Friday, November 20, 2009


"Is giving Thanks (Thanksgiving) like giving up?" -Ho Chi Zen

no horror stories today.I LIE, more of the same SIGH.

1.as i type this i am printing out a WAIVER ON MEDI-CAL (Medicaid to everyone else) in which our Gov.Anus Schwartzenpooter is hoping to get the Feds to allow him to further destroy aid to sick and elderly people.(see recent Marty Omoto alerts).
new candidates for KALIpornia Sh*thole Czar ( Gov) include the usual GROSS OPRESSIVE PLUTOCRATS -Campbell,Whitman,Fiorina who promise to gut state government even more (then drown it in the bathtub a la Grover Norquist) & SAVE BILLIONS (sic sick) which even our current Gov says is Impossible.
Jerry Brown, the Dims heir apparent, has a heart the size of a caraway seed (thanks Fred Allen,old time radio cynic) and i lived in Oaktown when he was mismanaging it as Mayor in his current political resurrection. WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU? is the current UPS slogan, this is not Jerry Brown's slogan..
lemme find the quote...

"Nothing in life is so rigid that there aren't developments.That's true in politics.That's true in theology.That's true in personal relations.And for those small minds that slavishly adhere to foolish consitency, their irrelevance is their best reward." cold hard brittle Vulcan logic,AMBITIOUS VULCAN LOGIC. DAN WALTERS of the Sacramento Bee column supplied the quote, but as usual the cynicism expressed here is my own.
did i mention that Jerry Brown flip flopped on Prop 13,like Kerry he voted against it before he was for it.did i mention that any good economist (non Friedmanite) will tell you that Prop 13 gutted state coffers under the guise of SAVING GRANDMA (sound familiar?) state commercial real estate created a loophole large enough to drive hundreds of highrises thru DEEP DEEP SIGH.
2. but that is not what i wanted to talk about today...my friend G MAN lost his job recently.he will be on the street come Christmas, UnHappy New Year? he will get unrmployment then has to move yada yada yada. now G Man is a good friend and a decent enough human being ( which he might protest at length) and while atypical of the populace at large he is facing a dark bleak 2010 ...WHILE THOSE BASTARDS ON WALL STREET USE BILLIONS IN TAXPAYER BAILOUT DOLLARS TO COLLECT MILLIONS IN BONUSES!!!
the current line among the Capt.Compromise Team is that WALL STREET has to be healthy before MAIN STREET gets its non existent good paying jobs back SOME DAY,meanwhile we will throw you a few crumbs of unemployment extensions so you can rent a sleazy motel room once your house is foreclosed on , tell the kiddies to mind the mouthy avaricious whores & used syringes (BBC News).

'speaking of the BBC News and the Compromise trip to China...
A.Capitalism does NOT EQUAL Democracy and all this bafflegab from the MSM pseudo pundits about Red China going Democratic eventually will NOT make it so.
B.Red China is financing our debt & our wars, to the tune of at least $800 BILLION, they got us by the balls now our hearts & minds must follow (thanx LBJ). we have been described as the profligate child visiting its nervous banker.
C. we are an empire in decline,much like ancient Rome and the GREEN FUTURE belongs to China and its Rare Earth minerals cache. they have a 90% share of the raw materials and the Japanese have the technology and we have....a great future BEHIND us?

D.. GEORGE W.BUSH has done us all a favor..no really.he has flushed the AMERICAN DREAM from our psyches and down the sewers of history and Americans must now face the cold bleak reality of how badly they have been lied to by CRONYISM CASINO CAPITALISM...

