Tuesday, August 11, 2015

id of TRUMPenstein....

"do blonde lives matter more?" 
 blk MSNBC pundit
"like trying to nail Jello to a wall' 
(is that a Cosby joke) political strategy

just a quickie today betwren medical visits..
The Teflon Don(ald) has unleashed the vile subtext and fetid underbelly of machismo racism...judging by poll numbers he is spewing what the Tea Party (sic sick sick) actually means when they bleat "I want to take my country back"..

obviously they don't mean from the exterminated native populations,,this is known as a "dogfwhistle' so that other racist can hear and understand and relate then react accordingly,we of darkr hues undstand quite clearly what they mean even without the O'Bomber as witch doctor racist posters...

mind the gap,see the lie

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