Monday, September 21, 2015

Harin Hot Springs

hola again,
its is now always wildfire season in KALIpornia and The Valley Fire is one of the largest at the moment.i was shocked to seen Lake County make the national news and the tiny town of Middletown covered so and SM went thru the town frequently decades ago when we were younger, as it leads to the nudist resort and conference center Harbin Hot Springs...actually i should have put that in the past tense as all reports say that Harbin is now "mostly destroyed"....sigh, what a Harbin has natural geothermal hot and warm spinrgs which have been poluar for over a centruty, it also has nude pools and cmaping and hiking trails...they also have on site cabibne and a cafe which serves organic food grown on the property, me and SM had great times of themn was "Cyrus the Great"..let me set the scene, there is a medium size fountain outside the cafe and some conference rooms downhill by the campsites. 
i am now officially disabled and sit on the fountain bench naked with the my cane and knee braces when an old white guy (60s? 70s?) named Cyrus comes up to me and starts talking. he is at Harbin not for the pools or food but to sneak a peek at his alienated son who is here for some cult Cyrus is miserable, he is working on this third wife who is waiting for him to die so that she caN FIGHT HIS KIDS FROM THE FORTUNE HE MADE SELLING CARS AND LAMENTS THAT HE "DID EVERYTHING T RIGHT, I HAD POWER OVER PEOPLE". 

excuse the cpas, numb fingers today..where was i, oh right., Cyrus looks at me, fat blakc and lame and declares that i must have it worse than having gotten past my near death experience with Vicodin poisoning i declare otherwise was SM comes strolling up mid sentence. i tell him that possibly for one of the few times in my life i am genuinely happy and loved for who i really am. 

Cyrus is deflated which only makes SM smile wider, that and the chocolate crepes are some of our fondest memories of Harbin...
"for the LOVE of money
 is the root of all evil." 
the Christian Bible.

mind the gpa

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