E. my friend G Man is smart & funny, can build a PC from scratch and may even become a realtor (?) so,like a cat, he will always land on his feet unlike those whose jobs now reside in Viet Nam,Singapore and rural China. you cannot retrain for a future that no longer exists....

is all this depressing enuff for today?
BTW tomorrow i turn 62 and plan to celebrate with SM,chocolate cake and Glenfeddich scotch...LET IT RAIN!

namaste y'all
semper gloomy

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"I seem to be a verb." Buckminster Fuller, genius

it's cold and dark.traffic is sparse except frot the occassional daring ninja on bicycle or skateboard.the medical complex is dark with recessed lighting and my first thot is WHAT A GREAT PLACE FOR A MURDER or other heavy felony.two cars in the parking lot, lots of dense shrubbery, zero eyewitnesses.. a woman skitters out to her car. she doesn't look back...
first thing i note inside the elevator is that someone has peed in the corner, it will still be there in the morning.
i am on time for my appointment, a little early as usual for me. ALLI is a tall young white woman in dark blue scrubs, she guides me to ROOM 3 and has she sit on the bed and fill out FAQs again. i have been on a C PAP machine since late june but of course that is no help tonight.after a while alli and Jeffrey, a pudgy east indian machine tech in street clothes come in to fine tune the new machine and fit a mask over my beard. this takes about an hour until both are satisfied. i adopt a light patient trance until this part is finished. i use what are called NOSE PILLOWS which are small and light so of course they use first a FULL FACE MASK then a PROFILE NOSE MASK then add a CHINSTRAP which makes me look and fell like HANNIBAL LECHTER in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (it was on cable again recently, still creepy good!)
next is the ordeal, a hour spent sitting quietly while 30 electronic leads are pasted on my upper body and extra large head....we make chit chat but it soon peters out.she likes DEXTER has never watched TRUE BLOOD, got her husbands name tattooed a week after they met, it was mutual,has a child despite contraception (like me) and seems to be an ordinary decent human being.
they let me go pee, made the mistake of having coconut ginger soup with rice noodles for dinner...i waddle with my 30 leads and electronic noose to the toilet and back then they HANNIBAL LECHTER me up again and put me to bed...but first there are the calibrating tests-eyes open, eyes shut, blink ten times (yawn?),look left and right ten times,up and down ten times, grind your teeth, false snore now GO TO SLEEP.yeah right.
i think of ZYKLON B (poison gas) in this noisy machine a foot from my head, it sounds like a small V2 rocket when it starts up, if it get this SM will be sleeping in the next room again...Jeffrey says i will probably need on the rest of my life. i tease him about replacing all these masks and leads with a NASA style space helmet, he had an atrophied sense if humor (like most techs,think DILBERT) and starts talking about DEAD SPACE PRESSURE. he doesn't get it but i prod him with compensating factors hoping he will get the joke, i soon give up.
i wonder how HANNIBAL slept at night and whether he dreamt of murder,bloody murder in darkened anonymous rooms...

i wake up before dawn, my back is killing me as usual.
my homepathic nasal spray cannot cope with the heavier plastic load and my nose is leaking, luckily i brought along tissues and a towel this time. i lay there trying to sleep/not sleep and eventually alli issues a wake up alert and comes in to de electrode me.i am left with patches of stickum on my scalp,beard,throat,neck and chest. looks like i cut myself shaving with a haybaler...i fill out more FAQs and dress, the urine is still in the elevator and even with dawn breaking this still looks like a good place for a felony...NPE is babbling something safe on the radio, wonder if i will have to go thru all this again????

so now u know what it's like...
nanamste yawn
semper gymbally

P.S. for the non cinefreaks among u, punny WHERE'S PAPA is a funny Ruth Gordon movie, a 70s classic. should be on DVD by now.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


"What I need is an exact list of specific unknown problems we might encounter."
Lykes Lines Shipping, DILBERT bafflegab contest winner

just some seeds & stems before SM drags me from my man cave by the scruff of the neck into too bright sunshine.

1.still waiting for a RATIONAL EXPLANATION FROM THE CDC about why Wall Street honchos (those swine!) got their swine flu vaccine BEFORE endangered children,preggars, healthcare workers & those with chronic conditions, remember that? SIGH..

2. by govt numbers 23% unemployment equals Depression.
by govt numbers its 10.2 right now.
by govt numbers if you work one hour a month you are employed,UNDEREMPLOYED.
by govt numbers is you give up looking for non extant jobs you are DISCOURAGED (no sh*t sherlock ( and NOT COUNTED.
so i was Stunned to hear CNN announce the total of all three categories was 17.5%, didn't even hafta go on line for this. TRUTHINESS AT LAST?

