Sunday, March 22, 2015

deathcab 4 cutie?

its not often you get to see an entire industry die before your etes, beyond US steel making and manufacturing via misaligned trade pacts,.there is a short secene in the original "Total Recall" movie where Arnold has a short exchange with a chatty cabbie who is revealed to be the top half of a humanoid robot cabbie which is actually part of the cab.. no such human touch is involved in the latest news where driverless cars are venturing forth cross country from here to the east coast.. 

i have stated that i was born in NYC but grew up,emotionally and otherwise, in frisco. i drove from 1975-1980 and got burnt out, even back then they were predicted that vans services and limos would spell doom for the taxi industry which was basically unchanged from WW2...now we have ridesharing with Uber and Lfyfe and whatever. 

Al Jazeera reports that there are more Uber cars than yellow cabs in NYC. the taxi industry is a moribund dinosaur and irt's inevitable that it become extinct, either by ridersharing or driverless vehicles which will also effect trucking and more service industry jobs. in frisco geek labs they have invented a fast food robot that can take your order and fix and bag it all in less than a minute  so long entry level jobs.already posh hotels are using robot room service and butlers with maid trons soon to follow?..

"Technology will NOT save you|" various 


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  1. Wha happened to the "good ole days?"