Saturday, May 23, 2015

cleveland cops...AKk iller A thugs

"Hands up.Don't shoot. 
 I can't breathe."....
an unarmed black couple is driving one night and,for reasons unknown, are chased bu an undercover cop. their car backfires and the cops yell SHOTS FIRED! 

so 62 police cars chase them thru Cleveland (AKA ' the mistake by the lake")often at 100 mph and 137 shots are fired including those by ex marine  Rambo Jr. who jumps on the hood of the cornered car and empties two clips,thru the windshield, into the UNARMED couple because "he was afraid"... today a judge declared him Not Guilty(sic) because he wasn't the only idiot involved,apparently...

6 momths ago a 12 year old blakc child playing with a tou gun in the park, prompted a 911 call which state it was probably a toy gun...which was not relayed by Dispatch  to the cops who shot him to feath within seconds of their arrival,it's on the video...

also a mentally ill black woman with a screwdriver is getting shot to death within secodnds of cops answering a safety check prompted by here worried relatives and the mental health department.so the local gov mouthpieces plead for Peace, non riots and praying to the blue eyed Jesus and being patient.(yeah right)..

so, not safe driving,playing or at home..any idea on where a black can be safe here in ameriKKKa????.assuming that leaving the country is NOT an option...sigh.

mind the gap

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