ONLY SIX MORE POINTS TO GO? see the most recent Paul Krugman column, goota go. hear a well shod foot tapping behind me...

namaste y'all
semper g-rumpy

Friday, November 13, 2009


"We are all doomed." half playful comment from SC Commissioner yesterday.

PT has lowered my blood pressure SPECTACULARLY.which is great since everything else seems to be moving in the opposite direction...

1.i am allergic to my C PAP machine plus it doesn't work on my complex sleep apnea anyway .SIGH more tests to come.

2. the fantasy budget of Gov.Anus has already evaporated and they are predicting a $14 BILLION DEFICIT NEXT YEAR & wait for it ...DEEPER CUTS. i will be putting out a manual on precision wrist cutting for all the crips who swooned and foamed at the mouth this year (JUST KIDDING, i think).

3. the worst thing about being a pessimist is how often one is proved right. the County bean counters want one of my commissions to have 50% fewer meetings in 2010 and maybe cut staff and our output relating to the halt and lame in santa cruz county DEEP DEEP SIGH.

4. at the same meeting the County told us there were only 25 CASES OF SWINE FLU IN SANTA CRUZ however one of our commissioners works at a hospital and informed us that November has seen 7 CASES A DAY ADMITTED TO WHERE SHE WORKS AND PROSPECTS OF A SEPARATE SWINE FLU WARD BEING SET UP...the County rep admitted that they DO NOT COUNT E.R. VISITS TO THAT HOSPITAL. this is where the DOOMED comment came up.

5. the County has run out of vaccine repeatedly and admits that SQUALENE FREE VACCINE FRO PREGGERS & KIDS IS SO FAR UNANVAILABLE, SIGH WITH ME HERE...OK?


7.i am mildly delighted that CAPT.COMPROMISE has not yet jumped feet first into the GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES & is reading about 'Nam era decison making.STAY TUNED...

8.at the same meeting yesterday another commissioner pointed out that a crip he knew fell behind in his mortgage,due to on going state budget cuts, so he called his bank and they promised to work it out AS OBAMA PROMISED next thing he knew they were nailing a Foreclosure Notice to his door.for the truckloads of money the Capt. has poured into Wall Street, he could have paid off EVERY MORTGAGE IN AMERICA (per Nobel Winner Paul Krugman).

excuse me, just stropping my straight razor a moment, where were we? from what i am hearing and reading the Pelosi Express has passed a bill which will deliver $70>$500 BILLION in subsidies to the Health Insurance industry and not allow one to change carriers and declaw the Public Option via one scam or another.the fossilized turds of the GOP are putting up a fight just for show like Brer Rabbit and the briarpatch??? the bill as i understand it was over TWO THOUSAND PAGES OF LOOPHOLES & EARMARKS, the Canadian Single Payer Bill was 36 PAGES. IT IS TO CRY....it is a beautiful day outside to lose hope in America and it's corporate run 'democracy'...

10. i watch WAAAAY too much news. would you guys rather read some old BAD POETRY? think i can find some of my haiku nearby...

momento mori

namaste y"all
semper gimpy

Saturday, November 7, 2009


"A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it." -Oscar Wilde
amen bruddah

once again i would like to think the players of the NFL for donating their bodies to science.NO JOKE the knee braces i use to wobble around in, with my cane, are an offshoot of Sports Medicine and NFL knee injures. thanks guys.
now the latest research on NFL brain injuries is paying off as the VA is finding more shock blast eye & brain trauma to returning GIs from our endless wars.once again, thanks guys.

once again i wish our local area had a REAL NEWSPAPER, the Senile-our daily catbox liner, had a top of the fold article about pain. it used about a thousand words to say Nothing.one anecdotal paragraph about a 60 year old woman in pain, a slight mention of doctors now recognizing Pain Management as something to consider than just blather and BS. no mention of the AMERICAN CHRONIC PAIN SOCIETY or any local groups which teach meditation for pain mangement,ZIP. no mention even of Substance P and lowered interconnected pain thresholds, hell a few seconds on Google would've produced better results.the article was obviously written by some clueless healthy person.SIGH...

