Thursday, March 26, 2015

i am not a racist BUT.....

..oh goody,looks like i'm still here!

."I am not a racist.That is not who I am.": 
Paula Deen,SAE house mom and some fired SFOD cops among others..

this is obviously low hanging fruit but i couldn;'t resist..
was rewatching the docu WHITE LIKE ME (0n Link TV) afer a morning doctors appt and a 90 year old southern woman was calling into CSPAn about the black Gimme culture (sic) and after spewing patently racist lies she proclaimed "I m not a racist.."  yeah right... 

 all the above people cited this :This is NOT who I am." which has the option,as the SFPD cop said, "some of my best friends are..." . now, just cause you're a lair and a hypocrite does not make you an innocent...

and while talking to SM these last few years i realize that Mother...My Mother was a Racist!

oh she was always bitchi8ng about The Jews she worked for and how filthy they were (she cleaned their houses) and how The Jews talked about The Blacks (schwartzs--sp?) when they thot none were witnin earshot...and she always seemed to get along with my white docs but sahe had no white friends ever,to my knowledge.....

and in 1970 when i fled L.A. and the LAPD for the safer environs of NYC, where i rented back my old room, when Mother saw one white woman after another parade thru her bathroom she was puzled then angry. she flarttout asked me what lies i had told them...What LIES i had told them to get them to fuck me...at that point i realized exactly how worthless and unloveable she thot i was.and it hurt....the fact that ANY woman would find me sexually and intellectually attractive was beuond her,so she simplu banned me from fucking white women in her house and soon i moved out..again..  

my friend G Man is from Little Rock and reminded me of The Paper Bag Test..in the 1950-60s and  ? the rule of thumb was that if you were the same shade or lighter than a brown paper bag you got hired at better jobs but if you were a darker hue you became a janitor or garbageman, what is lil known is tha t Black Society (sic) followed much the same preceprts and the black professionals who lived on Sugar Hill in Harlem were almost all light skinned...black magazines like Jet and Ebony also showed this slant..

whne banning white women from her house Mother hurled this invective  "You're just like your Father, they said he liked 'em 'Light,Bright Damn Near White" and you've dome him one better!" as tho my sexual predilictions were genetic?....Mother would've passed the Paper Bag Test and she was well spoken for coming from TexAss...and another thing? hold on a sec, scribbling here without helpful notes written on the backs of envelopes..

oh right, often got crikicized in Harlem for "talking White" no ebonics or ghetto drawl, it was not my fault or me putting on airs. as a child, and often now, i thot faster than i spoke so a logjam was created from brain to mouth to tongue so that i sttutered (the emotional component was never addressed) and so me and six others were put into Speech class where they rebuilt our speech patterns and accidentally erased both my NYC and ghetto accents and so the fights and divide patois began..there's probably more but my hayfever allergy is running amok so ...
 84 has been predicted here again today.


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