trump-a-new-one/

robot muders puts you in jail?


this GM shits gonna kill ya...

Mr Beanshttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/meet-the-food-engineers-of-the-apocalypse/

is Bernie a False Flag prohet?

Bernie Sanders - Portraithttp://disinfo.com/2015/09/bernie-sanders-delaying-revolution/

Orwell 20.15....


20 wyas we fuck up....


uunsafe at any speed...STILL


how the U$ auto industry treats our lives as worthless vs. profits..

BTW  the MSM reported that Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen.Dempsey reported to Congress about how fedgov squandered 500 million U$D to train "maybe 4 or 5" Syrian rebels.. WTF?????. hoe mayb meals,sleeping bags and tents for refugees would that buy?

long weary sigh 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

the TRUTH shall set you....


Monday, September 14, 2015

"Godzilla El Nino" promises....

Regional impacts of warm ENSO episodes (El Niño).http://disinfo.com/2015/09/strongest-ever-el-nino-coming-with-extreme-weather-in-tow/

TRUMPed anal?

Screen shot 2015-09-14 at 12.52.35 PMhttp://disinfo.com/



Brit TV show vs. rape victims

i could see Cosby as a special guest/pundit...British TV Show That Asked If Rape Could Be a Victim's Fault Won't be Investigated