speaking of blather,BS and lowered thresholds...one of the news screamers on HLN, who is the new female one trick pony on addiction, was going on and on about the FT.HOOD shootings and AMERICA'S ADDICTION TO VIOLENCE. think most men's movies,horror films,trendy vampire films, the NFL, wrestling,MMA cage matches,boxing,autopsy shows, grisly crime renactment shows,grisly news footage which show bloody bombings and mutilations SIGH.
so rather than asking what deep historical pscychological flaws & fetishized gun worship which make us a nation of sick voyeuristic ghouls this news hen predicts that we , as a nation, will keep escalating this gut churning trend until WE HIT ROCK BOTTOM! Armeddgon methinks? worldwide global extinction??DOOMSDAY ha ha ha...
this is SO STUPID, we are 300 million peeps in this death spiral coarsening society and Mass Murders are still Big News, not like a routine stabbing in Salinas or Watsonville. VOILENCE IS OBVIOUSLY THE NEW & ACCEPTABLE PUBLIC PORNOGRAPHY...i think it was Wichita this week where there was a big dust up because some TV news station showed an anatomically correct undraped breast exam.HUH?
tall big haired pouty anorexic Victoria's Secret model can strut around in lil more than satin bandages every two seconds and Pay Cable has everything but routine penetration but you can't show a NON EROTIC TIT IN CONTEXT???DEEP DEEP SIGH.
as an old friend usedta say SOMETIMES I THINK I'VE LIVED TOO LONG.

there was another burr under my saddle,ah yes.
i was watching the Rachel Ray Show waiting for the local news and she was interviewing kids in Kindergarten about something ,i admit i had the sound off as usual, so i look up to see if the news has started and note that two girl children aged 6 & 7 are wearing both lipstick and blush. you're sh*tting me, was this their idea? their parents? or the beauty peeps of RR? i live near the Capitola Mall where daily one can see many Tween nipples and bony cameltoes in their thin shirts and spandex bottoms.i have seen five year olds with JUICY across their bottoms, just like Mommy oh yes. i can tell whether a woman waxes or not depending on how tight the pants are she wears.
now this is a beach town and a college town and seeing ripe young girls in bikinis at the market or hardware store or drug store is no surprise and I M NOT A PRUDE.as a lifelong Nudist raised in a semi nudist household but still...it would be less erotic & repellent to walk around naked than wear labia splitting spandex and muffintop shirts. i have noted older peeps at nude beachs nude then later clothed and the change of attitude and subsequent loss of freedom involved.yeah yeah i know this is impractical in our 'Post Puritanical Society" full of blaring child murders,child rape, child abductions,adult rape etc etc but a man can dream can't he? i asked my massage therapist how does she plan to raise her 11 year old daughter SANE IN THIS INSANE WORLD?
"KEEP HER BUSY!" luckily the girl is both a nerd & athlete living in a remote hill town and has discovered neither boys or fashion yet but next year...

anyway check out PAGANI'S website, enjoy the autumn change of colors in the trees, catch some fresh air while u still can ,no local wildfires here today and await my next cranky riposte to life itself.sound good?

namaste y'all
semper gauche

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


"A man who is 'of sound mind' is one who keeps the inner madman under lock and key."
-Paul Valery
obviously this was before blogs,Facebook,Twitter,MySpace et al.

PAGANI on Moore AGREE 200%, well said Buddha.

aloha, time to lighten up.
HuffPost has a comedy feed and the topic was
feel free to use your imaginations.here are some of mine...

