Sunday, March 22, 2015

deathcabs - 2 far 2 walk

......."Laws are like sausages.
It's better not to see them being made,"  
Otto von Bismark said it first

hola a third time today,
whoring..now in frisco it's considered "a slow track" where miost whores are indies,self employed, so a pimp is not mandatory unlike the "fast track" in east oaktown..no in the mid 70s the Happening disco was called DANCE YOUR ASS OFF in north beach,beyond chinatown and b4 fisherman's wharf,.so even  on slow nites i would pull up there and watch the scantily clad ladies and some would need rides..(oddly enuff SM frequented there and we never met)

one night this tall muscled black pimp exits,dripping in gold jewelry and jeri curls, his pimp cane and custom made jumpsuit with cape with his half dressed blonde arm candy whore.so. they climb in my cab,so i ask them where to and he gives directions to haul a U Turn ,which i do when safe and the meter clicks once before he tells me stop beside this ornate gold trimmed Caddy...i am stunned, i ask him why he takes a cab to where his car is parked and he sniffs  regally "It was too far to walk".....

that was to be the tentative title of my taxi memoirs before i started blogging, the other title would be "1000 days in Sodom" an homage to the DeSade translations i had read...future blogs might be called 
"I almost killed someone when..." or "why you always visit a hardware store when you commt murder( i am told)"

as you were?

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