Wednesday, June 24, 2015

NOT Capt.America....

"I love my country but fear my government."  various realists...


FACT horses are immune to tear gas
FICTION  some genius at Marvel concted a series that before Capt.America existed they took segregated black WW II G.I.s and did a series of ghastly experiments on them until the Cap serum was perfected,it was bleak and many died..
FACT all this week NPR has carried a series about segregated black WW II troops subjected to SECRET military experiments being repeated subjected to WW I mustard and lewisite gas to see if black and brown people were immune to it ( see horses above) so that they would be cannon fodder to project white troops when they invaded Europe, also Japanese Americans were subjected to the same for the possilbe invasion of Japan..and they were sworn to secrecy...so in the 1990s when repeated disclosure made this topic declassified the VA pomised to treat the survivors for any and all after effects..THEY FUCKING LIED as they stalled and demanded non extant secrety paperwork of said experiments..the few survivors are now in their 80s and 90s and will likely die without any relief except for obscure commendations..

so can we now stop talking about that goddamn CSA battle flag???...

the corrupt racism of the U$ runs bone deep from the Yankee traders who got rich running the slave ships to the cotton plantations which bled Africa dry of humans as roughly half died in the euphemistic Middle Passsge and where often thrown overboard in chains to escape desultory inspections...WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERIKKKA !!!!!!!!

long weary disappointed sigh

mind the racist gap

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  1. Well... damn.

    That's a lot like this article I'm reading. It's about the nightmare-inducing, imperfect execution of Clayton Lockett - a reporter named Katie Fretland was investigating Oklahoma's new depressant (as 'sodium thiopental' had become illegal for use in executions), and - it plays out like a Hollywood movie. Here's the full story: http://tinyurl.com/nymnfqx

    Long story short (as you already know), the Government will lie to us for whatever reason it wants, and doesn't apologize whether it is caught, or relents voluntarily.