Thursday, May 28, 2015

NETFLIX Daredevil

"When you go seeking revenge,first dig two graves.: Chinese proverb..

rared ***** (out 0f 5)
warning graphic realistic violence and open wounds.

okay after much unexpected delay, got around to watching all 13 half hour episodes of Daredevil on Netflix and if i wore sox it would have knocked them off.,much like the comix themsdelves the stroyline is drawn out (sic) and character development deepens more than a two or three hour movie,it helped tha t two og my fave actress are in it Debra Ann Woll (True Blood's Jessica) and Rosario Dawson..most of the male actors were new to me except for Vincnet D'Onfrio as The Kingpin who comes off as less cartoonish and more of a well rounded villain..as SM can testigy i enjoyed it immensely as the showrunners want a distinct gritty vibe citing HBO's The Wire as inspiration, nailed it...

as usual nobody as paid me nothing to say nice things about it or the reverse.

 mind the gap 

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