Thursday, October 8, 2015

stone 3.0

"I'm my own grandpa..."...old rhyme and sci fi premis.."
Show me the face you had before you were born." Zen koan.
Mother was a diffult person, 
which might be why i did not even know i had a paternal grandfather until my own father died. 

he came to NYC from his small farm in North Carolina...he was a BIG MAN, about the size i would be without my L.A. auto accident,he was at least 6'7 and 350 plus. 

rumor had it he was born with a different name but fled the Deep South over either a woman or some juke joint violence,given the police fears of my father it could've been anything.

Black Lives Matter less back then and even the stone name is fairly new but as a sharecropper from there our sharecropper/slave linage goes back possibly for many generations... is worthless when blacks didn't have birth certificates,
oh well...

mind the gap

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