1. you're here, deal with it.
2.wave g'bye when u leave
3.fruits & nuts
4.CA dreamin' to nightmare
6.is it Quake yet?
7.sunny wildfires & mudslides
8.do u know who i am?
9.NOT lindsey lohan
10.i brake for Orcs
11. wanna b Guv???
12.drink up, we'll make more
13.no shirt,no shoes, no problem

1.owned by Bloomberg Inc
2, what u lookin at!
3.ask me if i care..
4.u can't get there from here
5.eat rats & die
6.slumlord 2b
7.Wall St ghoul
8.stuff what?
9. take subway to Hell
10.r u groping me or stealing?
11. Yankees are the Evil Empire
12.i spit on your dreams
13.God doesn't live here

1.deep fried armadillos
2.BS is us
3.W still lives here
4.austin is still liberal,y?
5.worst beers in usa?
6.LBJ ghost rotisserie
7.Billy Sol Estes lives!
8.pardon my french...
9.beehives & BS
10.messkins git out
11.Laura Bush never killed nobody
12.pave the Rio Grand NOW!

all these are states i have lived in, the Pardon MY F is an irksome tradition in TexAss as are beehive hairdos.

you of the sharp eye will notice a new resource addition, i believe i put it under AUTISM PROF .
DR.TEMPLE GRANDIN is an autism expert who actually has autism, imagine that. she did a 3 hour IN DEPTH interview on C SPAN last saturday which will be repated this saturday there is a link to her website-she is also an expert in cattle control & processing, nov 7th. a TRULY UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL.

that's it from me today..
namaste y'all
semper gooey

Monday, November 2, 2009


"Experience is just another word for losing hope."recent Scott Adams DILBERT punchline

strange ayem pillowtalk, i swear that some people should NOT watch "DEXTER" too close to bedtime.here i was all set to write about Capt.Compromise caving to the Isrealis on Settlements, or the CTI bankruptcy/rip off or the launch of the BILLION DOLLAR WARHSIP NEW YORK with the recycled Twin Towers steel from 9-11 in its bow. why do we need Another Billion dollar Warship right now? to chase Somali pirates in dinghys? couldn't we buy them off cheaper than that?SIGH.was going to talk about the phony KALIpornia Budgets which is already hemmorhaging red ink aplenty and scaring the crap out of old and diasbled peeps statewide.

i have lost count of how many...a jumper fresh off an SRO hotel near Market Street, several fresh SRO jumpers on Geary years earlier,talked to a co worker who was then murdered ; just before he left work for home to meet an angry lover with a Xms gift knife, saw an old man die ten feet across the room at Kaiser when i almost died from diabetes in 1991, saw body parts aplenty at a bloodslicked Mason & OFarrell in the 80s, ditto on 101 near the Paul Street exit (Candlestick) a few days later, almost killed a few people myself, at least i THINK it was Almost, had several long blackouts in the 80s...
SOUL MATE has been to many funerals too (but never had to kiss a corpse on the lips, a grisly southern custom especially for kids!) so once again she played Oppressed for her sheltered Catholic existence among the isolated nuns growing up whereas i, well you've read some of these blogs.

BTWsaw my PCP doc today and she loved that my BP was finally normaland my fat ass was half dozen pounds smaller and nothing new & bad had turned up on any of my recent tests. i know, i know-eat more fruits & veggies & EXERCISE! one of my favoirte tapes just unraveled across the floor, that makes four. LE VOIX MYSTERIE DE BULGARIE...wonderful and very atmospheric, like ENYA before Enya.
it was 85 here today in 'Paradise' and i spent the day in the county clinic then having Rite Aid tell me that 60 pills taken twice a day was supposed to last me until Nov 24th, an empty bottle held up to the light of reason had no impact.DEEP DEEP SIGH.
SM is over whichever flu she had and grousing about how she lost two weeks of whatever activism her health will allowed, despite my assurances that the world is still just as screwed up as ever.

"WHY SO SERIOUS?...WHATEVER DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRANGER..."The Joker in Dark Knight, what a role model for this gloomy End Times era.Crazy man karazzzzy!
as long as you're on your knees praying to Jesus or Allah or whatever, be sure check under the bed for monsters or fresh Swine Flu propaganda. get hep to that jive.
AXIS BOLD AS LOVE (Jimi was probably murdered but by who?)

namaste y'all
semper grouchy

WTF? did u think i had run outta things to say? was just busy last week.