Thursday, December 10, 2015

"god" plotics and the RC

"All writing is autobiography" Mark Twain?...
let me set the stage..NYC in the 1960s, my skewed test graders left me with two choices for High School, you got to choose in those days, STUYVESANT,,  a dark gloomy coed nertd school near Carnegie Hall and Central Park or De Witt Clinton on the edge of the Bronx next to the Bronx i was sorta smart and our Scince Teahcer Mr. Rubin had instilled a thrist for knowledge that continues to this day and the Sty had that but it was gloomy and repressed which i was already tired of vs, Clinton with was bright sunny and all-boy school raucous..hmmmmm.

since my Jr High was dark gloomy and repressed i chose Clinton, perhaps unwisely?.so the deed was done after a campus visit to both and Clinton, unlike mos, had Open Enrollment whereas anybody from NYC could go here even tho it was maybe 90% Jewish.

so the deed was done and i made some casual friends from different classes from the Harlem i was used of which was "god" and big Jewisj prankster. if he heard you were an atheist he would offer to buy your soul for a dollar, mostly to watch you squirm, he had a contract in his bookbag so....after dquirming and not sellin we became loosely friendly. so one day "god" has a Seniors button which was black except for a red "RC" in the middle,so i asked what was RC and he explained it stood to REVOLUTIONARY COUNCIL which sounded sorts cool so i bought one and wore it. 
now Seniors had certain rights not allowed to the lower classes such as wearing school buttons and hats approved by the Student Council(college bound suck ups) and of course Admin lost yheir shit and soon banned all RC buttons which only fanned the flame in the prank i graduated and thot was that only to find the the following year the RC p[rank became a real group and shut down the campus for five days with their deamnds, 
SM triggered this memory this ayem so thnx. 

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  1. Bob knows the Dewitt Clinton song, for some reason. He bursts out with it periodically. I say "for some reason" because he didn't attend there. I wonder why that is... He went to Mt Saint Michael academy, same as P Diddy (many years earlier, though). Bob was a classmate and friend of composer Walter Murphy.