Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MBA to pimp?

"We've already established what you are,now we're just haggling on the price."  G.B.Shaw playwright,wit and Fabian socialist..
there are quiet times in every business even whoring. on slow nites whores would stroll into thew hotel to chat and pee,no big.all professionals right?. some of us from the rough side of life are non judgmental which confuses the fuck out of others so i had a few sex addict whores who would stop by to chat when biz was slow or after a BJ upstairs..so one slow nite me and the nite bellman are lounging in the lobby when a near hysterical well dressed white man explodes from the elevator on the verge of tears...

a corporate new hire with a shiny new MBA he was on his first business trip and his CEO and CFO had setbd him to streets to find some whores...an MBA to find some whores,he was undone..

so me and the nite bellman were blakc at this swank 5 star hotel so we calm him the fukc dpwn and have him detail what was desired and lusted for...so first you havwe the price range, then the skin color and level of class the the act it self...so blacks were desired (as usual),one wanted her to be pretty (Sandy) and one wanted both black an anal which took longer as only one or two whores actually enjoyed anal..  so we put our heads together and the nite bellman took a long lunch to round up the pussy posse and the MBA got to keep his job and the niter bellman got  a nice tip. 

have heard this is also the tradition among Japanese businessmen,many of whom were robbed by whores who did not know the rules and there were actually one or two whores who learned enough Japanese to service to translate the needs of their asian clientele.so now you know?

mind the gap

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