Monday, September 7, 2015

enemie babies?

"...things that go TRUMP in the night." Ho Chi Zen.
the world seems to be appalled by the ever present sight/photo of a drowned toddler in Turkey almost a year after Al Jazeera began to cover this mobile deluge.Germany has taken in over 800,000 and plans to take more, the UK wants 20,00 over 5 years and the flood of Syrians,Libyan,Iraqi, Afghani refuges taken in by the U$a..according to MSM about 1400, why so low? as CNN regurgitated this morn..the Fear of Terrorists among the refugees...how many toddler terrorosts has ISIS created thus far?  i levae it to your imagination to decide.Trump, there it is..

mind the gap 

BTW was unaware that i was apparently Beta Testing the new Thunderbird up grade from Mozilla..until that is my INBOX froze and has resisted repeated efforts to unfreeze. have griped to Mozilla and my ISP but since it's a holiday weekend....long weary sigh.

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