Monday, June 1, 2015

the gold nugget ring

"Don;t trust.Don't fear.Don't beg."  words to live by from the Greenpeace Artic 60..
BTW i agree with G Man' sentiments that there is more to life ( and blogs) then repeating the daily police atrocity,even as CNN plat the latest across the room.i trust you can find the dismal body counts elsewhere  .
now the ring, part of the job of hotel security,even in Class A hotels,is knowing the whores..who steals,who doesn't, who bangs on other doors afterwards and yes some shabby hotels has security that either pimps or takes a cut of the whore's profits,i didn't. not my style besides i was making $15 per back in the 80s....

Sandy was a petite well dressed pretty freckled mulatto who sold/rented her body around Union Square in frisco "the high priced spread..only escorts were more expensive"...

so Sandy was popular amongst our many guests so i saw her often and she and the other whores knew my rules,no big.so i didn't blink when she strolled in among one of our more well known whoremonger male guests( we had two dozen or sso businessmen who like the strange-both gay and str8).so a few hours later the fool called the police and said Sandy had stolen a unique ring,given by his wife, of a golden nugget bored out to make a ring, he had often shown it to me in the lobby. so he was both a fool and a braggart.

 the next night he sought me out and said he would not press charges if "the whore" returned his ring..i said she was called Sandy then he assumed i was her pimp and offered me money...big black venal  and a pimp,how swell..long story short,Sandy never came to the hotel on my watch and the fool lost his ring forever unless the cops found in a pawn shop or on a fence.moral is whores lie and steal and so do most others....

the fool denied trolling for street whores,as my report presumed, and said he went back to his room with his unattractive self and that somehow Sandy knew he wanted a whore so he opened the door, they fucked and he fell asleep to be robbed, which meant the hotel was NOT Libel for his loss..remind me to tell you the story of the time i had to help a runaway turned hooker get her pubic hair out her zipper.

mind the ap

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