Sunday, March 22, 2015

a modern virgin birth?

"I believe that trashing other people is a lost art." Tim Gunn

hola again,
for some reason,with Easter approaching, i thot of Copper Penny...now in pre -mouth whore days she was a virgin in high school and suddenly her stomach began to grow and in strait laced Bible thumping Marysville,Kali she was denounced as a whore,a scarlet woman (she was a redhead,after all) and everything else under the sun .....and since she was being shunned and shamed she began to hang with The Wrong Crowd,no doubt where she learned her mouth whoring skills..so 9-10 months pass and no baby..after 12 they finally got her examined then rushed to surgery where she gave "birth" to a 16 pound tumor,..

,...learned all this when asking a question about the scar visible thru her thin lacy sleepwear.....so this gave rise to her working at KFC meeting then marrying a guy who then said she had to earn more than KFC money to stay his wife, her going to the police academy then him leaving her anyway so she fled to frisco etc etc etc etc...


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