Tuesday, March 31, 2015

here in america...hammertoes

"All our knowledge begins with the sense,proceeds then to understanding and ends with reason."   -Immanuel Kant (as if)

 this YV "news" story irks me to no end...ostensibly it was about the 10-120% of womyn who wear heels who get hammertoes due to compression of said toes in the toe box of really high heels. a problem not solved by pads or cushions.a cute woman complained that she couldn't wear any of her heels..a docotor came on next and explained that they uses to put metal toes into thew toes to straighten them out..metal rods!.s

o now they have some natural cartilege which serves the same purpose..then they show the same womyn smiling and saying how great she felt then a cut to female feet in 5 to 7 inch heels, which usedta be call stripper heerls.,back when people were saner. wouldn't it have been more rational, more sane not to wear suck wearing high heels...see :"sensible shoes".

 and on this topic a previous story last year reported that womyn  in L.A......were having perfectly good toes amputated to fit into their very expensive Jimmy Chu shoes ( of Sex in the City infamy).  was also reminded that upperclass womyn around the 1900s were having ribs removed..to fit into corstes and wasp waisted fashions...

"loves the Dark Meat"  a snarky online comment on Kylie Jenner, the latest Kardashian.,so iguess they're not ALL bad...


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